How to pack a backpack for travel – Packing tips

How to pack a backpack for travel – Packing tips

If you want to find out how to pack a backpack or any packing tips at all – you are in the right place!!

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Packing your backpack or suitcase is best when done with the experience of a long term traveller. Here are our travel packing tips to help you pack your backpack. Pack only what you need, and as easily as possible. Wondering what should you pack for vacation, backpacking, holiday or lenghty travel? – follow our packing tips and to get a great idea of what to pack, what not to pack and how to pack it – Your backpack will thank you!!! (and your back!)
We are not giving you a vacation packing list but lots of packing tips to make your packing easy as can be and you’ll work out what to pack, how to pack it and what to leave at home!

How to pack a backpack for travel – Packing tips

0:12 1st tip for packing a backpack: Pack early
0:21 2nd tip for packing: Layout everything
0:33 3rd tip for packing: Find the right backpack
0:44 4th tip to pack a backpack: Roll your clothes
0:55 5th tip for packing: Separate your clothes
1:07 6th tip for packing: Quick dry towels are awesome for backpackers
1:17 7th tip for packing: Utilise all spaces
1:30 8th tip for packing: Pack light!
1:41 9th tip for packing: Large items first
1:48 10th tip for packing a backpack: Make sure it’s durable
2:04 11th tip for packing: Prepare to get wet
2:18 12th tip for packing: Bring only one bag
2:29 12th tip on How to pack a backpack: Leave some space!
2:50 13th tip for packing: Practice packing

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