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hello everyone it's been a while since I've done my video blog today is tonight it's actually 1209 a.m. and actually it is my last day in Hawaii I fly out at 9 p.m. to my back home it's been I'm gonna do a few videos tonight so if I'm gonna cover a few different things this one I want to talk about my job at reception I must say I loved reception but at the same time I'm kind of embarrassed being an American and seeing the way some people treat each other especially towards the front desk I saw some things that were just so ridiculous and heard things that I don't know what's wrong with some people but I had an amazing time in front desk I absolutely loved it I hadn't Karlos the front office manager I was awesome Dayna training me so well a typical day was I would come in and work a few hours in the morning and they would have a few hours off and then I would work at night I didn't like working and when I say night I mean from about 4 p.m. till 8 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. I do not like working that shift because everyone does their complaints or as we call them on the ship guest concerns at night so I saw a lot of legitimate problems but I saw a lot of absolutely ridiculous ones for an example a woman we have a keeping ownership call Tony and Tina's Wedding it's an off it's a production company that comes from land it comes on board the ship so it's considered to be a short excursion well they have decided that they will not allow minors under 12 to enter their show and a guest came up to us and said I'm gonna give you my son because clearly you're trying to tell me how to raise my son by not allowing him to go to Tony and Tina's anyway she brought this up six days of the week and the last day of the cruise she just totally made a fool of herself in front of them in front of everyone so things like that I met a lot of crews to critic people especially this last week they're very generous and thank you for all that it was fun and yeah so I would come in we do everything from tracking lost luggage to problem solving on board the ship and I actually felt you could tell theirs into much higher position in the company than working in the buffet we'd have meetings once a week in a stocked meeting room we saw the hotel director not a lot of problem solving a lot of gratuity issues pretty much you name it we've dealt with it and it was absolutely amazing to have some status where I could go to a restaurant if I wanted without asking the young passenger areas staff life is much better than crew life so when people ask me why did I decide to leave after a month originally when I found out I was coming over to reception I found I was a temporary switch in July 5th I'd be going back to a loja cafe so I decided that July 5th I would leave because I'm not going to go back to the buffet and to go after this other opportunity which I'm not quite ready to say yet but when I when I said earlier that it was a partnership I could partner with them and Cl I did not mean Apollo I mean NCO has several different partners actually this would be a very nice very nice job that I would enjoy because it fits my needs a lot however could be an MCL could be on carnival princess Paul in America and a few others so you never know where I'll end up so but I'm gonna enjoy a nice little break up from home I want to talk about a few funny questions that I was asked during this contract one of them was we have this program called easy fly which is it's a service where it's $25 a person and what we do is we give you your boarding pass on the last night of the cruise and then you give your airport luggage tag so you put the tags on your back put them in the hallway and then we bring them to the airport for you well we had a guest come up to us and say I'm the last name you bring the luggage to the airport in Honolulu or to the airport on the ship so that was pretty good and you know a small questions like is Deck five I'm floor five you know this is kind of pretty much everything answered phones in the back which could be unbelievable like five people calling at once Saturdays are always crazy because for some reason the for a few weeks the key card is weren't printing then we print the key cards to get into your cabin the follow up the week before and I'm they get demagnetize so when all the passengers boarded the ship on Saturday they went out to their cabin and the keys aren't working so and then the line out of the door trying to get new keys and unfortunately 4:30 rolled arrived which is when we have our Coast Guard and United States Coast Guard rule is all ship services must be closed during the drill because it's a mandatory drill so we have people standing in line for half an hour and then we told them they would have to leave and come back later and some people are understanding that some people were definitely not and you know yeah it was just fun making a lot of change you know it's just regular front desk work if there's any issue here the first to know about it people asking for irons and things not working balcony chairs tearing we have one guest to call us three times because every time we gave her balcony charity worked through it I wanted to say ma'am maybe that's a sign that you need to maybe not take any more cruises but so yeah that was pretty much the job it was a lot of fun I got a good evaluation and I am more than welcome to join and see if I choose so I'm still talking with some people from Miami there could be even me I'm the loop on the f3 my coin is still blowtorch to the keel the f3 forever so I always feel like that's my ship and yeah I mean it's been a great two years just shy of two years about a month shy Honolulu and Hawaii is beautiful however I'm ready to see some new sights and see some different ships the pride of America is an absolutely beautiful ship and I am fully support about that product I love the crew onboard there's a few you know oddballs in there but majority of them are great and just hearing compliments I go through all the style cards and all the comments and people who say the ship product is bad is not true like last week for example we had 2500 guests onboard the ship and eight people adjusted their service charge one of those eight they adjusted it for four dollars and the other one of those eight it was six dollars so it's a good product it's a beautiful ship oh and there's a new dress code and then the America you can now wear shorts and every dining room except for Liberty in The Bistro so yeah I'm in the Aqua palms across the street from the Hilton Hawaiian Village checkouts at noon and I have a 9:10 p.m. flight home so I could see why a little bit more I absolutely love spending time at home literally report such a nice report and self open air so yes that was pretty much it my next video is going to be talking about Saturday the day I signed off the ship it was crazy alright

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  1. Hey man, good insight on this video. I got hired by NCL as a guest services associate… Can you give me a run down on a typical day? Average time to go sightseeing? Is it possible to make extra money like tips etc? ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated… Peace brutha!

  2. ok ya'll scaring me now I'm a total newbie virgin and I'm pursuing a positon in Customer Service possibly Front Desk onboard the NCL JADE please send me your advice please thanks.

  3. TOO funny!!!! Can't wait to see if you pursue this new position. I am a Princess cruiser and would love to have you over with us! Can't wait to hear your update on the position.

  4. Hey James,
    I know exactly what you mean‼ I've been working in front office of 5 star hotels for 6 years now. (Soon to join a ship) I completely sympathise with the complaints thing. I've seen some truly weird and wonderful requests! However; when you have that genuine guest that has a real problem, I do get a sense of well being when it's solved and the guest is grateful. Persevere with front office if that's what you want; it can be a rewarding job.

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