Homeschool Field Trip Ideas Kids Traveling JaxVentures Explores Cooper's Gem Mine – Blountville, TN

JaxVentures explores another great field trip spot in East Tennessee. Kids will love the hands-on experience and the treasures they find and get to keep at Cooper’s Gem Mine. This place is great for homeschool field trips when studying geology or just for fun. They welcome schools for field trips and enjoy large groups. Kids will enjoy playing at their facility and welcome the adventure.



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raku Christian mine [Applause] we're gonna go find some gemstones all the way through here – takes a little while to get all the way through and fill up we have this gemstone bucket this hymnals already uncovered thing might see a little gemstone in here and we got this fall so an arrowhead bucket which I've Nolan him touch you place what you need [Applause] see if we can find something this time Arrowhead let's take this in our package with my daughter and her new husband without her honeymoon over he lost arowana and they went to gym fight and they were both out those people they were Haven who repair workers everything is she started playing with her gym of mine and I think that the many husbands at Wesco I won't see cheap so that they we had a real wet spot here as a wet weather spring and we couldn't do anything rip it razor garden or anything so when they come back and they wanted to building a gym man this was the best place to put it because it feeds itself how it is what is feel Kip option they called from the skills and we have a special budget that we give to the SCU's it's a good discount on it and they can find the rocks we identify those stones from them they just call us and tell us what day they look and if it's available and given that appointment if it's not we try to work out a schedule that they can get rest we try to leave what the customer wants and then we have a portable gym magnets a great big one that they pull with you the current one and we take it to the different stews we can work I think can't work about 25 children every time will we offer birthday parties any kind of a group atmosphere but that you voted this coming from one of the town we had another ministry that we come by here and he'd say this is their fury so he get more no powers or anything right here to do his own thing but we do have birthday parties we had three different birthday parties one of us I just buy the bucket and they bring their own replacements another one we furnish some refreshments and the big bonanza we have a guy okay yada totally tomahawks baby see if they if your age is appropriate to use a BB gun the gentleman that does is authorizing certified a wonderful witness with his head all you have to do this call us and set up the reservation and we're here for you oh you got some pretty ones there but Brenly we just picked up his Kagura it's a Jasper but it's later this yeah and that's Rose Lee fossil yep that's a weed fossil what type of rock is this that's Jasper yes there's a hundred and eighty different colors in Jasper a few times you should do it and there's also this portable trailer that they can bring to you it has the whole mind ollie it's a little bit smaller and they just bring the buckets for you to use it I thought that Cooper chip on you what's the best best best and you hit all the rocks that we bet have all these cool rocks from there and I have this chart from a different magnet Dollywood and but what's cool about Cooper's Jia mind is they have these wool arrowheads well some of them it's not little but these arrowheads that you can mine for this looks like amethyst that's amethyst right there crystal there's two our rose quartz jasper tiger's eye there's too many things to show you all right here it'll take forever I hope you liked watching this video super streamlined it's a great filter saw or a vacation destination with my food site there and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and leave in the comments what was your favorite Jam today bye

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