How to crochet mini backpack πŸŽ’

Learn to make cute mini backpack! Easy crochet project!
ATTENTION! For braided string you will need 3 strands of 30 cm (appr 12 in) to make appr 8 in (from knot to knot) braid. The video says 30 in for 3 strands and 20 in for braid which is way too long.

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hi this is Reina welcome to my crochet Channel today I want to show you how to crochet this cute little mini pack back and ever since I found this idea I've been really excited to try this out and looking for a yarn I found this great Italian cotton Denning type of yarn from craft store and I'm using the other lion brand Jean jeans brown color for the contrast and for that light blue denim backpack I'm using 3.75 millimeter crochet hook and then you'll need a button for the back and I just wanted to show you how this works it's really cool and practical you can put anything small in it for example put your keys in here with this string and it even has a little backpack straps so let's crochet this one and we will start this with magic ring I just learned it to it this way insert your hook under the first string pull this one through underneath make a stitch take your finger out of the ring and now single stitch eight times into the ring and now pull the string and pull the first row tight almost no hole showing in the middle and now continue to the second row single crochet twice in each stitch so you end up with sixteen stitches around and for the third row we're going to increase in every other stitch so you would end up you have total 24 stitches and third bro so the first single stitch first stitch once and in next stitch single stitch twice next one again one stitch and next one twice again one two and the fourth row we will increase in each third stitch to have a total of 32 stitches around so we single stitch once in first stitch once in second and twice in third again next stitch one single stitch next one and the third twice 1 & 2 do this all around 32 stitches around after 32 stitches i will stitch one more this is the beginning first stitch of the next row and then I will put a marker through this stitch to show that this is the beginning of the row so we just finished the base of the backpack and we are going to now build it up by single stitching now 32 around each round and do this until you reach row 17 so I finished row 17 counting from the bottom first rows 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 next row we're going to make the holes for the strap so first single stitch 3 then chain and skip next stitch this one single stitch into the next make 3 again and again chain one and skip next stitch this one again single stitch three chain one and skip one here do this the whole round so you have total of eight and strap poles I'm finishing this row with chain and skipping this stitch and next row single stitch all around into the stitches and then into the chains each chain space 32 stitches and our last row of the back this part of bag is a slip stitch into each single stitch so just a slip stitch in each around I finished my slip stitch last room and we can now cut the yarn now we get to crochet so we're just gonna start the same way first magic ring pull the yarn over your finger across it like this insert a hook underneath the first strand make a stitch finger out and do eight single stitches now pull the ring tight second row increase in each stitch so single stitch twice in each stitch around to get 16 stitches third row we increase in every other stitch so single stitch in 1st and single stitch twice in this next again one in the next to have 24 stitches around and the last row of the flap we will start with 6 slip stitches five six next single stitch in next two one two and single stitch twice into the net third do the same one single stitch first second and twice in third do it one more time second twice in third now we will chain five for the buttonhole continue with the next stitch again one single stitch first one second and tois to into the third one and two and last time and to and I'm just going to slip stitch into the beginning one to finish up this row and now we can attach the flap to our back part here I'm going to count from that beginning part where the strand is still here six stitches six and keeping my flat still on the hook insert hook through the edge here to get situated here and pull it through now find the next stitch insert hook through the flap and then next and the main part edge here just pull through now do the third I'm gonna do this fourth one here okay now face one and then do one more this is over here find space here okay all right so we have the flap attached now and our next week in crocheted handle of the back I'm not cutting off the yarn I'm still working with the same so just slip stitch to the main part on the back and now Jane 8 and 8 turn and reach over to the other side where we started touching and now just find a space here I'm going to insert my hook through both the bottom and the flaps just like make it nicer and keep it together here in the corner now turn again and now just single stitch eight times into the chain space seven and eight and just finish by slip stitching here and we now have the handle made we can cut the okay next let's make this trend and for this I'm using that brown yarn I'm gonna give the back with that Brown open kind of like a leather color and for the strap we need two strands I cut about thirty inch strands thirteen Shh and I want the braid to measure about 20 inches from one knot to the other and put it I touch it to the back so find the one of the middle holes here in front through here and I from back to front find the next hole started here drop to back through the next hole and the last one back to front okay so next let's do the straps that I will use again that Brown let's chain thirteen thirteen and now single stitch into the second chain from the hook this one and each chain so you'll have twelve single stitches after twelve single stitches turn and just slip stitch into each stitch across and then just fast enough one strap is made and then do the second exactly the same way and then we'll attach it to the back I make my two strands and now I will sew them so using these strands that I started and ended with just put the needle and then the top I attach should be should stay in the middle so I attach it underneath the string summer here so it couple of stitches here and then I'll just even that and then using the strand on the other side bring your strap back back strand to the position that you'd like and then attach it here I can just feel stitches it's good and then weave in this end I can cut that off and then to the same with the second straight so both backpack straps are now attached I should have said straps in the beginning instead of saying strand about these two thing is here so please excuse my backpack terminology okay so straps attached and the last thing to do and for the button I will find a middle spot on the fifth row from the top one two three four five so this is a strong yarn it's about three four times three times actually it's enough and now the very last thing to do with just leaving all the ends and let's see and here we go back done here's the twin so here's the fun project for you to try and let me know if you have any questions or feedback and I will have a written pattern on my website for you to read and practice and as always enjoy happy crochet

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  1. Do you always crochet in both loops not back loop crochet to go up on the bag? You do not go over it or not just only say SC for 17 rows beyond that it seems like a great tutorial

  2. I notice you do your ring differently than everyone else Ive seen, and u also dont have a visible seam on your rows. I was unable to follow your technique nearly from the beginning. ☹️. Typically, after magic circle, sc 8, THEN slip stitch. Then do 16 sc THEN slip stitch. You dont do the slip stitch. ? Do you mind doing a tutorial on your special rings PLEASE, and how you manage to get away with an invisible seam on your rows? PLEASE.
    YOU HAVE A SPECIAL RARE TECHNIQUE you MUST SHARE. Ive watched approx 40 tutorials over the past year and I have seen no one crochet like you.
    Please. πŸ™πŸ»

  3. So did you continue in the Round from Row 2 to 3 because you don’t show or say how you ended the rounds at all and it’s not zoomed in to see

    These are really cute and adorable but I don’t want to mess up the base

  4. Successful!!!! Woohoo!!! I completed yay!!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯(i am 12 years old anyone else of my age completed this project if yes like my comment 😎😎)

  5. hi there i am working on the flap i am having problems with the last row of the flap when she does the 6 slip stitches is she going into the same hole for the slip stitch or is she going into the next stitch just need to know i have watched this video and i cant tell pls let me know thanks

  6. I'm making one right now (already made the "pouch", now I'm on the flap) and I just had to stop and tell you this is one the best tutorials on YouTube. Very clear instructions, the speed is perfect, not too fast, not too slow, you skip exactly what you need to skip and do on camera exactly what you need to do on camera. Your voice is nice and clear and the angle you shoot is perfect too, with good lighting. I'm definitely checking your other tutorials and I hope you keep them coming! Thanks for posting!

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