The Best Travel Backpack? – REI Ruckpack 40 Preview

What is the best backpack for one bag travel? We believe it’s the REI Ruckpack 40. Perfect size. Perfect weight distribution. Perfect security. Perfect aesthetic.

REI Ruckpack 40:

Here are the other bags we’ve tried that didn’t quite fit our needs:
REI Trail 40 (Womens):
Osprey Manta AG 36 Backpack:
Hershel Little America Backpack:
Incase EO Travel Backpack:

And here’s the electronics organizer we use:
Grid-It Electronics Organizer:

Our gear:

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  1. Great interaction, believable dialogue(not deathly serious like so many video reviews) and a wonderful balance of images; not too much narcisism like so many videos that hardly show you the equipment , and not just the equipment. keep it up. your personalities play off each other very well, and that means that playful honestly is conveyed to your audience . (A post script; enough time has gone by that Gregory has come out with a travel pack that may interest you. The Praxus is the men's version; my memory fails me on the name of the women's; Proxy? Just an FYI) Thanks for the great, well informed review!

  2. Love your passion for bags. New challenge is a one bag travel pack with no check in. Try the Kathmandu Transfer I can do a month with tech and a suit 🤠. All carry on 🙂 Great review

  3. Loving all the reviews and info. Any chance you two might compare the rei Ruckpack 40 and the new-ish Thule Landmark 40/60? Pretty please? All best!

  4. The far point 55 s/m can turn into a 40 liter minus the day pack which is carry on size absolutely. You could also attach the day pack and just not fill up your packs to carry-on. The Osprey quality is impressive with their guarantee

  5. You guys should try out Patagonia’s Cragsmith pack 45l. It has a lot of volume, easily accessible because it opens up like a duffel and has quite a few compartments.

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