Top 5: Best Cruise Ship Outdoor Thrills

Countdown with us to the Top 5: Best Cruise Ship Outdoor Thrills. We highlight the latest outdoor innovations from your favorite cruise lines; that will get your adrenaline pumping and keep you coming back for more. We selected the best outdoor cruise ship activities on the newest cruise ships that are fun, exciting and daring including:

Royal Caribbean – Zipline
Royal Caribbean – Ripcord by iFly
Royal Caribbean – NorthStar
Royal Caribbean – The Ultimate Abyss
Carnival Cruise Line – SkyCourse
Carnival Cruise Line – SkyRide
Norwegian Cruise Line – Ropes Course
Norwegian Cruise Line – Race Car Track

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hold on to your seats it's going to be an awesome ride as we count down the top five best cruise ship outdoor thrills coming up on talking cruise hi I'm Chris Cardona it seems like not too long ago that activities like shuffleboard and ping-pong were some of the coolest things to do on board a cruise ship fast forward to 2017 and now every new ship has something more innovative than before top five number five coming in at number five is a trio of amazing thrills with a view from Royal Caribbean that will take you up way up the first thrill with the view on our list made its debut in 2009 on Oasis of the Seas the world's largest class of cruise ships in addition to the other incredible features introduced by Royal Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas the zipline was the first truly daring activity where gets had to summon their courage to complete spamming 82 feet and suspended nine decks above the boardwalk below the zip line gives gets a quick and thrilling experience like no other once you get harnessed in and you sign the required waivers not kidding you really have to do that you'll climb onto the starting platform and when given the signal step off the edge for your eight seconds wait does this line is an included activity and can also be experienced on a lure of the Seas and harmony of the Seas have you ever thought about skydiving well if the idea sounds intriguing but you don't have the wherewithal to actually do it it's now possible on board a cruise ship and no I'm not talking about off the deck available on ships Quantum anthem and ovation of the seeds ripcord by iFly allows guests to experience the exhilarating feeling of weightless flight in a safe and controlled environment first you'll suit up with your stylish one-piece flight suit helmet and goggles then enter the 23 foot tall glass enclosure called the flight chamber once the powerful fans start creating winds in excess of 100 miles per hour you'll be guided by your instructor on the proper form to catch the stream of air just right flight lasts approximately 60 seconds and typically one session per cruise is allowed unless reopen up extra spots later in your cruise you must sign a waiver and we within the flight guidelines for height and weight ripcord by iFly is a free activity on anthem of the sea but the fees will apply on quantum and ovation of the Seas reach new heights as you ascend over 300 feet above sea level in a similar concept to the London Eye but with the twist guests boarding Northstar available on ships quantum anthem innovation of the Seas will enjoy 360 degree views from their jewel shape capsule the capsule holds 13 guests and is connected to the end of a retractable arm capable of swinging over the deck and the ocean below rides on Northstar lasts between 15 to 20 minutes and it operates scheduled hours during the day and night while a ship is at seorim port Northstar is a free activity on anthem of the Seas but feeds will apply on quantum and ovation of the Seas number 4 we won't leave you hanging for our number four pick if you seek a challenge like Heights and want to test your balance all while enjoying some of the best views at sea then come on over to the ropes course not found on too many ships yet the first ropes course at sea was introduced on the Carnival Magic in 2010 known as the sky course carnivals ropes course features two paths of varying difficulty each path is around two hundred and thirty feet long and offer swinging steps rope bridges and being suspended 150 feet above sea level gets first get outfitted with a safety harness that will support them if they fall then choose a beginner or intermediate course sky course is also available on Carnival Breeze carnival sunshine and carnival Vista taking it up a notch for three Norwegian Cruise Line introduced their first ropes course in 2013 onboard Norwegian Breakaway Norwegians ropes courses are multi-story complexes that offer over 40 different elements including teetering rails cargo nets and some extreme segments such as the zipline and the plank what's the plank you ask only a narrow six inch wide beam extending eight feet over the edge of the ship with a hundred and eighty feet down to the ocean below don't just walk the plank stop on the edge take in the deep breaths and smile for the camera ropes courses are on Norwegian Cruise Line are also available on Norwegian getaway and Norwegian escape number three have you ever ridden a bicycle at sea well you can sort of our picket number three will have you pedaling your way on a challenging new activity from Carnival Cruise Line Sky Ride is a combination of reclining bicycles and suspended slot car track the two-lane 800 foot course has forced Rider bicycles that run two at a time and extends around the entire app section of deck 12 and the signature carnival funnel at the station guests are harnessed up and gets securely connected to their bike before starting on the pedal power course take it slow or fast up to 18 miles per hour in fact as you're in control of the speed and braking if needed taking around three minutes to complete the track will have you feeling the swivel of the bike around the corners and the thrill of acceleration on the declining dip section all as you take in the distance over 150 feet above the ocean below number two you can stare into the abyss and come out the other side number two on our list of best cruise ship outdoor thrills features a 10-story drop like no other the ultimate abyss on Royal Caribbean's harmony of the seeds amps up the already incredible roster of cool things to do onboard this is no ordinary slide and you'll get that feeling the moment you enter through the open jaws of a fierce angler fish the guardian of the ultimate abyss once you ascend the stairs you'll reach the glass platform with a Disney and view of the amphitheatre 100 feet below this is your last chance to turn back or bravely face this encounter as you are quickly digested on your descent from the sport zone on Dec 16 to the boardwalk on deck 6 the ride starts with you strapping into a mat grabbing the handle and leaning back once you say your prayers and summon your courage you push off and enter the abyss on the way down you feel the sensation of increasing speed as you twist and turn to the dark winding tube only to be jolted by flashing lights eerie sounds and the hope it will all be over soon up ahead is a glimmering light getting brighter and brighter and then you suddenly realize you survived are you ready to take the plunge into the abyss number one we've reached number one on our list of best cruise ship outdoor thrills grab the checkered flag on Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian joy the first cruise ship with a race track the two-level track located on deck 18 and 19 runs 750 feet and feet viewing platforms covered pitlane and official timing system this isn't a watered-down version of a go-kart track as the three speed selection from beginner to expert can have you reaching a top speed of 23 miles per hour there's even a boost button in the steering wheel for that extra surge of speed to overtake other drivers the track can accommodate 10 of the electric go-karts at one time drivers rates for 3 minutes with the winner determined by the fastest recorded time the course will be free forget staying within the exclusive Haven and console your Suites and at an additional cost for all other guests if you're hoping to take your turn around the bend you'll need to travel to China where no region joy will be permanently home boarded don't worry though with the buzz surrounding this new feature you can bet it won't be long until it makes its way onboard other new ships from Norwegian Cruise Line for the North American and European cruise markets thanks for counting down with us to the top 5 best cruise ship outdoor thrills join us again for another top 5 list from the exciting world of cruising

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