Goa Jungle Adventure tour with Antilog Vacations at Goa

Goa Jungle Adventure tour with Antilog Vacations at Goa

When you think of Goa, the first image that’s likely to come to mind is sandy beaches backed by swaying palm trees, bathed in sunshine. Whilst that’s definitely an accurate vision of the beauty of Goa, there’s far more to explore beyond those regenerating beaches.Around an hour and a half from the buzz of Palolem, in the thick of the jungle, Goa Jungle Adventure have discovered a previously unknown river and claimed it as the setting for the ultimate watery adventure.The company’s owner, a Frenchman by the name of Emmanuel with a penchant for discovering new locations for thrill-seekers, is responsible for finding the river just a few years ago. Since then, he has built a successful business showing travellers how to climb, jump and rappel through the canyons.I have to admit, when booking this trip, I was a little nervous. It’s no secret that I’m clumsy and awkward, and the idea of flinging myself into a pool of water or lowering myself down a cliff seemed impossible. As with all things worth doing though, there has to be an element of the unknown.Canyoning turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done in India so far, and I would hands down recommend it to anyone visiting Goa. Goa tours planner is online portal for tourism in Goa offering online bookings for hotels in goa. Goa Tours planner is owned by Etravels a travel agent & tour operator in Goa. Goa Tours Planner offers rooms and holiday package bookings for luxury hotels in Goa, budget hotels in Goa, Guest houses in Goa and Beach cottages in Goa.Goa Tours planner also offers sightseeing tours in goa, crocoodile trip in goa, Waterfall dudhsagar trip in Goa, Spice plantation in goa and other day trips.

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