Five Star Hotel Experience – Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

As a Middle Class Indian, my experience with Five Star hotels started pretty late in life. I still get excited about them, but never feel at home. And here’s why..
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when I was growing up know who stay in the hotel daughter's vodka mo today like tub now five-star hotel Cobra cha Motaba like five-star hotel of me mainly bar see the aquatic kissy dude K Emile cousin Keisha I oughta be Cabiria but otherwise Nene here with it so I always had this dream that someday I will be able to afford a vacation at a five-star hotel and a few years ago this happened we went to five-star hotel in Goa and we checked in and I realized that when you're middle-class and staying at a five-star hotel more than the staff you are under pressure to impress your always conscious do I look rich enough to afford this do I sound rich enough to afford this and as a couple you are telling each other if you see a celebrity don't get too excited this one is Vodafone the garlic Nath you have to be cool yeah look but if you don't give it away your kids give it away like we entered the Houghton and my son started papa they go far away and once the staff figures out that you are middle-class they start playing around with you they tell you things that you can't understand at all so the tea will be served at the parapet [Applause] parapet Keota we don't know right but we are like 'yeah i will be there at the parapet from google but no no the ninja parapet take to say hey one thing I didn't like was that as soon as you start feeling at home they come in and clean your room we were traveling for you know you know just for vacation but if you know the people who travel for work you know the business travelers there's no problem with them but there's a huge problem with their kids like my father used to travel a lot for work so for a very long time I believe that Taj and obras are so friends no other could Barney clear the path Adela djenka what will be out there make so mine scarring because you are gonna keep this early Souter the making mommy kept a swing kicks or shower caps others hardware comment you stuck a beaker teeny anything is Venu you know and what I don't understand about these hotels is that they spend so much money atop a such a pathetic Azara with me Wamba Leviathan bathroom my conditioning details you won't get it if you staying alone in the room Omari come let me go but Chet a other time he's attention be paid suppose I put the vagina cold a and when you order food at a five-star hotel that's the first time you realize that even the site serving the red evil a macho go subterra thebetta epitope I saw slots for the giggling and the most important event for us at the hotel is the complimentary buffet breakfast that's the time in five year old bit to 265 rolls bubbly auntie everybody turns into a Spartan we eat like this is our last meal before hibernation and even the stomach is psyched out what kind of a diet is he going for is it the healthy diet or is it the I don't give a damn I'm a Punjabi dad because your fruit salad followed by chhola bhatoora followed by muffins cries from boiled eggs scrambled eggs dosa masala dosa and your intestines are oh shit oh shit and the lungs are Xing rook betta with a chilled juices at Jie you

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  1. it was too funny..I subscribed ur channel today..finally cs I laughed till tears rolled out of my eyes…oberoi .Taj were soap brands..they even hv hotels 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  2. Awesome!
    Bhai, maar hi daloge kya…hasaa-hasaa k. Superb, I must say. Best thing about your performance is that it comes very naturally…. which actually connects and findles with our funny bones.

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