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hey guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video well it's more like a week video like I'm doing a vlog so I'm actually gonna be one in Florida today's March 25th and we're going tomorrow which is work 26 through the 28th I believe we're gonna be staying in Nashville for like a day and stopping there and then we're going to Florida for and we're gonna drive Florida and support staying in Florida for about three days Lea who's all going it's my like whole family like my brother my sisters and like my aunts and a couple uncles and like family friends but we're all going and it's gonna be even more fun because I have been to Florida before but I didn't go with this big group of people and since my cousins are my age like it's gonna be more fun cuz I'm just trying to show you it's gonna be a week vlog so this video is gonna be kind of long since it's a whole week but I'll try to like cut parts out that are not important I'm sure you guys around Florida and everything but for today's video I'm gonna show you guys what I'm packing and what I did it get ready I got a trim for my hair my sister-in-law cut it for me I just got a trim I got my eyebrows dead and now I'm just putting off his Nesta kate taking my skin make sure it stays pretty clear even though it's not clear but what can you do right here I just have my suitcase it's a little suitcase I have my shoes my clothes and my essentials that I have like hair products I have my makeup bag and right there I have my eyeshadows and everything and like eyelashes and then I have my Michael Kors bag that I have packed with like my charger my earbuds like sunglasses and stuff that I like to carry around with me and this stuff I could just leave at the hotel so I have all this packed and I actually got really cute clothes to wear like outfits I got some at Ross's and stuff like that I'll actually show you guys my outfits when I'm there like outfit of the day of each day I wear it and and try you work exactly where I got everything so yeah I guys to see that I have mostly everything packed it's just getting ready for tomorrow morning we are leaving at 7 a.m. I believe we'll wait to be ready by 7 a.m. and we're leaving like at 7 a.m. so yeah and it's just gonna be fine and yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow morning when I show everyone in step one so hey guys it is currently like 7 6:40 in the morning I'm about to go but this is what I'm wearing for this morning since today is still kind of chilly out I neither shoes these pants fetus soccer varsity jacket and then my sweater underneath and but yeah and we're about to leave we got everything packed for packing everything in the car right now so yeah it's got to – yeah but anyways yeah we're here it's about what like sixty degrees here it's not very high since it's only spring but it's still way warmer than where we're from so which is alone kind of chilly okay and then we're gonna go to the condo and then we're gonna start walking down to downtown zinc your condo so we're over there certain times we could be up there like the lake this is Lake we're not from a hotel this is like so I'm cries have long this heart but we got to listen to the boardwalk or wherever you walk it's like a strip despot and we just stay at the this place it's Ricky's Barra girl if your antenna senior on this strip I recommend eating here they have really good barbecue food it's really good and I had the cheeseburger and under fire of fire so now we're just walking to let the strip look like there's like mostly fresh nuns in every restaurant had the live music slow and then they have a couple shots we to my souvenirs and things like that leave here at natural gifts and we're over here the connection because got through this is Cruz Bobby me which is nice yeah but we just come me me we came here to connect see so he could play and but I was looking at the closes on there and to be honest it's super expensive it's like 64 like a pusher 30 fully dollars per shirt and I what that because I can't afford that so we got scooters cuz we're going back to our condo and we didn't walk so his cold and we're just trying to go but we all got shooters like see Noah and romário and we got the spoon spooner these extra bleak Amenia actually and it's I go city fast it goes 15 miles per hour and it for like 30 minutes it's like $5 which is not at all cuz there's only like 20 mins away so and permit blog until we actually get there so so we just got to Florida we're here at Gulf Breeze Florida and now we're just waiting to get checked in in a room my mom went to go get us kicked in so now a week so we just got to our room it's a pretty nice room but I think we want to switch because we're supposed to get a cot but it looks like there's not enough room for one so my mom looking to go to see what's one I like that maybe I need to change my swimsuit I suppose it looks like it's like a royal blue and then it's a simple look but I just swim to cover and everyone it's the waters pretty cold today so I don't know if I'm gonna actually get in but I might just lay down and sigh getting my tan on yeah so everyone she's all here my family there's some my family over there I cousin and up there so you're at the beach mama say hi again oh okay we're actually at the bay is where hotels that mm and what is actually pretty it's like cold freezing and try not getting in the boots today but who knows but here we have Molly Eddie Shelby I don't know where she went with each ah and then the kids hang out the next morning is Thursday and right now it's really pretty outside today it's around 6:45 morning I think I'm gonna run but at nighttime in walk around see what there is around here to see what we could do so it's 7:30 right now I just got done with my run so now I'm just sitting down here and I'm looking at the sky it's Danny pretty but yeah and I'm I run I had a you know how there's like a I'm the main road there's no like sidewalk so you know there's like the bike lane where the bikers go and I had to go there so yeah I just ran right there and then like maybe a 10-minute run I I stopped by and there was like Starbucks like there it was like town where there's like a pump a public Starbucks subway things ready to eat drink coffee so yeah Panera I have the typical thing to buy cabin Illinois but yeah and I'm thinking about going to cost a bit but right now there's certainly breakfast at our hotel so I might try that but then a hotel breakfast makes me sick like it makes me like my stomach hurt so I don't know about that and it is still chilly like I'm kind of cold so okay so now we're just waiting for my mom and my stepdad and everyone's gonna go to the Pensacola Beach and I'm probably gonna go on the beach and then there's a pier that and we could probably shop and see what we're 21 store and stripes and early rainwater and then these shorts I got from Ross do say cheese Steve four pair of ravens Wow so we came to eat and laugh like I got my food but I gotta eat that burrito and it means the reason is really kinda neat says we're not that good not she isn't that good so I don't really like it but yeah so we decided to come to a different Beach I think we're all just gonna hang on the beach like that and then myself an ankle bracelet with some seats for us and now we're just on the boardwalk gonna do something shopping stop in action I got $60 in kid-sized she got a dull tight so they were 160 kids I got kids thanks got it we're on the beach for a while but we just got it off and became trapping we went to flounders gift shop and I got a sweatshirt earlier can excite you today I'm wearing a bucket hat it all fine off on the road and you don't have my sunglasses and then we're in the sweatshirt I got from father's it's not that Gillian if I get enough to be gone for now then wearing a shirt that I got from Alvin's island and then this works from Ross makes a pretty good – for the parasailing that we're gonna do I think it's gonna be me Tori and be throw-in romário and then my mom and my dad and it's gonna be fun we've and picked up a we're all getting ready to go and say goodbye you guys have any last words the Florida you guys have any last word for Florida no say any last words before we leave any last words before we leave Florida so it's analog say piece

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