NEW Elite Edition Nintendo Switch Backpack VERSUS old Elite Player Backpack!

Comparing the 2 Officially Licensed PDP Nintendo Switch Backpacks! The Nintendo Switch Elite Edition Backpack compared directly to the Old Elite Player Backpack. Which is the best bag for your Nintendo Switch? I also cover the Aer Day Pack, my personal backpack that I use every day. Thanks again, for watching!

•Elite Edition (NEW):
•Elite Player (OLD):
•Aer Day Pack:
•VORI Backpack:

•Extra Dock:
•Matching Elite Case:
•Battery Bank:
•Joycon Controllers:
•Nintendo Switch:

➡️ Because the Original is now discontinued checkout an even better option:
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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for watching!
    I think I was a little too rough on this new Elite backpack in the video. If you want a backpack that is super minimal and doesn’t hold a lot then this bag is actually really solid. I just personally wished it had more organization and better space management!

    Here are links where you can purchase these two bags, there are additional links in the description.
    ➡️ Elite Edition (NEW):
    ➡️ Elite Player (OLD):

    *EDIT: Because the Original is now discontinued checkout an even better option:

  2. Thanks for the info. I was wondering about these and planning on getting the Elite Premium and now with you going more in depth with the product, I'm more justified with what I'm getting. But I'm probably still getting the Elite Premium just for its modern design and I don't have many Switch accessories.

  3. One great reason the aer tech pack is one of the best is the design. The front looks good no matter how much you put in it. Easily saving up for this

  4. The original looks cool, i've always wanted to find a unique and good sized backpack or case (btw I dont own it thats why im here to look at a review vid about it). The one on amazon from other sellers are going for up to over $86, which is insane and walmart is the same thing too. The new version looks better on the outside but at the same time theres a lack of storage compartments to store a dock and extra joy cons if you're going to your friends house to play Super Mario Party (btw I have no friends irl). Kinda disappointed about the original going up in price while were stuck to the new backpack, or if someone can recommend me a case/backpack that is a slim, easy to travel, and can hold a good size game card case with me, if you know a product you can suggest me, you're welcome to do it, I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading my long comment.

  5. Wanted the original but was sold out most everywhere(I think they still sell them on the Nintendo store.

    However I did find the new version at Best Buy and could not resist(I actually like the look) while carrying less it’s still really nice looking. Looks a lot better than the first version imo

  6. What you said about the Nintendo logo being I that back is so true .. .. especially for travel .. I would not want people to know I have a switch in my back pack .. because you know that logo gives it away

  7. Video is meh. But the audio, script and presentation are top notch. I like the low voice and well spaced sentences. Great video. What makes this video top notch are the audio, sounds, mixing and the good looking presentator. I'm subscribing.

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