Union Bosses and Suburban Dads | Q&A

This episode was broadcast on Monday, 1 July 2019.

Panellists: James Paterson, Liberal Senator for Victoria; Clare O’Neil, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Technology and the Future of Work; Jamila Rizvi, Writer, Speaker and Broadcaster; Grace Kelly, Industrial Relations Commentator; and Greg Day, People’s Panellist.

Our panel discussed Niki Savva’s new book, political tensions, union bosses, raising feminists, Israel Folau, and the future of journalism.

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  1. Grace is spot on the bias is more about the revisiting of certain topics the ABC deems worthy. But given there are boundless opportunities for right wingers on commercial television its not surprising left leaning people tend to be employed at the one place they can actually get a job and express a view. Oh and btw Clare, you job as an MP is not to lead us but enact ours wishes. Try not to display you arrogance quite so openly.

  2. More dumb journalists being lined up as 'experts.' Why I don't watch Q&A…And the psycho Granny at the start with multiple eyelids was ridiculous! And then a fairy, FFS!

  3. Greg Day…with respect mate, can I suggest you stop complaining about politicians. Barrie Cassidy in his last interview on ABC admitted the problem with politics is not politicians, but the 24hr news cycle driven by the Media. The media is the problem. It's in Australia's best interests that politicians do a good job, and they never will when they don't get held to account on their portfolios….instead it's all about the Daily talking points and 'gotcha' questions that keeps all the talking heads on all forms of media in a job.

  4. What would the reaction be if he said something antisemitic?
    So what are you trying too say? All Christians are Nazis?
    President Putin is right in his comments about Western society!
    Left groups are a danger too the fabric of family structure, and society.

  5. Defund the ABC. Violence towards women is due to gender equality? She has ZERO evidence for this because there IS none. Her evidence is based only on feminist (misery machine) IDEOLOGY.

  6. Conscience, compassion and empathy are human attributes one is born with. Like "love"you cannot teach these "feelings" to someone although one can be compelled or forced to respect women and others.

  7. 47:59 "calls for the protections for people of faith" how about free speech so ALL have protections? not just the religious?
    protected groups are not acceptable, there are no groups, there are only individuals with civil rights, making laws protection groups is in direct competition with civil liberties of the individual. IE "hate speech" and other ideological driven rubbish.
    homosexuals are not a group, the religious are not a group, women are not a group, they are not a hive mind. this is set to only hinder the freedom of ALL.

  8. 38:48 every human being is of equal value and equal worth. no, sorry, thats just not true, it's just not.
    but it all depends on the context of the question, doesn't it? in a vague general sense, yes, but, in a survival sense, not even remotely true,

  9. 31:54 and here we go again with "violence against women" one women every week, but we'll completely ignore that it's HIGHER for men over all, gotta remember kids victim points count, regardless of ACTUAL number of deaths. and regardless that MOST of the women that die due to violence are women who CHOOSE to satin IN the violence and return to it when removed. but we can't have personal responsibility! thats victim blaming right?

  10. "fit and proper union bosses" like you all on the panel? all squeaky clean and proper are we? who's deciding whats proper exactly? who do you people think you are? I don't see these calls for anyone else… just trying to destroy the unions so you can crush the workforce into wage slaves. I would trust anyone who is anti union.

  11. Of course the ABC is and has been skewed to the left for years. How about listening to the facts around increases in violence against women and consider the main causes namely drugs and alcohol, immigration and multiculturism. Pussifying young men is not the answer !!! Women already have equality ….

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