How to Find Cheap Caribbean Cruises With $69 Deals by Dustin

Watch and Learn How to Find Cheap Caribbean Cruises And $69 Deals!
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How to Vacation Sooner! $69 Caribbean Cruises

Come travel with us, and learn how to book Caribbean Cruises for just $69 !!

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right now you're probably looking at a picture that has a piggy bank in the middle I'm gonna walk you through it and introduce you to what we call the great experienced company in the upper left-hand corner you see that blue you should be here sign I don't know if you've seen that sign on the internet but it's going viral people are posting pictures of themselves with that sign all over Facebook Twitter Instagram it's been at the Super Bowl Daytona 500 that Today Show the Academy Awards and lots of other places so what's the deal with that sign what's behind it well several years ago some guys were asking themselves what keeps people from experiencing more in life what keeps people from checking off all their bucket list items and creating more memories when it came down to was money if we could afford to create the experiences of our dreams we would so what these guys did is design the coolest Travel Club in the world a club that makes it possible for everyone on any budget to 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dinner in the light of the Eiffel Tower or experiencing more adventure parasailing over the Caribbean or experiencing more fulfillment building an orphanage in South America they break out there you should be here sign snap a picture and post it online they're saying to their friends and loved ones you should be here with me you should be experiencing this kind of moment what's awesome about the dream trip concept is that these one-of-a-kind experiences should be offered at a premium but instead they're provided to members at the most deeply discounted price protected rate see members have total confidence due to the club's dream price promise which simply says if you book a trip and then find that trip for less within seven days they'll give you a 100% refund and send you on the vacation free of charge so DreamTrips has done half the work to make sure everyone can experience more by driving the prices way down and making it absolutely affordable to check off those bucket list items but they didn't stop there they decided to also help us pay for those experiences with something that works kind of like a vacation piggy bank and here's how it works there's a lot of benefits to being a member but I'm going to walk you through just three that will make it possible for you to vacation sooner heck vacation now if you look to the right side of the page in the top box you'll see that blue Rovia logo when we book travel today most people use web sites like Expedia Travelocity etc our booking engine is called Rovia and is where you can book any flight hotel rental car or cruise but ours is better because of our exclusive rate shrinker technology which works like this when you book an airline ticket or hotel if the fare changes after you've booked it Rach Rinker automatically rebook cyou at the lower rate and refunds you the difference super cool and beyond that a portion of virtually every travel booking is credited to your account to use towards your next dream trip moving down we also have an online mall all of us are going to shop this year and we have more than nine hundred of the most popular stores including Target Walmart Best Buy Home Depot and lots more a portion of virtually every purchase you make through your mall is credited to your account to use towards your next dream trip in the bottom box you see membership dues our club is like a gym membership or a satellite TV subscription you have monthly dues ours are 55 per month with a one-time activation fee of $200 that you never spend again what's unique about us is that every dollar you spend on your DreamTrips life membership dues is awarded to you as DreamTrips reward points and can be used towards the reward dream trip of your choice so that's the club amazing experience is guaranteed at the most deeply discounted price protected rate and a way to fund those experiences hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already joined and we want you with us you should be here now I'm going to take a minute more to talk about a completely optional portion if this isn't for you no worries join the club get your sign and start experiencing more but what your friend has decided to do is help us share this concept with the world for $11 per month with a time activation fee of $100 you can become a representative of this club there are many benefits and here are the high points if you refer for active members over any period of time your membership dues and your representative dues are waived as long as they remain active customers if you refer six members in your first four weeks we pay you five hundred and seventy dollars in bonuses if 20 members join through your referral network in a calendar month you qualify for our Wings and Wheels bonus which pays up to six hundred dollars per month towards the silver BMW of your choice I understand this isn't 20 you personally refer if you refer four who also refer four that would be twenty qualifying you for the bonus and last but not least you can earn a percentage of the product dues paid by every member who joins through your referral network and since this is a global concept this has the potential to stretch around the world becoming a substantial income well that's it cool travel club and a way to make some extra income helping people experience more in their life thanks for listening I hope to see you in a you should be your picture of your own simple

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