Outside Cabin 2544 Review Marella Discovery Cruise Ship

We stayed for 2 weeks in an Outside Cabin 2544 on the Marella Discovery Cruise Ship during the Seeking the Northern Lights Cruise.

This cabin is on Deck two slightly forward of mid ship. We were very happy here, do watch to find out what to expect in this type of cabin on the Marella Discovery Cruise Ship.

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so let's show us around your cabin – five four four on the deck – good afternoon market or hat yes so this is not cabin on the mirela discovery we've been here well we're onto it cruise on seeking the Northern Lights as you can see at the window where you can see the mint is there with the snow on we're in Hofstede today anyway we're here to show you a new cabin which is on deck 2 as I explained – 5 4 4 we've got a double bed configuration we were really impressed with the size of the cabin I'm actually cool so yeah my size but a little dark today which is really cute he's a good he's a good boy yeah so beds been really really comfortable no complaints there whatsoever and we've got some drawer space either side and the switches for the lights to control obviously the all the lights in the room which is being very useful mirrors everywhere as you can see TV which guides wise we've got servants and films and you've obviously got all your crews TV maps etc which is good and you've got your own storage here we've got three big drawers interesting tchotchke like a balcony cabins they said they've got major storage at all but we've got three big drawers as you can see here we've also got a little cupboard which she's got the safe in here yeah not a huge safe it doesn't fit a laptop and then I've had to struggle bit fine for your valuables more space behind the mirrors on this side – so that's and then we got some more drawers down the bottom here so we found that there's plenty of space and you can fit slim suitcases just under there under the bed tea and coffee facilities it's a nice yorkshire tea and milk and this cafe so that's not being a problem and plug wise you can see that we've got two European and two flat pin mus so no problems with charging all your devices telephone to contactor whoever you want to if you're travelling with the party and the control for the chamber which we've got right now we've been bit cold and it's too hot large wardrobe as you just walk in which pauses open in there which room so that's no problem you got your life jackets at the top there are now beach towels which we haven't been using because obviously we've been cruising in October in Norway we've got a little chair here and we've got an adjoining door which we're not don't know the people next door but interestingly in Paul's dad and sisters cabin there's a little sofa it's um Bob's isn't it so this is the bathroom which is a decent size for us the shower it's got a curtain which is already a little pet peed really but you've got a little washing line up therefore you'll need to swear these walls by any means so you've got the chlorines toiletries that are provided and every day and you've got more storage in here so yes so decent-sized bathroom we've been really pleased with our stay no capital e staying here for cutting months come any of you no problem whatsoever so that's our little tour of um cabin – five four four on the really discovery thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe and please ring that bow and you'll get updates on our future videos thanks

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  1. We are traveling on Marella Discovery 2 Soon .. am curious if the window on deck 2 outside room would be as big as this room in the video.. we are in rooms 2060 and 2062

  2. Hello, we were on this cruise – Deck 7 Deluxe balcony – but no Clarins!! Did you really get the Clarins? We've had it on previous cruises but not this one – just the cheap stuff attached to the wall. I was disappointed as I love the shampoo 😁😁

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