I DIY'd My Vacation Wardrobe

I made/upcycled everything I wore on my cruise/vacation!
If creativity bores you, than at least watch to see me get rejected by alligators. P.S. I did all my own stunts in this.
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welcome get cozy snuggle up with a bowl of soup or cake and let me serenade your ears with the story of the time that I up cycled / made my entire wardrobe for my trip to Florida / cruise to the Bahamas firstly I cut this lovely gown into three separate pieces for a shirt skirt and headband then I took this boomerang of my brother's toes which I found eerily satisfying then I flipped over the top of the skirt piece to make a waistband sewed it down and threaded elastic through hemming the skirt was a bit of a struggle because the treks I kept trying to help the mom life am i right to fix the unflattering flared Ness of those sleeves I threaded some elastic through guys look they're designer these adidas pants are pretty good quality for only being four dollars however I want to be able to wear them sort of high waist and they have no drawstring so I'm gonna add a drawstring for the drawstring I used this shoelace that came in a pack of like six from the Dollar Tree so this ended up being like 16 cents and I flipped the pants inside out pinned them tried them on repin to them and repeated until they fit fittingly then I rinsed lathered and repeated just kidding I sewed them so I only have like one or two articles of clothing that I'm going to be wearing on the creams done already and I leave for the crews in a couple days basically make a whole wardrobe in a day which is fantastic clip but I should fire my agent Hey McAra hey McAra how you doing I'm doing good you're fired you can't fire me I know times are tough and you have a rat to take care of I could blackmail you okay never mind okay bye have a nice day oh I forgot there was one article of clothing I made two weeks prior because the day of my friend's Christmas party I decided I really wanted to wear my pink pants and I had nothing to go with them but I lesson this morning and before you panic I have never killed an animal I never want to kill a nail however after they're already dead I kind of like the idea of preserving their cuteness all eternity I got to be prepared for when Lautrec Sahir decides to pass on to glory I'm not going to this lesson by myself I invited my friend a / coworker Kylie and she couldn't think of a good enough excuse not to go it was actually a great time and unfortunately we didn't die which meant I had to go home and finish that shirt I think we'll start with these little babies oh my gosh I need to do my nails I'm so sorry guys I totally understand if you wanna subscribe right now I really hope you burn at the picture of those pieces into your mind because I was in such a rush that I didn't really get any good in-depth footage of me making this so it's not going to be very instructional but here's a quick thorough tutorial on how to turn a loop so you can safety pin connect it to one end turn it into the inside and then just on the waist strap connected the front to the back sewed it all together made a bailed out long sleeve variation of the sleeves I used on my couch dress and finished just in time for the holidays just party his dress is probably what I'm most excited about then I got the fun silly notion to make initial necklaces for all of us who are going on the cruise it's so cute because the first initials of each of our names put together spells mace I thought about getting us all something like a t-shirt that said mace on it but it threw risky not everybody has the same sense of humor as me so can you guess who the inspiration is for this bathing suit now to start this bathing suit you're gonna want to get out your undies mom gave me these underwear for Christmas they've never been worn I just want you all to know that so we are gonna use these as our model but we're gonna raise the waistline from here to about here okay if there's anything in this video that you want to actually in-depth tutorial on just let me know so I was just talking about how I wanted to make a pattern out of the swimsuit bottoms that I have and then my dad handed me this it's very large this building paper which apparently is a thing really came in handy because I was able to trace the pattern onto it and make my friend a swimsuit for Christmas because she looks really good in red and I had red spandex and I was just kind of honestly looking for excuses to procrastinate getting my own stuff done this reminds me of a splayed out animal skin I'm sorry after my taxidermy lesson I just view everything differently and I'm not sure how I feel about it okay back to the matter at hand when making a swimsuit you always want to close up all the edges with elastic it just makes it a lot more stable and in this unsteady world we live in you got to take stability where you can find it right sewing getting off track again then I put in a waistband that was exactly the size of my waist and sewed it closed with a zig zag stitch and then it was time to make the top oh my goodness padding is so expensive holy guacamole like this is the price I had to pay for modesty so I walked on over to Gabe's and I'm looking at the clearance swimsuits and this is only a dollar and as I cut out a strip of fabric twice the size of a wide piece of elastic I decided that this would be the year I'd make at least eight dreams of mine come true starting with an aerial inspired swimsuit and then I decided that actually I would count December as part of the 2019 just because I already did the holiday Barbie thing which was a dream and eight dreams is a lot so we're just yeah to make the top of the top I measure a bit of something and then made four teardrop shaped pieces then sewed them together inside out so that I was left with two pieces I only sewed them along the top and sides leaving the bottom open then I turned those pieces inside out abducted two pieces of padding from our clearance swimsuit and shoved them in the triangles I added elastic to the edges of those triangles then cut out two long strips about the width of a Hot Wheels car I then sewed those strips in tubular fashion then turn them right side out with a safety pin I know straps are sort of inaccurate because Ariel didn't have straps but what can I say I love tan lines next I sold those triangles to my waistband now you could just leave it like this but if you're like me and you detest sun block but don't want a stomach that looks like this leather couch when you're older you might want to cut out a strip of fabric about the size of an American Girl doll sleeping bag then pin and sew that to the other side of your waistband for those of you who were burning with curiosity here is how the swimsuit I made for my friend turned out let me tell you it's a little stressful the dilemma when you're making things for other people is just hoping blindly that it will fit it's like awkward spot take it up just a little bit a little bit other than hemming the pants beyond the alteration I did to this jumpsuit was this little keyhole thing I did on a whim and kind of liked so I sewed it in place next I took these four dollar Salvation Army mom jeans and put them on inside and I marked them with the colored pencil took them off took my scissors out and I won't insult your intelligence by explaining any further you know this dress isn't awful to begin with but neither was the area of ground where the Eiffel Tower was built doesn't mean it couldn't be improved upon so let's take this drab ulis dress and turn it into a national landmark let's turn it into a masterpiece I traced my desired neckline and then magically changed into my granny nightgown then I folded the dress in half and cut off the top then I cut off the sides of the dress to make it more fitted and so I would have scraps of fabric to feed Lautrec so not feed if she likes fabrics for her nest I meant to give to her I'm not beat I'm not thriftily cut off the old neckline of the dress and turned it into two straps after fashioning straps to the front of my dress I was faced with a mild dilemma now I'm just trying it on to see if I want these straps to go straight down to the back or to Chris sometimes it would be nice to have someone around to help because this part took forever when I finally got it I got distracted by my own back in the camera and then I started flexing and I completely forgot that I was on a time crunch but eventually I came to my senses and posted an Instagram poll should I make the straps go straight down or should I have them crisscross then I partially sewed up the slit in the skirt while watching a series of unfortunate events on Netflix here's a tankini swimsuit that I found at Goodwill then I'm pretty sure is a little girls swimsuit I think I'm just going to make it more like a straight across spaghetti strap things the process of altering this swimsuit was so painfully fast and easy that I don't even have time to explain it to you and I wouldn't because again I don't wanna insult your intelligence I am leaving today for Florida from whence I will leave to the cruise I still have to finish this dress I want to make it kind of like funky I want it to feel like a fashion over a thing you know exactly like that but I want it to stay put like that and I found this skirt at Salvation Army and I really liked it and I liked these things along the bottom but they just make it not go with this much stuff so I'm gonna cut it off and I'm pretty sad about it but I got to do it fast before I change my mind I was in such a rush I literally just ran the dress through the Machine and bunched it up didn't even try it on after so what did we learn about procrastination today kids well this one actually kind of turned out perfect but don't just don't let me be your role model something is missing well I show you all the grand reveals I'd like you to play a game with me where we count all the times I proved I should never be a model Airport outfit adidas pants freshly altered also wore that outfit the first night of the cruise when the rest of my friends went to bed and I decided to roam the ship and see what sort of shenanigans I could get into however I don't drink or gamble and I'm not interested in flings so my shenanigans are a little unorthodox first I head up the library which proved to be a tad disappointing next I scavenged other people's leftover room service and is this my first rodeo no this is actually the shenana stuball McAra shenanigans yeah I also wear these shorts on the cruise at the dance pretty club thing and look at those girls in the background watching me don't they look like they're having so much fun I also wore these shorts when I went to Universal with my mom and I wore it with this necklace I made in this wrap shirt that I made in my wrap shirt video I had in Lord of the Rings world or something that is the worst a great costume I'd ever seen there's a guy over here selling sonic screwdrivers we begin Cinderella's castle that spit shine or something that's looking pretty thin I'm just kidding I know where I am it's hot as well now the one outfit I wore that I did not DIY on this trip was when I was casted for Fear Factor live and they put me in this spandex outfit that made me look like a super athletic superhero well so much for that to compensate for that embarrassing lack of physical fitness I went on a run the next day I'm just trying to run and I'm like look at that log wait no I think that's an alligator the signs do say to respect the alligators so just gonna get a little closer to respect you buddy it's a baby it's a wee little baby crocodile is it dead oh no not that good thing I didn't touch it do you see it it's about to swim away I told my mom about the alligator rejection I had received and she basically took me to the Disney World of Gators all over the US my own worthlessly piranhas mug we followed this snake clad gentleman to a distant corner of the premises at such location he entered a tiny gated area in this gated area he summoned the parks largest alligator he then invited me back and I came and said the word Oh a lot I was a tad jealous to see this Gator didn't run from him as the ones at the pond ran from me are you about to kiss that alligator all righty then can I feed them things [Applause] like you and your little all right this is supposed to be about outfits I literally have a hairdresser ten feet from me why are we doing this that question do you think our little table guy this dress was so versatile you could wear a regular belt with it and then use the tie as a headband you could wear it with shorts it could probably even be styled vintage if I tried I'd call this dress a success it's Ariel swimsuit time now watch as I do a perfect High School Musical pose how much closely as I attempt to do mermaid legs in midair okay I know what pose you guys really want is this video giving you ADHD look up you see this restaurant is there bread is literally a potato after dinner that night I was in the mood for a heaping helping of a good night's sleep apart from the snoring of certain other individuals and so far as I could see sleeping on the balcony was the best way of achieving that goal there was a fair bit of tossing fair bit of turning but waking up to this makes it all work prepare the [Applause]

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  1. This is the only video I've seen of yours and I rarely comment on videos. But i wish we could be best friends ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฃ I love your humor and silliness ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. I love her so much, I don't know if it's just me, but I love how her life, her house, her pet, her dad are so normal and real instead of Youtube-ish and filtered(not like "Oh, I'm showing you the real part of my like outside of youtube" and it's still very unrelatable) She embraces herself and people / environment around her and shows that being confident does make a huge difference, it's not really about how many "deocrative walls" you have or shinny pretty stuff you put in your frame. She made normal or sometimes kinda weird stuff( like a torn up couch on the porch) look cool! I have to say her being unbelievably pretty and cool does make a difference, I'm half "I want her to be famous for what she's good at" and half "I don't want her to ever change".

  3. Omg….I laughed the entire time. I'm at work and had to sneak to the bathroom. I can't contain my laughter. U r one of kind. So not boring like other DIY's. New subbie here.

  4. I just subscribed to your channel…you are so funny, I've been laughing the whole time. The cruise looked like so much fun, the girls at the back staring must have been like, what is she drinking, I want some!

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