Our first day in London – THE GENERATOR HOSTEL

Back in London, after 10 years.. i miss you already London.
We head to London from Leeds on a 2 hour train ride with Virgin trains, and it’s a short walk to the Generator hostel.
I only booked it because it was cheaper than booking the flight only, my intention was to save some money on the package and book a hotel.. however, Daniel was excited about his first hostel experience.
we then walked from Russel square to Edgeware rd, for some awesome food, then shopping at Selfridges, down to oxford circus, down Regents street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, then back up to Russell square for a little night time partying at the Generator hostel.

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  1. This is it. One of the best part is when at the restaurant for nourishment. Then more sightseeing. And girls in the background doing shoutouts?

  2. I agree with Naz! I wouldn’t want to visit Sherlock’s home if I’m visiting lol Food looks good! I’ve never stayed at a hostel before…. I don’t think I can ever do that. I need my own bathroom. It has a very collage dormitory feel. I can see why all the youngsters like it.

  3. haha Katee and I are always running for a train, plane, or bus and last minute to everything! We have never stayed in a hostel, but I think it would be a ton of fun with a few people. Some of them are only like 8 bucks a night, I couldn't believe it! You guys look like you are having a blast. Your roomies were already sleeping at ten? Bummer! haha

  4. Funny that! Ive stayed at the Generator in London a few times in the past visiting London! ( when i was younger)😉You never used to have to pay for towels back then. Great looking wraps!!!!! looks like you really enjoyed them!😋

  5. The food looks amazing, the hostel looks cool, but I don't think I would be comfortable sharing with roommates, the good thing of that hostel is the bar and lounge

  6. That train was not very busy! We traveled by train through England and Scotland in December and there wasn't even standing room. There was no way to move around to even get to the bathroom. I have never stayed in a Hostel. I am not a fan of shared bathrooms.

  7. We have never stayed in a hostel before either, I think the bathrooms would definitely be the thing that got us! As always, the food looks amazing, we need to eat with you guys! haha Looks like a really great first day being back in London!

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