I Tried to Grill Peter McKinnon's Backpack

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just saw Peters backpack and I think I'm in love what do we got okay so this backpack is the best backpack for travel and photography one of the best parts about it is the cue pack so once you get your to destination rather than carrying this big bag around you pull out this little guy and on the bottom half you pull this open and you've got gear you can put a small setup in here so take your camera one other lens maybe a microphone stick it in here close that up and then when you're going out over the top zip and you got your day pack so this has you so you leave this one and you got a day pack put like jacket snacks whatever camera gear down here and drone other things and now you're set to go on and fridge like for your day adventure whatever you're doing and just leave this big bag in the hotel or whatever you have and travel with the smaller set and that just fits okay all right that's that's a good feature okay all right let's see well what else we got here in the in this section DFP of cubes like for accessories or yes pouches or so we've got accessories that are designed to fit perfectly inside everything just feels amazing because it all fits how it should you got this one that holds GoPro Chargers batteries cords in here we have rain fly the SD card case this is a magnetic closure magnets then you got SD cards CF cards micro SD zipper pocket and then this is the battery case three batteries magnet as well so that all fits perfectly all together it's a system everything's supposed to work and fit together and then we got the filter case what open this up and you got six filters that can fit in here perfectly oh it's so thin yep then sleek and fits perfectly everything works together so well and you could fit a drone in here and look you can put another camera body in here like with a 70-200 lens ah okay let's see yeah you're not done yet okay so these are dividers these are totally they're foldable you can create shelfs inside the set so you go like this and then these can pull the way so they don't catch and now you can create little shelves inside to like tuck stuff away if you want if you can catch that oh I see it yeah okay custom about dividers let's see can you put a laptop tablet tabla goes here tablet goes in here laptop has external access which is nice don't have to open up your bag every time you want your laptop that goes here all nice 1517 yeah 15 inch in most 17 inches 17 okay mm-hmm see inside access door side access is over here okay alright check check over here you got a water bottle pocket its magnetic again so it goes shut and looks sleek when you don't need it pops out easily when you want it and also up here there's lash taps and latin chords so you can take this stick this in the water bottle pocket take this stretch it around and you got external carry and you're all set you can also down the front here with these MOLLE straps as well okay clothes get home clothes so this bag this section there's made of two main sections the gear goes here and clothing up here you open up this part and there you got clothing and when you need more space use this zipper no way the expense okay that was cool okay all right what about like toiletries is a waterproof from the inside with what if it spills the whole bag next area is waterproof then we have you have toiletry bags that are waterproof but I don't have it here right now here you go here's the toiletry bag that nomadic makes bit is all waterproof and containing again a sense of features hanging strap from when you get to your destination and this fits all our accessories are designed to fit perfectly inside so as you can see it fits exactly in the space okay Touche all right you have a RFID pouch protection yes we do so in front there's an easy access pocket so up here you got this easy access pocket open that up and if you look in here you got a magnet pocket and this pocket is all RFID safe so you're hoping that magnet night in the shot and you're good I can't I can't think of anything else this backpack seems like the perfect backpack it's my new favorite backpack it looks really nice so I tried to grill Peter's backpack and I couldn't find a thing it's a scratch dramatic fix cute bags to begin with so resistant this material is like bomb-proof you can't do anything to hurt it I'll be the test of that eventually it might scratch but it does really really good ok can it lay upright with all that gear and all the clothes yes alright is it carry-on travel friendly yes the whole bag was designed to be exactly carry-on size so if it's any overhead bin and works for domestic and international flights give like straps or handles like for easy access out of your car out of the overhead bin yes we do there are four grab handles on this bag so you got the top two sides and then one bottom Hannah Swensen though read then you can just grab it like there and pull it out can you take off though the waist wrap yes it is removable Oh Tuesday Peter Touche take my money

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  1. I've bought their travel pack and messenger bag and still using them to this day. After I saw their premiere video for the Camera Pack, I immediately preordered it. Can't wait for April 2020.

  2. unnecessary hype around this bag..with that size and compartmentalizations it won't be fitting that much of actual gear, but it ll be ton heavy.. n yes super expensive as well..get F stop bags..wayyyyy better..

  3. Sets up a booth for photography backpack, has the worst lighting possible. 😝
    Otherwise, interesting quick review. I am curious if magnets would affect the integrity of memory cards.

  4. 1. Harness vs Shimoda? Shimoda looks like it still wins and when carrying a lot of weight this is the most important feature.
    2. RFID pocket is in the wrong place. The outside top pocket is the most vulnerable place on a bag when traveling, you NEVER put your valuables there.

    I love the system, but I can't use it due to the harness.

  5. And do you have idea about its dimensions ? Difficult on a video to imagine how big is it
    If you have even an approximation, don’t hesitate 😉
    Thanks for your job, from France

  6. The $400 MSRP is a bit more than I'd ever pay for a bag, but it's still a cool collab. Just bought a Think Tank Urban Access 15 for around $240 and that's way more than I wanted to spend. Peter just brought Nomatic a lot of business. lol

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