What Makes A Cruise Line The Best?

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Hey cruisers!
What’s that ONE thing you love about your favorite cruise line? Is it a favorite restaurant? A crazy-cozy bed? A cocktail that keeps you coming back for more? When we sat down and thought about it, we realized there’s a stand out feature on each cruise line we’ve sailed with, and we thought it would be fun to share that ONE thing that keeps us coming back for more!
We’ll share what ONE thing we love about each line we’ve sailed with, including Carnival, MSC, Princess, NCL, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America.

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hey cruisers and welcome to today's livestream were so happy to have you here today we're going to be talking about the one thing or our favorite thing about each cruise line and then as we go through the cruise lines we're gonna ask you to weigh in in the chat and we're gonna read some of them out loud so wait until we talk about that particular cruise line so that we can enjoy this together and we can keep all the cruise lines sort of lumped together today's episode is brought to you by Cruise Line comm where you can't compare cruise prices tons of different sites with easy to use cruise search and if you haven't already be sure that you set up a price alert for your next cruise and if you see that price going down because they will email you the price alert on a regular basis if you see the price going down what you want to do is contact your travel agent or contact the cruise line and see if they can either help you get a price adjustment rebook you or give you some onboard credit as a wonderful tip and we don't tell you guys this often enough but every time I do no matter what I get a bunch of direct messages or emails from people saying oh my goodness thank you so much for telling me about setting the price alert because I just saved $200 $300 whatever kind of dollars and my travel agent rebooked me and we're now so much happier so really really can't hurt to do it alright so I know that everybody has been very patient with our editing process for our Asia vlog so I just want to address this for a moment you'll notice that we didn't have an Asian vlog go live on Thursday normally we do publish one per week but our Osaka and Kyoto vlog has been very intense edit it has taken mr. cruisetipstv way more time than usual because we have so much footage so please be patient with us I'm really sorry that we didn't get that out for you Thursday but we will release it as soon as we possibly can and we're doing everything we can so thanks for your patience we appreciate you I also wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who followed us recently on Instagram we asked everybody to please help us get to 10,000 followers we're not quite there yet but boy we had a big improvement and we really appreciate it let me tell you where we're at right now because we have grown so much in the last week over there and it's all because of you guys I could tell that when I would ask everyone to follow us on Instagram people would go over and they would do it immediately so thank you we're at eight thousand five hundred and forty two followers so 1500 more to go and then we're gonna do a really fun giveaway when we get to ten thousand so thank you guys so much for doing that for us last little bit of housekeeping I guess you could say before we get into today's topic is that right after the livestream today we're doing a second livestream on our cruise Gear channel so if you're not familiar with it it's youtube.com forward slash cruise gear that is where we talk about all things cruise products everything from techie gear to beauty fashion luggage accessories you name it we talk about it what we're gonna be doing today at 1:30 Eastern excuse me oh my goodness when did I get into the Eastern time zone 1:30 Pacific 4:30 Eastern because we're gonna do a little review of all of the gear that we took on our last cruise so you may recall that we did a haul video and we did packing videos so you guys saw we were gonna be taking but we have winds and we have fails from our gear and we're gonna tell you what we're so glad that we took and the things that we probably should have left behind we're gonna be super honest about it we'll give you links to some of the products that we have links for and we'll talk all about it so 1:30 Pacific time at cruise gear and we'll probably be over there for about a half an hour and today we're shooting for about 35 to 45 minutes here so we have time to grab some lunch between the live streams so that's what's going on and I just wanted to again make sure that everybody was on the same page about everything if you have any questions housekeeping questions for us just let me know in the chat right now and let's get started I saw junior editor is in the house so junior editor if you want to weigh in too and tell us what one thing you like about each cruise line when we go through this feel free a kid's perspective is always fun right so let's start with the biggest cruise line let's talk about Carnival what let's go ahead and ask you guys first to go ahead and tell us what your one thing about Carnival is that you like try to stick to one thing if you can that was so hard for me to do because there really isn't just one thing about every cruise line that I like but I'm gonna tell you mine for carnival carnival I think the coolest thing that they have developed and there are so many things we love but one of the coolest things that I think Carnival has created is the concept called faster – the fun faster – the fund is kind of your way of buying into loyalty so you pay a per state room price to get priority embarkation priority demarcation priority tendering luggage to your room faster and priority guest services what am I forgetting about faster to the fun anyway I think it's pretty cool I think it's genius I know it's a bit of a controversial topic but that is my favorite thing about Carnival so let's see what everybody else says Stephanie says the service Raina says the water parks Heather says carnival for sure it's the fun Mike and Jodi say guys burgers Natasha I like this one Natasha says budget-friendly and that was another thing I thought about mentioning today too because you really can sail for a steal on Carnival okay barb said of course guys burgers let's see what everybody else is saying Oh Courtney good one Courtney said see day brunch yes exactly exactly I see Darlene agreeing about faster to the fun Tanya you are so right Tanya Kerry said best steakhouse in the cruise market hands-down Tanya I agree with you on that they do have the best steak in the market Leah says the fun activities oh yeah for sure let's see what I've missed I'm gonna go ahead and scroll up just a moment here okay Cindy said entertainment good ones Cindy I think Carnival has a really good entertainment as well ah you Tabak says mark q he is an excellent cruise director isn't he wonderful I love him okay I think we got most of them for Carnival oh just drea actually I have to I have to talk about the one that gesture I just said because this was my number two pick and she said the staff is very friendly I really feel that carnivals service on the lines that I sail regularly carnival does have the best service of all of the cruise lines truly I don't know how they do it being a budget line but somehow truly they have the most friendly staff but I chose faster to the fun because I think as a teacher it is exceptional okay Lisa had a good one the chef's table yes Oh bill said the nightlife good one bill that's that's awesome Oh Dorothy yes alchemy bar on carnival is fantastic I couldn't agree more okay it looks like we've done a really good job of covering most of it but I do see that Heather Gulledge said the warm chocolate melting cake and lady s said the Serenity deck and Janina said variety of port departures yes so true and one thing that's great about Carnival is they have a lot of homeport departures so if you live in North America you are within driving distance of a carnival port way more than you are for any other Cruise Line they have way more home ports than any other okay nice job you guys that was very very very good work I'm impressed with it all of you said and I totally agree let's move on to MSC Cruises now I don't know how many of you have tried an MSC cruise but I'd love to hear what your favorite thing about MSC is so if you've sailed with them go ahead and go right now I'm gonna take a sip of my hot tea here and then I'll tell you mine I'm not building suspense I just sold thirsty all right my favorite thing about MSC Cruises is their top tier cruise experiences so the Aria experience which isn't the regular it's a you know you're in a room and a regular part of the ship but you have exceptional perks including access to the thermal suite and mostly unlimited cocktails and their Yacht Club experience which is a ship within a ship I'm lumping those two together as a top tier experience because I absolutely couldn't choose between the two we're sailing in the Yacht Club soon and I'll let you know a little bit more about that experience but I think that is one of the most brilliant things that MSC has done all right let's see here Stevie moon a woman after my heart says Venky is the best thing oh yeah Sean and Steph Sean and Steph have sailed in the Yacht Club and they're saying yacht club all the way Veronica says yacht club all the way and Natalie said it's the kids clubs very nice one Natalie I'm really interested to see how my son likes the kids club on MSC maravilla Chris Christine says the spa yes oh this is a good one Stevie said I love the diversity on MSC so do we Stevie we had a really fun time kind of we would be in an elevator and we try to see how many languages we could hear in one elevator ride I remember thinking it was probably something like seven languages you do cruise with people from all over the world on MSC that's a good one Zachary you're only about ten minutes late don't you worry we're talking about Zachary right now what our favorite thing is about MSC Cruises okay let's see here Amy said her kids loved the dive-in movie Oh different cruise line okay let me go back up here let's see here okay let me see Vera Veronica said there's gambling perks on MSC and Christine said the shows are fabulous yes the shows blew me away on MSC – very good I wonder what else I missed on MSC yeah Megan said the toss-up between the yacht club experience or bankie I know because right is it thank you you were trying to say or venice' I'm not sure which one you're trying to say there Megan but let me know all right good ones good ones good ones good ones all right let's go ahead and talk about the next Cruise Line in the lineup the next Cruise Line in the lineup today is Norwegian Cruise Line let us know what is your one thing that you love about Norwegian just one thing in the comments below my one thing I love about Norwegian sorry this is so easy to guess but it's definitely the Freestyle cruising concept I think the Freestyle cruising concept is relaxing for some people I think it can be not so relaxing because you're not exactly sure where you're going for dinner and you don't have all of the sort of traditional elements of cruising that make things sort of easy but if you're prepared to kind of give in to the Freestyle cruising concept it is wonderful and you can really maximize it you can get a lot of rest and relaxation you can leave your formal clothing at home if you would like to you can go to dinner when you want with whom you want you can choose where you want to dine every night I think there's a lot to be said so let's see what all of you say about I thought I know you're gonna pick the karaoke the karaoke oh oh you're talk about that honey that's in the blackmail vault right I think Tommy from always be booked save to that video and he's keeping it somewhere so that he can use it against me someday are you here Tommy so I didn't seen Tommy here yet not today he was here the other day if you guys are wondering what I'm talking about we made some kind of a bet on our live stream I don't do you member what the bet was oh we we said that if we could get a certain number of likes on a video we were in a live stream and we said if we I think it was if we get a certain number of likes we were gonna release this video of me doing karaoke on Norwegian jewel in a closed karaoke room so they have like karaoke rooms where you can go in and your party or your family or whatever gets their own room and you get to close the door and I don't know what I was thinking but I allowed my husband to film me singing I was on the couch for part of it standing and then it was just horrible it was so bad and that's why it was a bet because it had to be bad so I don't have any more blackmail don't ask me to do that today I don't have anything else and I don't really want to re-release the video but but yeah karaoke it's pretty funny um I see a lot of really good ones coming in for Norwegian and I want to go over them so I'm gonna try to scroll to the top and see if I can make sure that I don't miss anybody okay yeah Shelley said freestyle dining Tina the cruising librarian good one Tina so low cabins okay Steve said despite their recent disappointment aboard the Bliss they believed in sales best feature is their specialty dining restaurants you can't beat the filet at Cagney's or tiramisu at La Cucina I agree Stevie they have the best specialty dining on board for sure if you're to look at it like a the whole package all of the restaurants combined they really are mouth-watering I will gain more weight on a Norwegian cruise than any other cruise because I want to go to Madeira no I want to go to gag knees I want to do all the specialty dining and then when you go you kind of want to get your money's worth so then it's like okay maybe I'm not gaining two pounds on this one I'm gaining 3.5 pounds because it is so good all right very good ones Deana cruising her life said oceans Shawn and stuff yep the go-karts are so fun I want to do that again Shawn and stuff bill said the vibe for those of you who don't know what vibe is it is a private club it's kind of more like an area on certain Norwegian ships not all of the ships have vibe but they limit it to a very small number of tickets per cruise bill how many tickets did they sell on your cruise I've heard between 40 and 100 people only get access to vibe let me know monique agrees specialty dining barb said NCL epic beatles yes I've heard that was really good and I saw them rehearsing for that and it was excellent Zachary agrees the specialty dining so does Stephanie Abbott Don agrees freestyle cruising Jimmy said solo cabins ah Alicia said the Haven restaurant all lushy said cruise director Simon Joe dura said entertainment melody said specialty dining diana agrees it's the Haven wicked wonders the definitely specialty dining Oh huh Megan Thank You Vicki all right let's see here lots of specialty dining Oh Raina said saunas I'm trying not to lose my place here guys yeah Rebecca said more perks I like their perks right now – yes Monique they do have a reduced airfare one going on right now Stacy likes the thermal suite Don likes Cagney's Jenn said the Haven private restaurant amazing service and food melody likes the choice of rooms Stevie loves the karaoke oh these are really good okay let me see how many of them I've missed I think we're pretty caught up haha Laura said the washee-washee always cracks you up yes it cross it cracks me up too you know Don I think that's a really good one dawn said that her favorite is pride of America cruising Hawaii with seven days exclusively in the islands with no ocean crossing yes you can do Hawaii in a week on Norwegian and there's no other cruise line that I know of that does that barb agree is the free at Sea offer yeah Denise you saw the video oh no Denise saw the blackmail night audits trying to bring night audit is trying to bring back the video well let's see I don't know mr. corrosives TV how many likes would we need to bring back that video I don't know where that video is do you I don't know if we can find it no I know where it is you know where it I did Cheryl said 75,000 subscribers so oh yeah that's fine that's fine you're gonna get that by the end of the day we're gonna get ya if we get 75,000 subscribers mr. corrosives UVA will release it ok it looks like we have a few questions coming in I'll answer real quick code bilaam's said when can you get faster to the phone on Carnival you're booked for June jump into your shore excursions right now and see if it's available they sell out so you want to look now Laura said cruisetipstv what would you rate MSC on a scale of one to ten I can't do that on it I won't do that with any cruise line because I would it would depend on the cruise itself I just don't I don't know I don't think I wouldn't want to do that with any cruise line because I'd say pretty much every cruise I've ever been on except the two night cruise I went on that was too darn short has been somewhere between a seven and a nine point five every single cruise I've ever been on has been that great so I don't know Laura Diane said are the dining areas on NCL part of America similar to other ships I've heard that they're they're kind of they have kind of an Americana theme Diane but I've never been on that's a good question I think the way that they operate is similar but not exactly the decor all right let's move on to the next Cruise Line good job on that if I've missed anything big about Norwegian retype it in the comments but now let's talk about Royal Caribbean what is the one thing about Royal Caribbean that keeps you coming back for more or that you absolutely love to me what shines the most about Royal Caribbean is that the ship is the destination there is so much to do on a Royal Caribbean ship that if you ever ever tried to utter the word bored on a ship on a real Caribbean ship you would be I'm sure you would be completely kicked off the ship there's so much to do arcades water parks sports entertainment ice skating rinks Bionic bars I mean we could go on for hours and worse FlowRider this the new skydiving thing that they have there's so much to do and the ships themselves or destinations so I think that is what really makes Royal Caribbean stand out for me let's see what everybody else says okay on a Dean said the day of the week elevator is Tanya said Central Park Kelly says everything Cindy said you can use their drink package on the private island or beach that's a good one okay Zachary said top of the line customer service ah yeah Jay I agree one of the best things about Royal Caribbean is indeed Matt Hochberg what would we do without Matt he is the god of Royal Caribbean I know he doesn't like it when I say that but I'll say it anyway okay alright Jackie said entertainment Broadway shows melody says Denise says the schooner Bar trivia and chops grilled Alicia likes the robotic bar melody said never a dull moment Seth said so much room for activities yeah Laura said I know you never run out of things to do on Royal Caribbean that is indeed true Peggy thank you so much for the super chat Peggy we love you too thank you for the sweet note okay John said the ice-skating and diving shows the best shows you've ever seen is he I would love to see those I didn't get to see the ice-skating show I got to go ice skating on Royal Caribbean but I didn't get to see the show it was too short of a cruise but I'd love to do that and I'd love to see the one of the shows at night the water shows at night the diving show isn't gonna be so cool okay let's see him Meghan said if she had to be specific this central 157 course tasting dinner with wine pairing ooh that sounds really nice ah confused Brian said the teen area is amazing never bored right you can never be bored on Royal Caribbean it's just not possible I think a tip that I would have for you if you're sailing with Royal Caribbean two is just know that you're not gonna be able to do it all in one cruise it's probably there's just probably no way okay staff is amazing so many good things coming in on Royal Caribbean all right so we can keep with our time schedule today we're going to switch over now to Holland um America Holland America I would say it's been years since we've sailed on Holland America but we have been on I believe three or four Holland America cruises and my one thing that I always shared with friends after I would get home from a Royal Caribbean cruise is the service the service was world-class on Holland America for me and for my family and I thought there were little little extra touches that were included that normally aren't included on a cruise and I think that was very special and I might sneeze any minute so please forgive me if that happens I don't have I ever sneeze during a livestream I've had just about everything else happened but I don't know about a sneeze let's hope it doesn't happen he's just looking at me like please don't blow out my head we get to 75,000 subscribers she will sneeze I will sneeze for you I don't know if a little tickle coming on here guys okay so Holland America let's see what barb said the food and the classic cruise atmosphere let's see what everybody else is saying hi t says Fran looking for more looking for more for Holland America I'm having trouble seeing where we transitioned from Rebecca's asking if it's an older crowd and you know that's something that maybe was true in the past do you feel like that's still true Holland America yes I do think Holland America still is an older crowd but not entirely I think that they're similar to princess with their demographic and there's certain sailings whether you will definitely have a much older crowd same with princess though really similar but in a way Rahal in America and princess kind of shifted gears all in America used to be I think I would say a decade older than they are now I think that their demographic has shifted down but that's not to say that it's not still true you know it's not gonna be the 20-something cruise line by any means I would say you know you're you're still gonna have an older demographic activities geared towards people who like more traditional cruising which probably would tend to be older people okay we have a really sweet crew in America almost always such as yeah over and above always the service was just outstanding okay Oh Peter what a good one Peter said on Holland America Glacier Bay on 97% of all Alaska cruises very very good one I'm looking for some more here I know they're in there ah David Andrew said the pinnacle grill is the best steakhouse at sea the service was amazing ah very good Sandra said the beds food and service were outstanding on Holland America also wraparound veranda on an aft suite barb likes the smaller ships don't worry Angie I'm gonna get you sick oh this is a good one barb said the staff the uniforms are so cool they're classic with a little hats so they were hats oh my goodness sakes okay good ones you guys melody said the food is amazing on whole in America John Gemelli am I saying your name right thank you so much for the super chat I really appreciate that and John Kerry thank you so much for the super chat oh my gosh oh no John Tonya has opened a black mailbox for you that is so cute oh dear no more blackmail guys no cruise blackmail we don't want that Oh Traci you like this Cup this was in my fabfitfun box a few seasons ago all right so Roy I haven't been on Celebrity edge but I would like to direct you Roy to a wonderful resource Roy Gosselin have you read the article from eat sleep cruise that was just released they did an honest review of Celebrity edge and the way that they structured their write-up on it it wasn't a video it was an actual article or a blog post whatever you want to call it and what they did is they wrote they wrote their article and what they thought of the ship in terms of meets expectations below expectations and exceeds expectation so almost like the performance reviews we get at work right and then they would lay out each category one thing that they did say most things they said met or exceeded expectations I don't think they loved Eden I don't think they felt like it was great use of the space and the hours were that it was open enough and the other thing that they said they were disappointed about was the infinity veranda they said that it felt very closed into them go read that article from each sleep cruise they're wonderful they do a really thorough job of reviewing their cruises and I would highly recommend that you check that out haha Zachary you were the reason Zachary was the catalyst for the blackmail video he is the one who got the karaoke video released I see you've caught up as a curry so yeah when we get to 75,000 subscribers Zachary there has been talk of re releasing the blackmail video so I'm gonna hold you to reminding us yeah Sean and Steph you read the article – it was really good huh super good okay um let's go on to the next Cruise Line I just want to make sure I haven't missed anything else I think we're doing okay next Cruise Line that we're gonna talk about and this is gonna be the last cruise line we're talking about today because we've decided that we only wanted to put forth our opinion on cruise lines that we've actually sailed with so the six the cruise line that we've sailed with is princess we've actually sailed the most with princess of any cruise line and this is this was impossible for me mr. crisp Stevie do you know what I picked for my number one thing I love the most about princess I'm guessing oh it's it's gotta be tea time but it could be the beds yeah the beds are kind of up there and they're like number two I picked afternoon tea on princess because princess does a lot of things really really well but I don't think we've ever gone on a Princess Cruise and not gone to afternoon tea so I thought what's the one thing that we do every time of course we sleep of course we love the princess luxury beds they are outstandingly soft and luxurious if you want good vacation sleep this is mind blowing this is this is a bed quality that is just out of this world but I had to pick afternoon tea because I feel like it's something that we would never miss Kirsten thank you so much for the super chat we appreciate you're such a sweetheart and Kirsten you're the currency that you put it in makes it look like it's a hundred dollars and that would be a heck of a lot of money in u.s. dollars last time I felt really really guilty when you did that but then I looked at the conversion rate and I was like okay it's okay don't don't freak out but thank you regardless is very precious of you so sweet and kind thank you you are so sweet okay oh oh what do you guys think what's your favorite thing about princess I forgot to ask I see you're putting it in there but I got to catch up so let's let's back up a little bit oh my goodness sakes mm-hmm okay oh yeah good Seth get your packing video linked in here if Megan I can instant message it to you – I have it on a shortcut on my phone because I've sent it to so many people oh thank you Kirsten and you are so welcome and have a wonderful time on harmony of the Seas I know you're gonna have a great time okay let's talk princess see what everyone's saying scrolling quickly cuz there's so many all right Mike and Cheryl longtime friends of the family here say the upscale main areas the service the exercise rooms the upbeat staff and the perks on the loyalty program yeah they do have a really good loyalty program wouldn't you agree I think that's such a good one okay Liberty Cruiser oh I'm gonna like this one I can tell already princess service is outstanding you feel more pamper than on other lines you love the food excursions and so many shows you were almost too tired by the end of the cruise Danielle agrees loyalty perks yes absolutely Jackie said the staff Vernon says being pampered and relaxing Meghan agrees it's tea time yes you topics as tea time as well Rebecca agrees that the bed is heaven Marlene thinks their ships are easy easy to navigate Tanya says the pampering Kelly yes we have sailed on Royal Caribbean three times but it's been a while oh yay Logan have a wonderful cruise Marcy no we've never cruised out of Galveston not yet okay Oh Sydney that's funny Cindy said I haven't been on a Princess cruise but I would guess it's the Love Boat playing the cabins yeah sometimes they do have the Love Boat playing when you walk in your room – like you can almost always watch Love Boat repeats on the TV but he's hilarious when it's playing when you walk in your room I think it's so cute they did that on Caribbean princess I think when we walked in I just thought that was the funniest thing ever okay looking for more princess ones ah Sean and Steph said they have the best inside stateroom layout and they agree about the tea Benjamin said they're chocolate journeys has to be up on the list I like that yeah Angie said I like that princess has a nice experience with the basic fare they don't nickel and dime you I totally agree Angie and I always when I cruise with princess I always look for and secure a deal I never pay top dollar to cruise on Princess they're also very good Angie about price adjustments on our Panama Canal cruise we didn't want to spend a lot of money we had a very tight budget last year for our cruises and we booked an inside cabin they upgraded us as just they swept through and upgraded a whole bunch of people to an outside cabin and then we waited long enough to see what the inventory was on that Panama Canal cruise and we then called we had our travel agent call and we got upgraded to a balcony for $42 per person so there are deals with princess to be had for ashore in my opinion good one Angie I'm glad you brought that up it is not it is an upscale experience but the price doesn't always have to be upscale Oh al what a good one al said their ice cream and gelato was good that's a nice one and I can see that we have so many more that have come in and I'm really behind here Oh John said the sweet experience Kathy you are so right Zumba is fantastic Bonnie's here hi Bonnie Bonnie says the aft pool how did I not think about that they're after pools are so beautiful Michael Nichols said princess foodservice and beds I know we have more princesses adult-only pool area I saw that but I don't know who said it I'm really sorry whoever said that Oh Rebecca said they're Alfredo's pizza is great yes quite she said the Piazza and Alfredo's I love it and you know what another thing is is the one Bonnie's saying here and Kathy is the international cafe I love the international cafe and I really missed it on my last cruise they didn't have it on Diamond Princess they just have the they had the coffee bar in the bar they didn't have food I really missed that Bonnie thank you so much for the super chat and Margene Foley Groff thank you so much for the super chat as well you guys are so precious thank you so much Kim do we ever traveled not on a cruise yes we do we've been on many many land vacations in the last ten years and we do road trips all the time we've traveled a ton outside of cruising before we started cruising frequently – all over so we've done tons of that okay what have I missed here mm-hmm yeah Stacey thank you for following along on our vlogs appreciate that okay um let's see here Roy has a question so I'm gonna switch over to some Q&A now and then we're gonna we're gonna close out in about ten minutes so let's do the remainder we'll do Q&A and see how many questions we can get taking care of Roy said what's to do about pool chair hogs I'm going nuts about trying to find chairs every time we head to the pool Roy are you on a cruise right now and you're struggling with it you know is I know it's very frustrating my recommendation to you would be to report it to the staff if you can and see if you can get it taken care of I don't want to say if you can't beat them join them because that's a terrible strategy but you know maybe get out there early and sit in the chair and do what you have to do it's so frustrating on warm other cruises though I agree all right Khoda says if it if it shows sold out for faster to the fun do they open it back up sometimes if someone cancels or if they have fewer amount of people at higher loyalty level sailing they may Veronica said Cherie do you have a favorite cruise I don't Veronica we I just can't list a favorite cruise we've had so many wonderful cruise experiences that I could probably list my top five but not my top one Barbara said have you been on Costa I've been back in 2007 it was my first cruise I haven't Barbara because they don't sail out of North America I would give Costa a try though Shelly said I want to go on my first Carnival Cruise any suggestions which ship to start with Shelly it depends on where you live some of it you don't have to go on a new ship necessarily with Carnival some of the favorite ships in the fleet are Carnival Breeze Carnival Breeze gets really good reviews this getting pretty good reviews but some of the older ships do really really well even some of the fantasy class ships so pick one you can afford that's nearby your home and give it a try Marlene said going on Royal in May do they still do The Love Boat whistle do you mean um princess Marlene princess sometimes we'll do the Love Boat whistle when they were passing other ships they'll do like a little Love Boat battle we've had that happen in Alaska before Steve Roth said ideas oh this is a good idea Steve pros and cons of a cruise versus an all-inclusive I'll write that down Steve that's a good idea making a note of that right now yes that's good I mean we could talk about it right now for a few minutes but I think the number one thing is just you know on at most all-inclusive resorts they include alcohol and on most cruises they don't include alcohol and lesson course you've got a beverage package that's included as a perk or something that's one of the things I always think about when I think about the dimmers that's a good idea yes Karen do you worry about children falling out of Pullman beds actually yes I do and I don't think it's an irrational fear at all we didn't let our son sleep in the Pullman when he was little because they were way up on the ceiling and he was a wiggle worm and so I would sleep in the stupid Pullman bed that's one of the reasons why we tried to stop going on ships with Pullman beds because I prefer a sofa couch with a commune Oh a sofa bed those things are awful and I usually do Pullman's are usually uncomfortable so yes I don't anymore I think my son now he's 10 and he'd probably be okay owl said how many cruises have you guys done al I think we're around 31 or 32 or something right now I'll refresh that for you and let you know 31 or 32 Katie said do you have any tips for an Alaska overland tour in Alaska yes I do if you're doing a land and cruise type tour Katie I do suggest that you follow Scott singer cruises Scott has not only been on many Alaska cruises and understands intimately the process between for the the land and sea tour combinations but he can advise you and his Facebook group can advise you on maybe which way to do the land and cruise experience meaning should you do the land portion first or the cruise portion first where should you stay what hotels what's it gonna be like his Facebook group is full of people who have done that so I would suggest you join and talk to them mark has a question for you honey what's the number one cruise for you mr. pursuits TV you know that's tough I saw that question come in obviously I know because you put it on there you know what it seems like it seems like it's always the last cruise that we are on I was saying wow that was the best cruise ever but yeah I don't really think about I don't really try to compare them and one thing that we also try not to do is like trying to do the same thing because then you almost always start to compare they you know this Asia cruise was really really something you know I'm not gonna commit to saying it's my favorite one but I really didn't feel like after every cruise I think that was the best cruise yeah well I can tell you mark what he's told me and it's it matches what he just said he told me when we got back from our MSC seaside cruise we were talking about the experience it was a really busy week for us because it was only seven days we had to fly across the country and we were filming a lot on that cruise but my husband did say to me after MSc seaside he's like I think that was the one of the most fun family cruises we've ever done and then when we were on Diamond Princess recently to Asia that cruise was probably one of the best we've ever done because we had time we had time together we were not stressed out ever the flight over was great even the horrible flight back we weren't stressed out we had the gift of time and so I think that that was a very special family cruise for us you know what I'm gonna jump in it a bit better the time the amount of time is a key factor because I saw somebody else in the chat asked what's the worst cruise ever worst cruise ever and you know there is no bad cruise in my opinion but the worst the thing that I can remember thinking this is not as good I'll just say that not as good as you was the two-day cruise that we went on that was not it was yeah it was he was frantic there was just he was a mod team yeah I mean people everywhere crazy just I know I agree different attitude yeah it was too hard we were too tired lushy said is Carnival legend good for Alaska lushy it's good if you like Carnival it wouldn't be my first pick of cruises to send you on to Alaska okay I'm going to go ahead and honor this question that came in from Roy he said can you share your top five cruises and this is gonna have to be probably one of the last questions we answered today but I'm gonna try to do my top five cruises Roy and the reason why they were top five and I'm not gonna put him in any order definitely one of the best ever was the one we just did to Asia so diamond princess to Asia 12 nights Tokyo to Singapore without a doubt MSC Seaside to the Caribbean for family fun and adventure jumping off of cliffs and really experiencing a totally new Cruise Line and a totally new ship for us was a blast number three not again no particular order princess cruises to the Sea of Cortez ten night cruise where we didn't have to fly and we got to swim with whale sharks and we got to plunge our GoPro into the sea and have hundreds of dolphin swimming alongside of our boat in the Bay of Laredo that cruise was beautiful I'm also gonna say that our most recent cruise to Alaska was spectacular we had a really wonderful time and I think that was for mr. cruisetipstv I'm gonna throw a hole in America cruise in here as one of our best before we had our Sun we went on a Holland America cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and we got to go to Tortola and we missed our excursion because the ship was late and I was crying in the hallways going what are we gonna do this is gonna suck I really wanted to go do the sailing excursion and we someone took pity on us one of the staff members from the shore excursion desk and said oh just take the ferry to Virgin Gorda you can do the same thing and we're like okay to do it ourselves we ended up having probably one of the best days we've ever had on a cruise hiking to the baths at Virgin Gorda snorkeling almost getting sucked out to sea because we were a little too confident and went all the way out around an outcropping and we caught and got we had to swim back and it was exhausting but it was pretty spectacular and then I'd also have to throw in we got upgraded to a suite one time on princess for my husband's birthday had no idea why they upgraded us and our son was a little baby at the time he was only about maybe 18 months old and he wasn't really sleeping through the night at that time and for some reason in this particular suite he was in a different room and he would sleep through the night and it was like oh my gosh we're sleeping you know when you have a baby and you don't get any sleep at all and you're like I'll never be human again I'll I'll never feel human we felt human that week and the suite was beautiful that was pretty special so there's maybe our top six okay ginger said do you find booking excursions help makes the cruise a better experience versus wandering around ginger I think we've learned a powerful lesson about that I think we over scheduled ourselves on our last cruise and we need to be a lot more careful because sometimes when you fly somewhere and you have jet lag you really get yourself into trouble so I would say that normally I think you should do something even if it's not an organised excursion just doing something but I think there's some beauty in having a relaxing day of walking around like we did in the part of Shimizu and sometimes you're just too tired or sometimes if we don't have the money sometimes you don't want to spend $500 on one day and you've got to just walk around but there's so many things that can be done on a budget that are pretty spectacular that we like to try to explore those things like hey what are those things that we can do aw Bruce is here Bruce from Rockstar brewski on YouTube is here said I made it to the live event happy Saturday thank you so much you guys haven't checked out Bruce's channel he has some really great vlogs and Bruce has actually helped me to give people recommendations he doesn't know he's helped me but when someone says what should I do in Costa Maya well because I watch Bruce's channel I know that you should go to yahya beach if you go to Costa Maya because you guys did a really great travel vlog about Bruce thank you so much I know that we've missed a lot of of questions coming in here today I'm going to try to grab a few more if I can wait a minute we have we have a cameo here walk on it wants to address a question hi punkin you want to join something tell them who you are and what you're doing here so I'm junior editor and I'm here to answer mark Carter's question in person so mark Carter I think my best Cruise was probably the Asia cruise that we just did I loved it it was so great what was great about it well the kid Center was amazing I spent so much time in there all the kids were really nice and also I love the inside pool it was just a really fun cruise what was great about the kids center what did you do that um we did all kinds of funny events there were video games there were like there was like we're like making things out of paper beads all kinds of stuff I even made my own lanyard don't have my cruise card were there any girls there that you liked yes we're there yes could any girls ever like you yes huh yeah okay I'm sorry all right thank you okay bye sweetheart thank you for coming out ah I love that kid he's so darn cute anyway that was junior editors take he you guys he really did enjoy that cruise yes Angie he did meet a lot of different people in Japan he embraced every language in every country and that day he was saying hello and goodbye in that language and how they just pick it up and he really did enjoy the kids Center yeah Stevie he's a little too young he's 10 he doesn't get it at all but at that age they're kind of getting a little bit more interested in each other I guess you could say I mean I know kids that had girlfriends when they're in kindergarten he definitely didn't and he will tell you that kissing is gross so you know he's mm he doesn't really understand but he still did have the time of his life and he made really good friends okay all right sorry for the watery eyes today guys I'm not crying I'm just I think I have allergies today or something so we need to sign out because um yes I know Zachary we are gonna have to watch him when he becomes a teenager we need to get ready to jump over to our other channel for our 1:30 livestream so go join us over there for a review of the items that we took on our last cruise and I also wanted to invite all of you if you haven't already to join our email list we put together an email list on request of our subscribers who said look we are not getting YouTube notifications we don't know when you're going live we're missing your videos so what we started to do we've been doing this for about 4 weeks now is we're emailing you when we're going live and and when our videos are posting I even popped in something that I bought on Amazon said hey look this is something I got this week so little updates we're never gonna spam you we're not gonna send out a lot of emails but we do want to start doing that so I'm going to link to that in the description of this video the way that you can sign up for the mailing list you can also just sign up at cruisetipstv.com if you would like very very easy to do thank you all so much for joining us here today we appreciate all of you thank you for spending some of your Saturday with us and hopefully we'll see you over at cruisegear at 1:30 until next time we'll see you on the high seas [Applause] Hey click me to subscribe

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  1. Sheri (or viewers),
    Princess Loyalty program. We are booked for a B2B Cruise in 2020. Leg 0ne is California Coast, Leg Two is Mexico. At the end of Leg one, we will be one day shy of moving to Elite status. Have you ever heard of a cruise line that might "bend the rules" and give us Leg Two as Elite?

  2. Princess afternoon tea yes – those scones with devonshire cream and jam are amazing! On some ships they tend to try and rush you through tea but otherwise it is excellent!

  3. Carnival – Status upgrade on sailing hitting next tier. Alchemy Bar.
    Royal – Entertainment & Activities
    HAL – Service, Food, Itineraries, Cabins
    Celebrity – Atmosphere (prior to Edge refit anyways), Perks, Reposition Deals

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