MSC Magnifica Ship Tour with John Cooper

In this video, John Cooper takes us on a tour the MSC Magnifica The MSC Meraviglia was launched by MSC Cruises in January 2009, her length is 294 m, she has a capacity of 2,550 passengers (normal); 3,605 passengers (maximum), She cost $547 million to build, and has a top speed of
23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph)

This video explores all the main features of the ship

MSC’s UK More Details are here:

Shopping, Cabins, Restaurants, Sports Bar, Spa area, coffee lounges, theatre, pool decks

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well then I am at the very hard bit of ship the atrium receptions behind me and then as you go up it is absolutely gorgeous the spiral staircases there's a piano over there another evening it's such a relaxing place also this is where I've just picked up my daily challenge and this tells me what's happening around the ship where when this is normally for any bedroom just before you go to bed of an evening so you'll know or something the next day you know when you look around the ship it truly is Magnifico well we've a got a broader court it's the lava sea we've come to the book right now if you like pizza I'm reliable informed this is some of the best pizza at sea it looks tempting a little coming out now here we go roll you you see whatever sort of state room you choose with NSA you're going to get great value for money but for me a balcony has it all because when you pull into a port like we're today in class letter you've got the whole of the city skyline behind you I can see the secret famiglia Church from here I can see the Olympic Stadium more Greek for my very own balcony is the exact the advantage of it all but whatever you choose I know you'll find a great Valley for money well this is the indoor solarium and it is absolutely lovely as the bubbling hot tubs there's a lovely heated pool here and of course as alfresco dining all around us plus there's the ice cream it's a world winning – and there's so much of it – cheers Rob I think I would go enough let me look well there's so many kids clubs here on MSC where if you are you from when they're very small – well very cool now I could be the cool disco' next door or all the cool teens or I could be having a great eye with mr. Lego here and the MSC mascots where would you rather be now you may spend absolute fortunes joining gym clubs and all that sort of thing and the great eye – with robbery on them Oh cheer up it's better when you get them for free and also you don't get views like this from any gym I know all you know will you've been working out in a chairman you be relaxing at the spar and bubbling away maybe having some treatments do they want to be regenerated and this is where this comes it it's a wonderful experience it's the spa bar where they start this up between wonderful drinks things that we can do depending took relaxation ultimate youth that purity and beautiful skin but I do have most of that anyway but you know what artists what else amazing see where it looks like all thank you very much now this is the very very Bliss it's true breeze pomegranate syrup cranberry juice it's going to make me young again thank you very much indeed well Cheers feel 20 want to get all ready you know even if you the major sports family you won't miss a moment of anything they've got Sky Sports onboard you know when you get to bars like this it's great because it's a speciality coffee bar coffee and chocolates and my goodness nigger all use yourself like the lattes and things that you like but also they've got frozen coffee delights things like to dinner Chuck a cappuccino which sounds gorgeous camel coffee Frost and then as the chocolate ones like classic chocolate chocolate zero I think I'll go for the chocolate zero because last hours though it could be slimming you know this is the main restaurant and it is absolutely wonderful as you can see all set up the main service now tonight that's just the seventh course is obviously I can't take all that cut up the south and the soup shall we will get it up you know study your top deck hero of MSE Magnifico it's not hard to see why so many people love a time and time again there's the wonderful pool so here is here as the wonderful facilities for the children that they'll just fall in love with there's a wonderful food of course there's the fabulous theaters the comfortable staterooms the marvelous areas around the ship with us music emulating all through the night and of course the friendly crew just wanting to help you everything think they can do for you they certainly do they say it's a cruise like no other and no matter where you go on the MSC magnifica I think you'll find it's a holiday like no other as well you

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