Time Travel in Fiction Rundown

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For ages I’ve been thinking about doing a video analyzing time travel in fiction and doing a comparison of different fictional time travels – some do use wormholes, some relativistic/faster than light travel with time dilation, some closed timelike curves, some have essentially “magic” or no consistent rules that make any sense, or TARDIS’s, or whatever. This video is an explanation of how time travel functions in different popular movies, books, & shows – not how it works “under the hood”, but how it causally affects the perspective of characters’ timelines (who has free will? can you change things by going back to the past or forwards into the future?). In particular, I explain Ender’s Game, Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Primer, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Back to the Future, Groundhog Day, Looper, the video game “Braid”, and Lifeline.

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  1. Time travel is possible!..

    See.. now you are in the future!

    Your even further in the future!!

    Wow! You might as well be at least 5 seconds in the future from when you started reading this comment!!

  2. Looper is bullshit though. People can't lose a finger and not know about it then be surprised since at that point they would have lived an entire life without that finger.

  3. There’s a movie called Paradox in which someone goes forward in time 60 minutes and finds his entire team dead. I wish you had included this in your examples. I think they did a really good job with the time travel aspects of the movie…

  4. You can only time travel to future in reality by slowing down your time. You can do this by traveling near the speed of light causing inertia to increase therefore slowing down the speed of time. Risky method is freezing your body. Advanced method of slowing down time is by controlling larmor frequency to compress space which increases inertia. Inertia btw is not a property of mass, its property of space/ether, just like weight is not a property of mass.

  5. You left out the coolest time travel causality weirdness example, from the Sarah Connor Chronicles; where rebels come back in time from the future and thwart a bad guy in the past, and some of them know who he is and others don't, because some of them came from post-thwart forks in the time line's future where he was never a bad guy, and others from a pre-thwart fork (otherwise, how would they know they needed to stop him).

    One of the characters that didn't know the bad guy, was even tortured by him in the pre-thwart time line and it creates trust issues from the other character because he thinks they must be an impostor (because how else would they not know their own torturer?).

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