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hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel I hope you're all doing really good so today's video is gonna be all about travel I asked some Instagram what you guys would like to hear about travel wise like how to book colored ears cheap how to find a good deal where to go and traveling with kids and stuff like the best places and what to take on planes just all sorts about travel and we as a family loved to go on holiday last year we went to Terry we went to Spain for three weeks and we've been to America with being to Greece with being quite a lot of places as a family and and loved to travel because I think it's really important for the kids to go on holiday and it doesn't have to cost a fortune it doesn't have to be really expensive holiday but I think it's nice for the whole family to just get away and relax and switch off and it's really good for you to bond together again and just be with each other so I really do speak highly of holidays and traveling with kids and enjoying it and having memories to look back on so I thought I would sit down and just share with you some of my tips and advice on booking holidays and where to go and things like that like I said ask them Instagram some questions and what you'd like to know in this video so I'm gonna just go through the questions and just answer each one and I hope you all enjoy it and get some inspiration from it and find a nice holiday if you all and let me know in the comments if you are going to hold it and where you're going we absolutely love Tara if it's like our favorite go-to place because it has just everything for everyone and we just always end up going back there so we just love it so I got quite a lot of the same questions a lot of them were how to entertain children on planes and things and how do you even go on a plane with a baby and children I'm just really scared and stuff like that a lot of questions were the similar thing like that and so one thing I would say is when you go and holiday with a child just make sure you've got plenty of things snacks toys drawing anything you can think of I have done a videos about why I packed for my kids to go on holiday before so I will leave any of them linked below if I can find them and but yeah like lots of snacks and as long as they are like child-friendly you can take them with you and phones are only small you're allowed to take them through through to them and through security and stuff I believe and so lots of snacks take maybe a water bottle and you can just fill it up when you get through security and because another funny with liquids and stuff and you can also preorder milk apparently in an airport if you were thinking of taking bottles if you're bottle feeding or anything like that and but I think you are allowed to take like the little milk bottles and just fill up the bottle once you throw to secure it through security and so for long as you can show them ensure the Mott society I think they're ok with that as for like activities on the play and they're like keeping them entertained I always try and go into like Power Lunch or home Baggins and be NMS and get like a lot of little little toys at small new tires a little cars anything like activity books you can get something like 99p just for them to do on the play and buy some colors and just take loads of things like that also tablets are fab alpha house Amazon fire tablet and he loves it you can put games and they films on there as long as they're like downloaded onto the actual tablet they'll work without the internet so that's a really good thing to have as well because they keep them entertained for at least an hour watching a film or something and hopefully with little ones like woody saves 18 months babies will usually sleep as long as you try and keep them awake before you go on the plane that's why I tend to try and do with one day I'll try and keep him awake in the airport try and keep awake until we get onto the plane and then once on the plane and play for a little bit until it starts to get grouchy and grumpy and then hopefully he'll have a sleep and which is what tends to happen on the plane and if all fails and then just walk up and down with the bear based honestly nobody cares take em take children just have a little wander around I'm sure people what mind at all we've done that before and it's never been a problem and just talk to all the people on the plane if they've got children if you start with people I've got children lift the children up and talk to each other and stuff and just try and keep them entertained as much as possible honestly I don't think it's that bad at all fine with kids as long as I've got plenty of snacks and things to keep them entertained then you will be perfectly fair Prime lots of people are saying like what would you book could you book all-inclusive are just like a standard self catering holiday and and now we tend to book try and book all-inclusive just because of peace of mind you know that you're gonna go into the hotel and you're gonna get a little responded you can go and get drinks as many as you want as many food as you want and it's all just there even if you did want to go and eat out on that evening you can still go eat out a couple of nights through the holiday if you wanted to want to change but we tend to try and go all-inclusive now just because it's good for the kids and they can go and get an ice cream when the one or they can go get a drink where the one and you know you don't have to worry about it too much and but everyone's different everyone some people like to go self-care gonna go to supermarket and stuff and buy things and but I think if you're gonna stay like a hotel and with the all-inclusive there anyway you might as well just try and get an all-inclusive deal and you've got everything there and you can just go get a drink when you want gone you know they'll get a glass of wine get a beer get a fizzy drink get some water get an ice cream and they've always got like snacks as well like throughout the day like fruit and stuff that you can go and get well we have what we found in our last hotel in Tenerife and so I do think that going on inclusive as a family is a lot easier and then you don't have to fluff about going to a supermarket with the kids on holiday because then you're not enjoying your holiday going to supermarket shopping and that's why I think anyway but it's completely different it's completely up to everyone else someone's also mentioned about like hotels and villas would you what would you suggest and I've never actually done like villas a villa holiday so I wouldn't really know the only villain we were bested and is the one in America one went to Florida went to Disney and stuff which we loved and it was good to have the villa but the only downside to that was one person always end up owing to drive everywhere so they couldn't then have a drink and and that's the only downside till I seen the villa Rose if you like in a complex or if specially in Disney and stuff in America if you're there you know you can just get bought some buses and stuff they'll just take you to each theme park and to restaurants and whatnot so you wouldn't have to worry about able to have a drink and stuff if that's what one of your family members was worried about so many of you on here seem like you're dreading the fly you're going to holiday how would you occupy the kids I've mentioned that but honestly don't worry at all please just keep calm don't panic and lots of snacks lots of activities and you will honestly be fine it will be it'll be a breeze just just relax okay so I've got swine on the plane and switch off just relax you're a holiday someone else has talked about how do you manage we would do it when it's seven how did you manage with would it when seven six seven months old and later bedtimes on holiday so I think she's meaning like she's got a little one that she's just worried about bad times so I think on holiday all routines just kind of go out of the window a little bit kind of trying to stick to one a little bit but on holiday we kind of just go with the flow and they'll stay in play or would you all will let the buyers eat a little bit earlier on holiday and they all-inclusive and then we'll go out for something to eat maybe sometimes or we'll just put woody in the pram and he'll fall asleep and we'll still be out having drinks and stuff it just depends we just kind of go with the flow and just let them just lead the way with it and if they want to sleep they can have a sleep I also sometimes would have a sleep with video and some bed what do would have a sleep through the down he's in his pram or go for a walk and stuff and just do it like that and just have it more relaxed and when they go to bed later as well and holiday the temptu same bed a bit longer and the marlins so it's just more of a relaxed environment and there's not any kind of routine and holiday how do you budget you on when it went abroad and so we tend to take like a thousand euros when we got holiday if we're going for like a week or ten days we would take a thousand euros and say that we've got 100 euros a day and and try and budget it like that but if we're going on inclusive would take a little bit less and I think it's just to be safe it's better to take more than it it's it less just so you've got enough and if you want to go and do war packs and things like that you know that you've got enough a lots of people are mentioning like assets and stuff depends if you are hiring a car but most high places abroad will let you hire the cassock with the car so you won't have to worry about taking a car seat on the plane with you and stuff like that and and as well you can hire boogies abroad because I know last year when we went to Tenerife we got there and Apple gear Brook and on the way there so we ended up coming to hire one and I believe it's like I don't know is it five euros a day maybe and I remember something like that and well it was really good and they just brought it to your hotel and then you just leave it at reception when you were leaving and then just clicked in take it away from you again so it's something to think about if you haven't got Brammer I haven't got like holiday style pram and you don't want to get yours right on the way there and we always try and just take a cheap easy and lightweight pram and holiday with us because you don't know what it's gonna come out like at the other end because they do tend to throw them out a bit and get squashed and whatnot so always like a lightweight type of pram of the bill Affairs and some fares ones buy my baby is it my baby my baby and there they have really really good light weight problems for holidays and stuff I think we'll be taking out and about one when we go just because it's fab and really good for walks and one more holiday we tend to walk quite a lot will like walk on beaches and stuff and I think that'll be a really good prompt then but yeah lightweight ones are always really good apparently the silver cross ones I really got I've never had one but silver cross the ones that have a real big hood on and off are really good someone said best staycation in the UK and her honest and she said please don't stare centre backs and I was going to say centre packs because I love centre packs but what about the arc she tails lots of nice places in the Yorkshire Dales I like down in Cornwall you have lots of people going to Carmel for like a long weekend in the UK I've never actually liked Donnie UK holiday and we've just been to centre packs before but I used to go camping a lot when I was younger and but I just prefer to go abroad by the time you've spent them on air if you can find a decent deal going abroad then it's just I just think it's a lot better to do that just because by the time you spend money on fuel in the UK and going out for food in the UK and the hotel in the UK lever you wherever you gonna stay in the UK you could find a deal to go abroad for that and so I always just look at that kind of way and think well if I'm gonna go as well gotta at the sunshine and pay the same as always pay to go to UK with where it might rain so yeah I'm probably ma to go to Brad I'm going going somewhere in Europe on holiday how old was I when you took him where you first took him abroad he was nine months and we went to Portugal and we stayed in Villa Mara and near there was it called the marina if anyone knows of it if I'm not stay there and I remember going when I was younger so that's where we took our thing on his first holiday wasn't really the best holiday to be honest and not coz alpha was too young or anything like that it just there wasn't that much there to do I didn't think we should have gone somewhere different and but he loved it it was great he just started crawling so he was crawling all around the pool and everything most of the time he would just sleep in the prom so it was great it's I think it's much better to take them when they're younger and because then you can relax a bit as well but Alf is a really good edge now anywhere and five he's fab energy just got some players in the pole and we can watch him and we can get over them and have fun and he listens any understands and all that but when they're like forty sage' now 18 months I'm slightly nervous to general holiday because he'll just be running around everywhere I will be able to keep I left I'm ice the back of my head he'll just bit off everywhere so that's when he can't relax like at all unless he's having an that through the day which you will but yeah I think when the like baby bear base would take you for granted so much because they do just in the pram and they just stay still and so I would recommend taking them younger and just enjoying the time that they're still and you can still like do things that you want to do a little bit and you know that you don't have like a really big on wild what companies do your book with and honestly we tend to forward jet to every time I just end up finding really good deals with them I will search for ages Agis I find that like Thomas Cook and Thomson and stuff are really expensive I'll look on there and it'll be like three four grand for the exact same holidays what I can get – it's crazy so yeah I always lock object – I think it's fab and there's also on the beach they always do quite good deals but they're pretty much the same as jet – I think yeah I'd say on the beach common jet – holidays are quite similar I just prefer Jack to holidays you get more baggage you get it's just all like kind of done and dusted there I just prefer it like that and you get these transfers and stuff and 22 kilograms of baggage you just can't go wrong with that if you find a good deal then I think jet tea was really good to go with I've always had a really good time with them they've never never anything's I've gone bad with them or being with them so I do highly recommend them someone said do tend to vodka package holidays I searched for flights and hotels separately I'm a package holiday if you're going to like like Tenerife and one Zarate and places like that but if you're going like we went to spend last year and we went then traveled around to spend a little bit and went to different places so we booked flight separately and so if you're gonna do something like that and if you're gonna go to spend maybe book fight separately because and flights to spend are really really affordable you can find some really good deals I think one of our flights to Spain was like 90 quid each I'm there and that is just dirt cheap so I think it just depends really if you're gonna go somewhere like Tenerife rose where there's everything all in one place and you're gonna stay there then I'd booked like everything all together cheapest way to do Tenerife someone said and have all the cons yet – honestly do the child and because they do like the child free spaces and places so if you look on that and I would recommend trying to look when the kids are in school and pay a fine because is I just think it's ridiculous anyway I'm not going to get into all that but I think it's so stupid that they can find you for going on holiday because I think travel and going on holiday parent family is important just as important as a school because they learn stuff I learned they enjoy themselves and they learn new things and they learn to have to speak different language the meet friends and I just think it's so ridiculous that you have to pay fine but we tend to go in school time or haven't done yet but I think when we when we do we will go when it's when schools on and pay the fine because you can find better deals holidays are so much cheaper so if you look on jet 2 at Tenerife if you look well anywhere particular internet if you want we always stare in las américas and near the fountains because we love it there there's just a lot of restaurants loads of bars lot of things for families to do there so we always tend to try and stay in that area so and then if you do the child free places it should give you a lot of different days where there's lots of different hotels and with the child free places I mean I just found a deal for us and for Tenerife in May and for 10 nights all inclusive flights obviously everything this is a full package for 1200-pound for all four of us to Tenerife for 10 nights flights and everything all food included and in May and I think that is like the best deal I've ever found it's so good for all four of us and so I'm hoping to Boca still have a booked it yet but I'm really hoping that we can get that booked at some point packing essential for traveling with a one-year-old and plenty of like that all in one little shorts are like fassan and at the bottom laws of them because they just really like where they can wear them and plenty of Sun cream obviously um hats and stuff and little sandals for them to wear would you know if they literally just wear the same kind of things throughout the day most of time and I'll take them like a nice thing to wear in an evening but throughout the day they're either Woody's either in a vest or a little like a little player suit thing I don't even call them I can't remember I am but like the little shots and all in one thing but the sharp version and they're just best that spend the day in them or in the swimming this always don't forget usually get them to all in one swimming suits and they'll just walk around in them and flip-flops we'll spend most of time in them and then on even they'll put on nice things but sometimes you've got plenty plenty of swimming nappies plenty of lightweight claws just like them walk around with a nap it and as long as I've got something on the feet so they don't have a fix I know like around the pools on holiday there's always bump it and hard floors it hurts the feet so suppose I got something comfy to wear on the feet I think you'll be fine your door honestly honestly you don't need much for children on holidays and you can wash them again in the sink if you need to if you just take some of the little travel wash with you I always do that so I can just wash something if Anita there someone said booking in advance of booking last-minute I tend to book in advance just because of peace of mind for me and because I prefer to have it all organized and I know I'm prepared for it and I just never really booked last minute because I'm not that kind of person I always want to like have it planned and organized and I know what I'm doing and but I've heard that you can get some really good deals last-minute but I've never done that tips on how to deal with the stress there shouldn't be any stress you're going a holiday enjoying it just enjoy it honestly please don't stress about being a holiday it's like the best thing ever just relax it's not a pram as long as you've got plenty of activities for them to on the plane if you are fine and they will be fine as long as rustling pool and the beach they'll be in the element honestly my kids love it so Doug I don't think it's stressful whatsoever it will be fires on this year I've got plenty of things for the air part you'll be fine so I said what do you and Steve look for in accommodation when the same Brad we just look from our central kind of places places I've got a nice pool places that I've got we always do look on TripAdvisor and see what the hotel says about it but usually most hotels that we stay in the rooms are pretty written basic we don't never stay anywhere too fancy and just something it's central and there's plenty of bars and restaurants around and things for kids to do the pools nice and it's got good reviews then we're sold I don't have to be like from their posh room because you never hate me never we've had Lee in the room go through room to sleep and then you're out exploring awesome there they are being around the pool so don't think it's about having a fancy room and a fancy hotel to be honest as long as it's decent and it's clean and the maids come around and you've got nice food then I think it's fine someone said do you take it on card over and when you're out there usually if you've booked a holiday through jet to and if you've said that you've got a beer but the lower to be a travel cop they're waiting for you and that's what normal happens with those with jet – whether it's different with other holidays I'm not sure and but usually if they know that baby's coming there will be a trial cut already in the room so you won't have to take home with you or rent one look just be one there anyway and what age do you stop taking a boogie for alpha I'll hold this office five now and last last year when we went on holiday he would sometimes get in the pram so he'd been far and he would still sometimes get in the pram because we do like to walk a lot but if you're not gonna walk a lot then I just said probably like far we just stopped taking the pram but they do get tired on holiday you know they get this warm when it's hot and it's sticky and doing a lot more than they would do home so I think I don't think it's a problem even than being in the Prime at five still wilt it carry a probe with this time as well so if alpha does get tired you can go in the parameter some point and what you can go in the courier um but if you've still got a pram and it's lightweight enough I just take it and if even if you don't use it sometimes it can stay in the hotel room and stuff but I think and they do get a lot but they do get multi and holiday and stuff because it's just warm so to tear the pram place it's there then at least they don't have to whinge and complain to you if they do get sick of walking around so I think I'm gonna leave the video here guys it's like half an hour long now I think I've answered as many questions as possible and a real hope it's been helpful and you've got some inspiration from and help and don't worry about holidays just enjoy it and make sure you've got plenty of stuff the plane and you will be fine I promise and but I hope you've enjoyed it if you have please don't forget to give a thumbs up and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. Great video!! We’re hoping to go away in the summer and the kids want to go camping! I both love the idea but dread it with children!! Also, please come and check me out over on Instagram! @misslaurabailey ! I only need 8 more followers to reach my target for the end of the year! It’d be love to have you around over there! Lots of love! Xxxx

  2. I just heard that you guys pay a fine if you take your kids out of school. that’s ridiculous to me. I’m in Australia. I take my kids out of school for holidays and for days as a family because that way there are no crowds. Kids learn through experiences too and family time is so important.
    So glad we don’t have to pay a fine. I have 5 in school so would cost me a fortune.

  3. Hi Rebecca i took a small blow up pool for our little boy around the pool. We got buckets and filled it with the pool water. We put the little blow up pool by our sunbed with toys in and kept his busy for hours without the worry of him slipping and the water being too deep- plus we didn’t realise our room only had a shower so we would take the pool in the shower and turn it into a bath xxx

  4. Fab video! I am nervous for flying for the first time with a toddler! Gonna pack lots of snacks and download lots of programmes on the tablet for sure 😂 Myself, hubby, 18month old son and 9 year old daughter are going to Menorca in July all inclusive with Jet2! I can't wait! Xx

  5. Great video Rebecca lots of great tips thanks for sharing. I think you should definitely go ahead and book that holiday you saw ASAP wow what a bargain great price. Snap it up before it's gone

  6. I click like before you start😂✌ . Me and partner have just booked a last min hol for Monday just to Weymouth. Just nice to switch off from lifes stresses. Hope you get a hol booked soon.
    PS when i go abroad i def go half board breakfast and tea then its a break from cookong cleaning and shopping too😁 xx

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