Is travelling in Australia really as dangerous as people seem to say it is? How dangerous are snakes and how deadly is a snake bite? Who is the record holder in Australia for surviving the most venomous bite and where can you find him? Find out here!

In this video I meet a local from Alice Springs called Diesel after hitching a ride on his tour bus from the remote Palm Valley back to Alice Springs. During my trip I was fortunate enough to learn more about the real Australia and how deadly and dangerous some of the wildlife is here. Let me know what you think by commenting and rating this video! Don’t forget to subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚

Alice Springs itself is such a diverse and mind-opening part of Australia and if you intend to visit Australia and explore away from city life, then BEGIN HERE! It is often overlooked, but will show you many sides of Australia set among a terrain that offers both beauty and challenges at every turn. You can travel via Greyhound Bus to or from Adelaide or Darwin, there are many backpacker hostels and also jobs available for backpackers.

And last but not least: Apologies for the shaky video and varied volume. Apart from the “road” being more like trying to drive over a land-slide with the odd dry river-bed thrown in to the mix, the internet at my hostel is like an old car..goes but then cuts out before too long. So putting this together has been just as challenging as those rocky roads that got me here in the first place!



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hi guys so I'm here in Alice Springs beautiful day as you can see and a few days ago I hitchhiked to ride on a tour bus from a place called Palm Valley back to Alice Springs I've been on a road trip for a few days didn't really work out as planned but more about that later so check out this video because the tour guide I was traveling with was a really cool guy he gave us all this kind of funny rundown on why snakes in Australia aren't as bad as you think but also the other side of that which is you know be wary of the snakes in Australia and a few other things about the sort of day-to-day life and things that you can expect when you visit Australia or Alice Springs which is an amazing place by the way and if you come into Australia this is a really good place to get started we also discussed a little bit about the Aboriginal culture the Aborigines live in Alice Springs is a there's a very big Aboriginal population here it comes with its problems but also it's quite an intriguing and mind-opening aspects of visiting Alice Springs so I do hope to discover more about that and I do hope to share more with you about what I discover and the people I meet and the general things that I find out such as in this video so a lot of these things we heard from this really cool tour guide which was a little bit like Automan from The Simpsons really cool guy without the madness so if you're planning to come to Australia and you want to know a little bit more about how dangerous it actually is here then check this video out because I think it will give you real kind of down-to-earth insight into life in us from the eyes and experience and research of someone who really knows what they're talking about so enjoy the video hopefully there'll be more to come over time the internet here is terrible so it really takes me some time to get the videos uploaded so bear with me but I'm I'm taking footage I'm putting things together and hopefully I can show you guys more as I go along so thanks for watching and enjoy and wine your bandage and find where the snake bit you he's going to go your elation and then he's going to take it test to see which of the five anti-venom she has to give you out of the black snake browsing targets they get better and the Taipan but before he administers anti-venom he's going to unwind your bandage he's going to sit there with the anti-venom in his hand and he's going to sit there for an hour and wait and watch and see if anything happens you see 99% of snake bites folks a snakes biting you and saying get off me leave me alone it's not a snake biting and putting venom in it's called a dry bite so most of the time the snake will bite you and they won't actually inject venom because you don't smell like their food so in 99% get no animation and are ejected from hospital within the hour without having any anti-venom administered on average we get one snake bite death a year in Australia most people come from Asia to Australia and she has 10,000 snake bite deaths a year so if you survived Asia the snakes you're gonna survive Australia most toxic snake on earth is found right here that's land snakes of course terrestrial there are more highly toxic for chronic ones so the most toxic natural state is the inland Taipan one drop of venom not one bite one drop is enough improvement 26 hours Rex's reptile center in Alice Springs has an inland Taipan rex of Rex's reptile center has been bitten by his tight hair Rex holds the record for anti-venom administered he put his hand in the cage without cleaning his hands after handling snake and mouse a rat and the Taipan could smell it on him and gave him numerous bites to his hand he patched himself up and rang his best mate and off the hospital with alice springs he went and he had eight vials of antivenom administered the doctors said directs if he had bitten by a venomous snake again Rex it's all like I really can't do anything to help you that was a while ago and he still holds a record and he hit him but last honor was at eight vials and he holds a record hey this is still annoyed yeah he's still alive now as as far as unknown and gathered and been out of research he's the only person that ever been administered anti-venom for an inland Taipan the world's most dangerous state as far as I can gather in research he's the only person that's ever had Federation robbing in lands I get and he's alive we had one recorded case in the market alright folks we're making our way up and eventually go back to Herman's work where they drop the food as he's often I give you all the chance to grab an ice cream in your have you ever been bitten by a snake yes I have twice been bitten by venomous snake I don't wash count how many pythons I've been bit before they're just just warning bites yeah one was a driver yeah on the harm one was not on my ankle or still got a scar I don't you get of animation however I used to breed snakes as a kid including venomous snakes so I knew what I got bitten by yeah there's two types of venomous snakes there's colorants and elapids so a Labatt's are the very dangerous ones we told you about with the front hollow tooth by a snake the brown snake inside is made to death at the top oh yeah then there's the other type of venomous snake and that's called a color but the color bird has a real thing and the venom goes down the outside of the tooth it doesn't travel through the middle of the tooth so one they have a smaller head and it's harder to get better mation because of the back of the mountain and also they're not toxic enough to kill however doctors told me that some people can have severe allergic reactions and it can kill them so I knew the symptoms and I actually was I felt there was flu-like symptoms yeah body aching for a couple hours and also does it depend on where where they actually boy it's no different it's interesting because a lot of people come to Australia and they already have that fear that you get bit and that's it but yeah you know well the thing is if you do the pressure bandage yeah there's been a person in Australia got bitten by an Eastern brown the second most toxic smoke yeah I needed the pressure bandage I didn't know he did get venom ation so venom in his body needs the pressure bandage yeah he was in the middle of nowhere two days later he got the hospital yeah and had to be given anti-venom and he survived the last campsite I was at nearest to here um apparently someone spotted I think it was a baby brown snake in the men's toilets yep hiding away in a little crack somewhere that time of year they're all gonna start waking up yeah there's a lot of moths in the toilet so maybe that's a a kind of a good place for now you're missing the third animal there the moth attracts the problem interesting the snake there's a frog okay another the frogs or renew the frogs venomous now we don't not here we've got um a poisonous frog up in Arnhem Land okay see poison is something you absorb through your skin or poisonous something you ingest like drinking yes thanks a venomous because I actively inject so if it's actively injected its venomous so there's no such thing as a poisonous snake venomous yeah so the frogs we've got one in Australia is poisonous yeah and that could even be if you just touched the trunk yeah so you're absorbing it through yeah yeah pores your skin yeah I mean it's really interesting how some animals the smaller they are the more venom they're compact well the most toxic animal on earth is found off the coast of Queensland yeah a cone shell oh yeah the Bob and the toxin from the cone shell is the most toxic no now this is more toxic than a box jellyfish that's a burner yeah the chance there's another one more toxic than the box jellyfish and that's called the Irukandji yeah what's the Irukandji is it the same it's like a stinger like a box jellyfish but a lot smaller and harder to see and I heard along the northeast coast it's it's hitting that time where there's gonna be a lot of box jelly fire they're all they're all they're all finished in their breeding cycle right now okay they all you're out there they're never not there yeah yeah where it's stinker sue oh hang on the water the thing is where they sting is live you normally got ice throwing crocodiles do ya you can't go in order any time do you okay

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  1. I'v lived in Australia for 22 years i have never been bitten by a spider never seen a wild snake or never once been afraid of a wild animal or predator because i haven't needed to be. Australia is just full of Bikini Babes, Beaches and clubs. (Depending on where you go). In some parts of Australia the main predator you will have to watch out for are the people that claim to own the land that refuse to work or contribute to society and are too retarded to even brush their teeth. Al tho some are fine great people be aware of the black folk. Just… Go to a better place in Australia. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne.

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