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~ Join us for our video review and tour of the Viking Freya from Viking River Cruises as we explore and evaluate the ship. Discover the innovative staterooms and cabins, Aquavit Terrace, Viking Lounge, Viking Restaurant, sun deck, boutique shop, library, internet station, coffee station and atrium. ~



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welcome the popular Cruiser in our video review of a Viking Freya from Viking River Cruises say hello to Viking Freya a rather her sister longship the Viking enla has seen sealing in tandem with our ship and here we are in a reflection it was quite amusing watching the two fleet mates race alongside each other as we went along on our voyage other delightful touches were the festive decorations on board for this Christmas markets cruise the Vikings clever offset stapler positioning allows for larger cabin configurations which can best be described as only slightly smaller than those on larger ocean cruise ships and here's the lovely veranda with our tiny snowman on the railing the rooms are expertly configured to maximize space and feature modern glass sliders and partitions including an electronically controlled see-through bathroom but rest assured it can be made opaque again with a quick switch of a button on the bathrooms also come with heated tile floors and are stocked with flying bath products including a refreshing lemon so far other premium touches include soft clothes toilet seats and cabinet drawers just off in the atrium is a favorite of ours the complimentary self-serve coffee and hot chocolate station the Viking lounge is the place to be to observe the passing scenery order a cocktail and enjoy live piano music the central bar serves up great regional drinks plus of your usual favorites the pastry chef on board was a rock star with the edible and inedible the great decorations inside perfectly mimicked the scenery outside the river vistas are extraordinary including the magical snowy weather we added the all-weather aquavit Terrace keeps warm weather in and cold weather out with replaceable glass panels here you can enjoy alfresco breakfasts lunches an alternative dinner selections when foods not being served the terrace makes for perfect quiet retreat head on downstairs for full service breakfast lunch and dinner in the Viking restaurant a slower pace emphasizes the social dining experience and the food on board is tre magnifique just outside the restaurant flanking the atrium of the concierge and reception desks where the seasonal decorations continue in were Vikings excellent service shines across the way is a small shop welcomed complimentary Wi-Fi is on board but just in case up the atrium again is the library and internet station which still gets quite a lot use above it all is the sundeck but on our trip it was mostly the snow deck as is indicated by this little guy the deck provided a great vantage point to watch the sister ships as they went through the river locks where clearance is off the balcony rails were impressively tight as the ship was raced up or lowered down and the hydraulic elevators watching this process alone was a worthy attraction on the rivers whether you're a gearhead or a history of the Viking River Cruises experience is sublime and the Viking Freya along with the lines other innovative long ships are enhancing of that very experience thank you for joining us come visit us again at popular cruising calm

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  1. Excellent video. What month did you go? My wife and I went on the Rhine Getaway cruise in early December 2015; but sadly no snow. It was cold enough though. Wouldn't you know I was the only guest who stood on the top deck as we were going down the Rhine. Loved the cold. Thanks again…..:)

  2. My daughter and I did the 2015 Grand European Tour (Amsterdam to Budapest). We added the extra days in Budapest at the end of tour. #1 word of advice – Get the extra days in Amsterdam because 1. You will be able to adjust your body to the jet lag . 2. There is so much to do in Amsterdam. We got in to Amsterdam just in time to get on the ship before it sailed due to air delays. We got the extra days in Budapest. That was worth every penny. Budapest is wonderful with over 80 hot springs with wonderful Spas. There are wineries that have great tasting tours. Our Wine tasting tour took us to 3 wineries with dinner in the kitchen of the winery owner – Chicken Paprikas with  lighter than air crepes. It was the best way to tour Europe. Many destinations with only 1 unpacking and re-packing that the stateroom attendants will gladly do for you. All inclusive from made to order breakfasts to meals during the many included shore excursions. The Opera House of Vienna to a lovely visit to the home of a native  Austrian.

  3. Time to book those lovely Holiday Market river cruise tours and land packages. As a travel agent and specialist of river cruising, I can tell you that for those who find Viking to their appeal…Certainly don't wait as anything less than 6-9mths prior to departure. I recommended early booking when deciding to take this trip. The music, the atmosphere and the meals are fantastic. My profile has more information and how you could go about finding ways to take the next step to planning your future river cruise vacation.  Good Luck Ciao

  4. Thanks, Clay Carson! Unfortunately, the new YouTube messaging system doesn't allow me to reply directly to your comment. I was just using images of the Viking Freya's sister ship, the Viking Embla, to illustrate her exterior appearance.

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