Ruby Princess Cruise Ship Video Tour

For a complete review of the ship, go to Here is a video tour of the beautiful Ruby Princess taken on a 5 night cruise to the Western Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Also see 5 reasons you should book an Alaskan cruise on Ruby Princess here:



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  1. Great ship but deceptive. Where are the masses of tourist? The video should show how it would actually be with 1000s of people on board to get a feel how busy, crowded, quiet it is perhaps

  2. Dang. How about some commentary, edits, maybe some music. First several minutes is shaky video, walking, awful zooms. Come on. And 8 year old could have produced a better video.

  3. I sailed with this cruise about 2 weeks ago with my husband and 17 years old son and 12 years old daughter. first time for all of us. The ship was very nice. great service with wonderful staff. however my son didn't enjoy it that much. his favorite part was when we were off the ship to see the cities .we went to Mexico. and the food was awesome. my daughter enjoyed mostly the shows.there was some activities for her age but she thought it was so childish for her age. most of the passengers about 85% i believe were over 70 years old. that's why they had not enough activities to attract teens. i been told the best time to go with cruise is during the Christmas because there is more young people coming and they have more activities for teens and young people. overall it was a great experience.

  4. I'm going on his cruise ship with my mum and my dad next year and I don't want to go on it. If it's not royal carribean I don't want to go on it. I have tried going on 3 cruise ships that aren't royal carribean and I have hated them all. I have to go on a 13 hour flight to get to it 😭😭. Not worth it, not worth it.

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