My Indian Adventure ( Backpacking across India for 6months)

Here is a video of my journey across India for 6months from Dec-May 2015.

Music- Run boy Run by Woodkid. All rights to the owner.



View Time:3:38



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  1. It's so assom Simon gaaru I feel privileged watching this video covering the diverse natural landscape of india, people, architecture and temples professions and the joyness, freedom I'm India. Really it's a great oneπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Amazing video bro…i've planning on a shorter 2 month trip across South India myself but i feel its better to go all the way and visit our entire country…you got any blog that i can refer to?

  3. did u make the trip alone or with friends or u made friends along the way ??? whatever it is, this is the best video to showcase India, u shud send this to Tourism ministry

  4. Great Video, thank you! Subscribed and liked to support you! We travel
    around the world and we have a VideoBlog with almost 60 Videos. Maybe
    you want to support us a bit as well? Cheers Andre & Ramona

  5. the best Video i have ever seen on travelling….dude…u have balls of steel man…..hatsofff….can you tell me the excuse, the pain, the suffering, the expense, the enjoyment, the cheer mode you had throughout this travel….i know i am asking for more…just brief me….keep it up bro…..really luvd it

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