Vacation Simulator review

Vacation Simulator VR Review
by Barefoot Gaming (BFG)
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Welcome to the Vacation Simulator: a rough approximation of VACATION inspired by real human NOT JOBBING, brought to you by the same robots behind the Job Simulator. Reallocate your bandwidth and get ready to splash, s’more, snowball, and selfie your way to optimal relaxation!

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i'm rob from barefoot gaming and it's time to review vacation simulator and virtual reality so vacation simulator is a lot like job simulator but different now if you don't know what job simulator is the game is set up to go through three different zones okay so you've got your tropical zone or your beach zone you've got your wooded zone like the forest area and then you've got like a snowy area for like snow related activities and in each one there are a pile of different activities you can go through so if you want to build sand castles you can do that if you want to go fish you can do that if you want to eat s'mores do it paint do it all kinds of different things that you can do and the way it works is you teleports to different zones within the big zone and that's where you can choose what it is you're trying to do I hope I'm explaining this correctly or so that you can at least understand what I'm getting at now there are certain areas that are locked and what they do is they use memories to unlock them how do you earn memories Rob well that's a good question for example the sand castles that I mentioned before it'll tell you what they want to look like from the top from the front and the side you build it with existing pieces and then you get some points after you've done it enough times and somebody wants a bunch of butterflies as well you've got to find the butterflies and catch them slowly in all the different zones you bring them back to the person you get more of the points that you need to unlock the things that you still are not able to do but want to do now they have put a lot of thought into these minigames and limiting experiences let's say because if you're going to paint on the easel you can't beat it it's just an experience that you get to do you can take pictures with a camera that you hold in your backpack anywhere you like you can take a selfie if you like if you lay it on the easel just as an example and then slide it across you'll actually see your picture and you can paint on top of it a lot of different experiences and that's kind of the gist of the game a lot of customization options so you can choose the way you look by going back to the main area and choosing like different colored Hawaiian shirts if you're going to the beach or you can choose like more of a parka type thing there are video games that you can find there there are not good video games but they're trying to go like for like the old Atari style and you can find cartridges throughout the different zones that you can go back again to your area in the beginning to play and think I've touched on what it is now if you know what job simulator is this is job simulator but on vacation the only difference being is the fact that in Java simulator you were always stuck in one spot so you could walk around an area let's say of your office but everything was directly what was around you if you're working on a car and it was all right around you here you can teleport to different spots and do different activities aside from that I think I can get to the review so we can let some pros list and cons tell you what I think this thing is going for 33 79 Canadian so it's gonna be like $30 u.s. or $29 u.s. 29 pounds available on the HTC vive oculus rift windows mixed reality and the loads and loads of VR headsets that are coming to us shortly now as far as pros go I like the fact that they've got hidden stuff throughout the game things like finding the cartridges that you can bring back and see if they're any good they're not gonna be any good but the fact that you can do that is great the game is very polished so it looks nice you've got a backpack that you need to organize and manage the inventory there's very few spaces so it's not like you can pick everything up you actually you'll find something that'll be great hey I found some coins but I don't have room for coins because I have to go back it makes it so that you have to play through it a bunch of different ways music is good voice work is good the graphics are cute so that's a whole bunch of pros let's touch on some of the cons now the cons are very subjective as are the pros realistically but if you have played job simulator you need to ask yourself am I still enjoying job simulator now because part of the struggle I found with this game is job simulator came out in a really good time for VR right everything hadn't been done and it was fresh and it was funny and it was great and I found that if I go back to job simulator now it doesn't hold my attention it was cute at the time it's it's not really I mean it's still cute now but I won't spend more than like ten minutes in it and I struggle to keep playing vacation simulator for exactly the same reasons now if you love job simulator and you still love it buy this game you are absolutely going to get your value out of it you're gonna laugh you can enjoy every aspect of it if you have younger kids that are looking for something that isn't too challenging shoot they could just have fun building sandcastles or just you know drawing on the making s'mores they can have fun doing all kinds of little things I'm not having fun doing that stuff anymore I need I need something that has a little more meat on the bones so at the end of the day as much customization as they have and as much that they did right the game doesn't hold my attention and I can't recommend it I can't not recommend it I'm giving this game a two and a half out of five if this if you've never played job sim and this looks like something that you're gonna have a blast going through try it right worst case scenario you can return it through Steam if this is something that you aren't enjoying anymore like I said with job sim then stay away from it this isn't gonna change your mind it was neat jumping in the water and catching fish for minutes but for me if this is hitting VR at the wrong time I want more from my experience now VR has been out now for a couple years and I need to sink my teeth into more than what he gave me so that's my score two and a half photo five this game is getting glowing reviews right now and I'm bucking the trend on that but being honest and I'm being honest on my opinion on this that is all it may be totally different for you and hopefully I will have given you the information you need to make up your own mind like comment and share you guys have been sharing the videos it's going out to places I never would have even thought of thank you so much for that if you comment below I will do my best to answer any questions that you have thank you so much for watching another barefoot gaming review and there's lots more coming I'll talk to you soon see ya

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  1. Job Simulator was always a really polished (and funny) tech demo. But now there are actual VR games that stand up to regular games in terms of quality and longevity.

  2. 4:42 how can I buy it is not coming out until June because owlchemy ls fuc*ing stupid so they say stuff like “uhhh why don’t we realse vacation simulator 3000 year after it releases on pc”!

  3. So true! This would be a 10 out of 5 for my daughter, she STILL will only play job simulator, these games are just perfect for kids, I enjoy watching my kids fart around more than playing the game myself.

  4. I was afraid this was gonna be a little stale, and I'm glad I waited for your review to confirm it. I knew you wouldn't get blinded by the hype. Still might pick it up to support the dev because they really do great work😀

  5. Thanks, I was considering getting but I was afraid that this type of game is no longer the innovative piece of software it once was and what you are saying matches that, so for me I don't think it's worth buying

    Thanks very much for your review, I really enjoy this channel and I think that it is quite underrated

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