Gear I Carry on a Day Hike

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Osprey Escapist 18 –

ZPacks Nero –

ZPacks Ditty Bag –

Fenix E05 Flashlight (w/clip) –

Spyderco Knife –

Anger PowerCore 10000 Charger –

Canon G7X Mark ii –

Iphone 6 Plus –

EE Copperfield Wind Jacket –

EE Torid APEX Jacket –

Sawyer Squeeze Filter –

Cnoc Vecto Water Container –

Buff –

Cnoc Vertex Carbon Cork Trekking Poles –

AZT Section Gear List –

AT Gear List –


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  1. I'm doing six miles as a regular hike, pretty high altitude. My pack is a small Camel Back (w/no bladder). I take one bottle of water. The hike is along a river the whole way and I've got a Life Straw if I need more water. I don't. I've never even drunk more than half the water bottle in six miles, usually none of the water. Two snack bars (I've never eaten even one on a six-mile); rain gear; thin polar fleece pullover; kerchief; knife; walking stick; vetwrap for possible sprain; a couple bandaids and triple antibiotic; lip balm; tp pellets; gloves; cell phone; sunglasses with bifocals. When I graduate up to a 15-30L Osprey pack and longer distance I'll put together a bit more of a first aid kit 'cause I'm 65 years old and more goodies, including an emergency bivvy and some cord and fire-makings. An emergency beacon and good paper map are also on my list because in my home territory wilderness area cell service is nonexistent a few more miles outside my current six-mile range. I plan to get trekking poles soon.

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm pretty new to hiking and just bought my first day pack. I've packed for tomorrow, rain jacket, water, bowl for my dog, snacks for him and I, lip stuff, gps and phone because I'm new to gps too, and will be including a small towel…buff? I'm planning a short 6 mile hike.

  3. Hey Darwin, hiking in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, I added three items to my ditty bag, Space blanket, emergency poncho, and 50ft. of para cord. total weight 5.5 oz.

  4. Three things that I always carry when dayhiking are: 1. A Ka-bar knife. The ease with which you can cut things with a large knife definitely makes it worth the extra weight. Plus it can be used as a shovel if need be, not to mention how effective it is for self defense. 2. Gu. It's a high calorie snack that will give you a ton of energy if you need it. Great emergency food. 3. I always carry my hammock. It's awesome to be able to set up a place to chill whenever you want and it makes great emergency shelter if you need it. A Kammock with its straps is roughly the size of two baseballs and ways maybe 2 lbs. Definitely worth the weight

  5. No survival kit. No signaling for rescue. Only one method to start fire.
    Sunscreen. Old school map but no compass. Hmmm
    Hes better prepped than most but hes still a SAR magnet. We go looking for experienced yet ill prepared for emergency people like darwin often.
    In joshua tree. There is vertually no water. Only carrying 1 litre is irresponsible.
    He should be rocking 3 litres.
    Hes a gram counting junkie.
    Heres the deal, if you cant handle an extra 3lbs of water and shtf gear, your fitness is shit and you belong on a treadmill not out in the wilds.

  6. The day hike hopefully doesn't turn into a situation, take the 10 essentials tell someone where you are going, don't forget common sense.  Don't forget to have fun.

  7. Ditty bag that you keep and add to any pack is great idea to avoid forgetting the essentials. I'd add compass, map, whistle. Whistles are vital for emergency signalling – saves energy over shouting.

  8. I love your content!!!! I carry most of the same things as you like rain jacket, puffy warm jacket, buff, snacks, camera, emergency kit but I also ALWAYS ALWAYS carry thin gloves, extra socks and a toque…a canadian here, Lol!!!

  9. Long day hikes I pack extra hiking socks with foot powder added. I live in I also carry a snake bite kit…I also carry a floppy sun hat, fingerless gloves and hiking poles. I like the hydration packs I use a 3 Lt Camel Bak.

  10. I always, ALWAYS carry a variety of blister plasters and foam toe spacy thingies. It doesn't matter how well I've broken in my shoes, how great my socks are, I will get blisters from anything. I preemptively wrap and tape and foam pad my feet and toes until they look absolutely ridiculous, and I always keep spares of everything in my bag – nothing will kill a hike as quickly as finding yourself unable to walk 😛

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