Disney Cruise in Alaska Review: Disney Wonder ~ Disney Cruise Line ~ Cruise Review [4K Ultra HD]

Watch a VIDEO REVIEW of a Disney Cruise Line vacation in Alaska in 4K Ultra HD.
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Specifically see the Disney Wonder, Inside Passage, orca whales, meet and greets with Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Dawes Glacier, the Frozen Deck Party, helicopter flight seeing and Meade glacial landing in Skagway, humpback whale watching in Juneau and an Exclusive Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan. ~ Visit Our Website:



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hey everyone you're watching popular cruisin in our video showcasing just what it's like to take a Disney cruise up to Alaska one feature that's not always available on every cruise ship is a promenade deck and the one onboard the Disney Wonder is fantastic for taking in the scenery of the inside message including spotting wildlife like these magnificent orca whales or of course dramatic features and icebergs and only on a Disney cruise can you do so while meeting and greeting Mickey Mouse and his friends on our itinerary we were able to nose in towards the Dawn's glacier as you can imagine the surrounding scenery is spectacular especially from such a stunning ship naturally full of lots of character even including an Alaska appropriate frozen date party featuring olefin his entire crew [Applause] Thanks perhaps to some Disney magic we were blessed with outstanding weather in Skagway for our helicopter port adventure that took us up one over the Disney Wonder itself as well as the mountainous landscape one could even describe this ride as Sauron over Alaska before landing on me glacier here the sights were truly breathtaking and our guides pointed out all the best spots and then we're off again to return to record seen here once more from above if you're interested in booking a Disney cruise like this for yourself we recommend our sponsor fairy godmother vacations who will magically handle all your trip planning needs at no extra cost so for your free quote just click on the link in the description box or head to the website call the number or message the email address below the space continue to be clear for us in Juneau where we next embarked on only watching excursion to see several humpbacks up close and personal as well as playful sea lions in a majestic bald eagle before saying goodbye to our whale friends but if you want even more wheels there are those on board that will poor Alaskan Brewing Company be for you even in Ketchikan the rain capital of the world we managed to stay dry to take a funicular ride to see the more of the Disney Wonder as well as fan Creek Street here even enjoy Disney's exclusive version of the town's popular lumberjack show including additional interactivity for children and of his abide good for you to warm up the crowd why are two professional Lumberjacks taking over and further inviting kids to participate the competition is playfully fierce and even includes a local canine friend before a splish-splash finale needless to say with Disney cruise line it was all very fun thanks for watching please feel free to subscribe to our channel watch our other videos have is a popular koozai.com you

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  1. Just curios when this was filmed. We did an Alaskan cruise in June but unfortunately, not on Disney. We're were on the Princess ship you can see in the background on your helicopter tour behind the Wonder. No where near as magical…

  2. Hi!!! I was the helper on the Dawson Creek side at the Lumberjack Show. I’m glad you had such a fun cruise. The Wonder is one of my favorites to come into port every week, and it’s wonderful to hear how much visitors love our gorgeous state. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  3. I’m from Ketchikan Alaska!! I worked at the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show for one summer, The Fish House for multiple summers, Potlatch Park for one, and more! All in 2012-2015. If you went there between those years you probably saw me. 😉

  4. Omg I’m so happy you made this video I went on the Disney wonder last year to Alaska and it was 💯💯💯 great video. When we went, it was to Icey to go to the daws glacier, but we went to a different one. I have just one question. Who was you waiter/waitress?

  5. I just got off a Alaskan cruise
    DEFINITELY do the dog sledding it’s one of the best things ever
    Spend some time in Vancouver it’s really nice
    And if you have time to spare on the ship they hold bingo games(look out for call number B-11 trust me it’s hilarious) that are surprisingly the most fun thing to do on the ship in my opinion.

  6. We, literally, just returned from our Disney cruise to Alaska onboard the Wonder. We can’t say enough good things about this trip or the crew. Spicy, of our wait staff, made things especially great for us. She was absolutely amazing.
    Instead of the helicopter ride to the glacier, though, we took the train ride up the mountain. Unbelievable trip! We’ve already booked our next Disney cruise for next year. We can’t recommend a better cruise line. Wasn’t our first Disney cruise and it certainly won’t be our last!

  7. What dates were this filmed on? I was on a Princess cruise in June and we bumped into the Disney Wonder in Skagway. In fact in the Skagway footage (at 2:06) I can see the Star Princess in the background, the ship I went on…

  8. I priced Disney and Royal Caribbean. I booked Royal could not see paying $4,500 more to go on Disney and see the same stuff I seen from Royal. I think Disney is a RIP OFF

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