Continental Divide Trail Documentary: CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE

01:27 Mile One
15:07 Gila National Forest
18:39 Lost
29:14 Frozen Filters
33:46 Pie Town, NM
36:30 Mountain Lion
40:04 Wisdom Tooth
41:37 Back on Trail
45:21 Colorado
46:46 San Juans
57:45 Mummy
01:00:15 Lake Ann Pass
01:07:47 Mt Edwards to Grays Peak
01:14:32 Bushwack Alternate
01:17:56 Static
01:24:29 Moose
01:31:10 Wyoming
01:34:23 Basin
01:36:06 Wind River Range
01:41:01 Grizzly Country
01:46:43 Grizz
01:50:03 Yellowstone
01:54:56 Fire Alternate/Surgery
01:57:18 Bob Marshall Wilderness
02:02:15 Glacier National Park
02:14:32 Claire De Lune/Final Chapter

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when I decided to quit my job as an engineer and cash in on my retirement to hike the Appalachian Trail I had no idea that in just three years I'd be beginning the final leg of the Triple Crown of hiking that's what's so great though about deciding to design your own life anything can happen it's a word it feels starting of the Triple Crown trails it's the best way and I can't really describe it is it kind of feels like I've been reading a trilogy and you know how when you get to the last book I'm a really good trilogy you don't want it to end yet so it's like bittersweet when you get to finally put your hands on that third book and start it in this kind of how this feels to me is very exciting yeah a little sad but it's here so that just means we have to soak in every minute and enjoy all the weekend the CDP spans 3100 miles from Mexico to Canada across the continental divide and it passes through New Mexico Colorado Wyoming a little bit of Idaho and then through Montana first marker first sip of water is so exciting there's so many firsts again first struggling to put the water in his arms aren't as limber all right I've got a bet already rattlesnake in like Wynn will be the first rattlesnake smiles fresh is Right rules yeah what's your number I'm gonna say within the first ten miles okay okay so ten eleven and forty okay nope too late now for those of y'all who have followed my PCT and 80 through hax you'll probably recognize perk from being in those videos so we decided well of course we got to do the CDT now because it's one or three so anyway we're gonna knock this triple crown thing out together probably it wasn't the best decision to start at what figure out that your tent was upside down before I got over here was I'm gonna get evidence and then there's Aaron he's actually one of my friends from back home he is the one who's been editing my videos for about the past two years or so this year he decided he wanted to come along on the CD T the thing about Aaron this isn't just his first through hack this is actually his first backpacking trip so it's gonna be really fun to be around somebody that everything going on is the first thing for them you know the first hitch the first trail magic etc nothing ever goes perfectly as planned and I guess that makes it more of an adventure oh we ended up getting like eight and a half miles also I have had a headache all day I think I'm dehydrated and that's not really a good way to start off a trail in the desert but I didn't bring any extra water with me to drink while we were on the trip out here so I was holding off on drinking my water till he hit the trailhead because I wanted to have enough water to last to the first cache so just silly little mistakes all in all I think it was a good day and I'm really looking forward to what tomorrow will bring we just crossed mile 10 and have yet to see around snake or anything for that matter there really hasn't been much wildlife out here or any sign of life whatsoever so it's been pretty desolate this desert is much more brutal and I feel like unforgiving and prickly and just everything just more intense than the desert was on the PCT and so far there have been no natural water sources you know that just feels scary it just feels unnerving to know that you know without relying on these caches which are always taught not to do that it could be a pretty rude awakening out here but with us dry and as desolate as it is you know it's just something completely different than I've ever lived it and so you know it is enjoyable to see something completely different and to just you know have to adapt to the conditions that you're put in right now we're playing kind of the post across the desert yeah what I was seeing is yucca I think yeah I don't see the next post but although all of them have been kind of straight heads don't fly away my tent is still here perk is there but his tent got blown away last night Aaron's tint is still there just kidding yeah all by himself and it stayed seriously if I had a red lens on this phone tell me that it wouldn't look pretty much like you would imagine watching me now to show his appreciation crazy wasps go and get off of there it's like I'm drinking water and eating a steak at the same time does it really okay better than plastic water or town water honestly yes okay there goes a dust devil dang so that's what it was because we felt the San Blas so we got sandblasted but I didn't and it was like in a way and it felt like our life even with the stresses of the trail and how real they are if I had the option of you know being out here and dealing with all the things that could go wrong or sitting in a cubicle I definitely take this you know and all the ups and downs and and misery and Happiness getting back into this and getting used to the desert heat again and the wind and how dry everything is it's a taking some some grapping and oh no today it just hit me again like this is awesome like yeah it's desert like I'm howling the wilderness and I'm like experiencing something that a lot of people don't get to just took a couple of days of getting used to being getting back at it so make me really realize that and really start soaking in the beauty and the experience of all of it we hit mile 100 I think reaching the mile markers of like you know 100 miles 200 miles these are big morale boosters and then also seeing the terrain change because I feel like you're finally getting somewhere and that putting one foot in front of the others actually getting you closer and closer to your goal green screens get your greens the day is already starting off on a good foot because I get to put on clean socks we are now doing kind of a create your own alternate the CDT C says that an official thru-hike is a continuous footpath from Mexico to Canada within the Continental Divide corridor a lot of the CDT is still not completely mapped out and even the official trail in some areas does not have water sources so I mean even up to the point we've hiked already there are folks that have taken several different routes it really is more of a choose-your-own-adventure trail so there ends up being a road walk later to get to Silver City so we're gonna cut over on 90 and just do the road walk now basically the challenge is well we only have about a liter of water each and it's like 21 miles to town so it's about to get interesting we think that there's an RV park that used to be open on this road we don't know so I know we'll see what happens but pretty excited to be having all this 21 mile create your own alternate with one liter of water so I don't know either weird uh more adventurous we're both alright this already stinks three miles down RV park for say a little bit yay we're about 12 miles away from still don't really have a plan except just keep walking seen some cool things a mining area and you know several people's so it's been an interesting walk so far how are you feeling part how about you my knees are yelling so it seems as of now that I think we're all on the same page that we're gonna potentially try to just go on into Silver City which would make like a 28 mile day maybe not the smartest idea for our bodies but you know what these are the challenges that through hacks are made of so yeah sweet heavens there's the lots of town we made it to town Wow we just like to eight miles plus this is Erin's biggest day at almost 30 miles highest elevation to it's all of our biggest day on this trail perk has any blisters now we get to go walk a couple of miles to eat before they close in like 15 minutes victory this is what a hiker trash room looks like stuff for days I wonder how much money worth of gear is in this room right now this is another point where we are taking an alternate is called the Gila alternate so this section crosses the Gila River several times as you can see the terrine is gonna be different I think we're gonna be seeing a lot of ponds and it's nice to get you know a little something different and be out of the desert for a little while at least so perk and I are supposedly on the trail but as you can see we're on a hillside with no trail and loose rock and pine needles and branches but uh making progress that we think we hope that uh eventually the trail appears well I had my first fall of the CDT okay I didn't keep tumbling down the hill do you see a legit trail yay I just have to figure out how to get to you I see you well it's been a pretty chilly day and it's been kind of a rough day I think all of us got lost at some point and I fell down for my first CDT fall down and so did Aaron so we've only done about 14 and a half miles today which is a little disappointing but all things considered and everyone can still walk we're just gonna call it what it is and go ahead and set up camp some days are just this way and it feels like you battle the trail all day long and then some days are just lovely and you know I guess it was good all the time maybe it would get boring maybe not but you know the bad days make good stories so that's what matters is that right all right I'll leave you the good thing and the bad thing about this upcoming stretch I think like the next two days is that we are gonna be crossing the Gila River like two hundred times or something it's going from one extreme to the next you know dusty and dry to just second wet but that's okay Bridey is the spice of life so we're talking about Aaron's he is like mi aim right now we we got to the Gila and waited for like an hour and then now we've been sitting here at lunch a little bit further down the trail for at least half an hour and I don't know what these these crossings you really could go several different ways and around different trees and all that but there was a tricky part on the trail today where it looked like the trail kept going but it actually went downhill to the river and so we don't know if he kept going there we know at some point he got off trail because we had another guy passed us earlier that camped behind us last night he never saw anybody or a pack on trail kind of frustrating don't don't have service out here this is where it would be great if everybody had it in reach because then we could just all messages each other then center locations but unfortunately that's not the case so I think we'll just hang out a little bit longer and if we don't see him I don't know about to cross to this side apparently there are two people up there oh they'll be over on the other side yeah if they haven't seen Aaron then then we know for sure he's not on trial they're running over to meet this guy and ask him if he has by chance seen Aaron we just gotten his attention hopefully he's got some kind of news well apparently that fella hasn't seen Aaron either so by the time that we've sat and taken all these long breaks oh I don't know I mean he may have had time to bushwhack and get ahead but I don't know what to do at this point we don't know for sure if he got off trail where he would have gotten off trail and if he tried to cut down a steep hill to just come down to the river without backtracking on the wrong trail then I mean we could just not even end up intersecting him anyway so at this point I think we'll keep going kind of slow today get to camp get to dock Campbell's tomorrow and if he isn't already there hasn't shown up in a couple hours after us then I'm gonna call somebody cuz if he didn't make it to the river then he doesn't have water so I don't know starting to start a really worried though starting to kind of freak out a little bit what I'm afraid of is that he's decided to correct his mistake instead of backtracking try to come down to the river on one of these slopes and as you can see that might not be a great idea so she's hoping he hasn't done that and got hurt I've messaged Aaron Alma in reach also so if he does beat us to doc Campbell's he should get signal from there and be able to send a message back that says you know he's alright so hoping that we're covering all of our bases well it is really starting to wear on me that we haven't seen Aaron yet I was hoping that somehow maybe he got up ahead of us and that we'd run into him but it's already like 5:30 in the afternoon so that means it's it's been 8 hours since we saw him last I really am getting worried I just wish this wasn't a section of trail where we all had cell service that would be they'd be wonderful but huh I mean chances are everything is okay but you know just I don't know it still just worries me but I mean it did that if that path upstream along the creek you know it'd be assumed that was a river yeah and it kept going yeah unless you notice there are more footprints no I don't know and there could be because people could so I'm just gonna walk the highway and then how long would it take him to get serviced because then he could message me on go hooks if you answer our Guk's the in range yeah I don't know places right I think doc Campbell's does though so if he gets there before us he can message us on the in reach last night when I set up camp I decided to message Aaron's mom because normally I message like a certain group of folks every night and let them know like hey we're all safe we're all at camp because I have thin reach and so I couldn't very well send a message saying that and be dishonest and in plus I think it's important for somebody's family to know what is going on with a person and you know I'm not gonna keep that from them I was hoping that she would take it well and not be too upset because you know it could just very easily be that he took a different route or was still behind us or whatever so anyway I messaged her and she did seem worried but okay but she messaged me and let me know at about 12:30 or so midnight Aaron made it to Campbells apparently he had quite the adventure ended up going up and down the mountain he said he did cross a creek or a river several times went over some passes and then hit the road and realized okay I've messed up so he did like a 15 mile road walk to get to talk Campbell's and he got there her out midnight so he not hiked and hiked a lot more miles than we did that day but because of that side Trek he's the only one who's gotten to see a rattlesnake so he said about a mile into the roadblock he saw the rattlesnake that's something else ain't it but uh we're just happy he's okay and we're all back together now we have had to work with our mouths today I think we've crossed the river about 80 times like just today and hadn't even quite gotten 15 miles so I guess when we get back on regular ground we'll have to make up for some of this river walk in time [Applause] what you looking at this Middle Fork section of the Gila River alternate has been amazing like majestic just the cliffs and just the variation and terrain from rock to greenery to water to sand to all of it it's just everything all at one time and it's absolutely beautiful it feels like a postcard I just can't stop taking pictures it's definitely the prettiest section of trail I've seen so far and I'm sure the CDT is just gonna continue to get prettier and prettier do the winsome that I can and I know folks might wonder well why on earth would you want to not hack you know and and in this instance we wanted to camp next to water but we also wanted to make decent mouths for the day and we played hard so it was time to work hard nice to see the terrain in the dark and see the stars in the moon because you know a lot of times we just cotton up in our tents and you know go to bed and don't really take in the beauty of all that and so it's always fun to mix it up but I know a lot of people knock not hacking and I'm just saying go not get to you track first trail not hike and successful no you can't even see anybody but they're here and this is our home for the night in the middle of Tufte grass and cows and a pond that is frost on my tent and I reckon my sires probably busted cos there's us right this is why you sleep with it when you know it's gonna be cold but didn't know it was gonna be that cold last night we decided to not hack to get to this water source because it's the last water source for for sure 13 miles but we think potentially like 23 but Aaron's Sawyer and my Sawyer we're both frozen if I had known that I was gonna freeze her had even thought that it was I would have probably put in a ziplock bag and put it at least you know up under my sleeping bag or inside my sleeping bag up my feet or whatever but hindsight's 20/20 so I did bobble the water and filter it through a bandana that I used for breakfast Aaron has some tablets but you know those make you not be able to drink it for like four hours but it is pretty funny going from almost too much water back again to barely any and looking at that hooks it appears that for the next three year however many days we have left to pat down a lot of the water sources are kill ponds and really feel comfortable drinking out of a pond that cows have access to you to crap in with no filter and I don't have three backup filters on me I do still have fuel in my fuel cancer anyway I carried a backup of everything my pack would be extremely extremely heavy and make it work so you pack your fears and I guess bad water is it what I think what I'm gonna do 40 miles south of PI town is highway 12 and it's a 28 mile hitch to reserve New Mexico so I was trying to avoid that and just go straight to patch Allen but considering recent events plans have changed I think that's a better idea then just see how long I can go before he can see it would be great if they had a jar store with some filters but uh if not I'll have hopefully bleach it's like put a couple drops in a liter luckily the lodge in reserve offers a shuttling service they just have to text them when we think we're about an hour out this is an example of just adapting and doing what works to get you by so you can get somewhere and figure it out they're here had my bleach for breakfast this morning and it's gonna run it through run the bleach Cal pond water through my filter because it seems to be still taking out dirt and I wish that there was like a good way to test the Sawyer and find out if indeed it's destroyed from being frozen or not got a relatively easy path into pat-down I don't think it's gonna be too many climbs or too you know bigger drops it's just gonna be a nice little path so shouldn't be hard to knock out some miles and still get there at a decent time have you ever shaved your head in the mirror of a toaster before so here's my little bunk the toaster house and I just noticed looked up and felt that watched feeling the best thing about staying at hostel was seeing all of the other hackers because out on trail we really haven't run into any and so it was just really nice to sit around and talk to people about the things that we've been going through it from the first few hundred miles and some folks were sitting around picking in and playing music and I don't know it was just a really good time and kind of revived my spirit further through hikes it's getting to see like hey there are other people out here you know there are other people going through the same thing yeah they came in I wonder what that is whatever it is I mean it's pretty big good morning going out huh holy crap Emily y'all I just saw a freaking mountain line I don't I didn't know what to do so I blew the harmonica that I have that I've been practicing mary had a little lamb boys I've said it before and I'll say it again but you're not a real through hiker unless you've crapped your pants look lady I didn't face the mountain lion today I'm not afraid of you and now we're back to kind of desert us terrain but the ground is looking a little more red and I noticed we could see the Colorado mountains yesterday I'm gonna sit a little bit more more red in those mountains that I could see so pretty excited for even more in water he's got 50 miles until get off trail for my sister's graduation for about a week or so on every through hike I've done I've had to go home for graduation so I'm not sure what it would be like to have a thru-hike where I didn't have to leave in May and go home and honestly it's a very bittersweet feeling so just have to knock out this 50 miles today tomorrow and the next day so it shouldn't be too bad would you look at that Big Bertha Aaron was going a little bit slower because he's got a shin that's bothering him so this week of break coming up is gonna be good time walking through the airport I'm like my hands where did I leave my trekking poles but yeah the morning of my sister's graduation my face betrayed me and decided to swell up and I started having just this very achy pain back in one of my wisdom teeth so I went to the dentist and they ended up having to pull the tooth you bopping around doing and it was like everyone like you're done it was like we all are really efficient you told him that I expected that I would have about a week off trail but it ended up turning into two and that's because I developed a dry socket and for me it was the most painful thing that I've ever experienced so I had to go to the dentist after a few days and get it packed with some clove oil stuff anyway it could develop into a dry socket again so I am taking a risk by being out here the scene before it actually heals up completely but I do have some clove oil with me and cotton balls which are considered a home remedy for dry sockets and I'll be flushing it and rinsing my mouth with salt water and following all the rules and just after all of that ruckus I'm like now that I'm back out on trail maybe finally things will start looking up a little bit and life will take it a little bit easy it's moving outside we just got dropped off there's ride back they're back at it new hats new attitudes new everything [Applause] well going from Alabama which I think where I live it I know it's below a thousand feet but probably seven to nine hundred and coming up to ten thousand feet elevation and above after two weeks of being at the lower elevation has definitely taken its toll on me it's like I cannot breathe and we didn't start till late now afternoon yesterday I only put in about eight and a half miles which we were fine with just hiked till dark but they're a bit more clams today and even higher in elevation and whoo today's gonna be about a 15-mile day and that's giving it all I got and currently in longest stretch of water carry we've had since I've been back on which is about eleven and a half miles so just wonderful combination but I think that my body will adjust a lot faster – you know hacking and doing bigger miles the good news is getting back on in such a beautiful area you know not in the desert for example like I did on the PCT it is definitely a morale booster you know everything around me is beautiful so even though it hurts it's still nice to look at wow this is the first view in Colorado oh it feels so good to be in Colorado for several reasons obviously because you know one state down but Colorado is the state that I was living in when I decided to just get out of the rat race to cash in on my retirement and start through hiking you know and I decided I was going to start with eighteen and so it's kind of cool that on the last leg of this Triple Crown journey that I'm coming through Colorado again since its kind of where it all begins so the state is special for me for several reasons but uh now it's just another reason why it's gonna be special so hopefully it'll treat us well this last stretch has definitely been tough getting back on trail and you know I haven't felt 100% but I'm still so happy to be back and just to across another milestone and ready to see you at Colorado Holt I got first word from this year's hackers on the San Juans and they are folks who hiked the PCT northbound last year so they went through the Sierra Nevada in a hostile year and they said that the stuff that they've seen is just as bad as some areas a clinching moment gnarlie was their word and they did say that the rivers aren't as bad but getting a little anxious about that though but I'm sure it's gonna be beautiful regardless huh I just am NOT looking forward to it being quite as gnarly but uh but I guess time will tell turns out the San Juan National Forest according to my mom he just messaged me on the inReach is closed due to the wildfire near Durango you're really sure what I'm supposed to do at this point but uh yeah there you go there are basically three different alternates that we could take to get out of here as of right now I'm kind of leaning more towards the blue route for safety purposes and it's mainly for service roads that finally lead up to the highway that goes into South Fork Colorado but this really stinks well this was a bit of a pucker moment just hard transitioning from snow to steep ground like this that's kind of loose rock and you know no not falling down I mean you wouldn't die here but it wouldn't feel good there or across they're out there and get that probably just gonna climb up and sleep there's a better place across right this is my cowboy camping spot I am on like one of those emergency space blankets that I brought to cowboy camp on and there's all my stuff strode out right now and then there's Aaron tucked away over there in the bushes that's his cowboy camping spot we heard that there is a really scary spot coming up so we're gonna try to get up early and go with it only got about a few more miles till uh till we hit this supposed sketchy spot I'm a little nervous about it probably wouldn't have even thought as much about it if I hadn't gotten word about that particular spot and I'm sure that I've done scarier stuff probably in the Sierra Nevada but you just never know now do it in a Scottish accent hey dancy part of mountain I'm thinking that that little pass right there is it then you get to the rock over there Oh oh my gosh okay this is on top of the scary part it doesn't probably look that scarred for scary from where I'm at but so that's what I'm gonna go down and that's what we should have traversed right there but I just came up this round right here and I'm shaking now the scariest part of all this is like this rock is so loose cuz the soil is really damp and they're not like huge rocks so you step on the wrong one and you might as well take a breather and enjoy it aren't you doing join the view yeah the last view getting these gravel in your butt crack sliding down the No all right that's why I just came down from still shaken this is where we go next which looks pretty scary but not as bad as either spot [Applause] yeah yeah it was sweet oh there's one of the dogs so maybe they're making it alright ho oh oh no oh there goes one of the dogs oh it made it it started falling at one part oh my god alright second dog oh no oh no oh no oh my gosh oh oh my gosh okay I think I think they got it oh my that dog does not care that dog is like I will go down this ravine I will glissade charlie alright so this is the junction elwood past the blue route and got hooks and sure enough the sign is saying that the National Forest is closed and that the only legal way to get there is to take the blue route through South Fork so it is pretty unfortunate that we're only gonna get like a taste of the San Juans and I am bummed out by it but it's just one of those things that you have to deal with on a certain high you've got to accept it and and push on and it's interesting to me because I think Erin was a little bit more bummed out about it than I was and this being his first through hike it makes sense because he's like oh my gosh she's such a beautiful area and it stinks that we're not going to get to see more of it and it does but like the ultimate goal is Canada and we're gonna get to see the Wind River Range and the rest of Colorado is gonna be beautiful and you know we can always come back and see the San Juans and and do you know the whole loop I don't know for me you know it's this hiccup isn't stopping our progress or our continuous footstep to Canada so I'm relieved about leaving the South San Juan wilderness like I said while I am disappointed because this is one of the biggest highlights of this trail we did get a taste of it we did get to see some of it and our ultimate goal of finishing the through hike is not being impeded so I'm just really glad that what we have seen of the San Juans has been like paradise and it hasn't been extremely smoky we're actually will the sea views even though they're a little hazy so it could be a lot worse I'm just ready to get this road walking out of the way and get back on the official CDT and enjoy some mountains again this morning I was thinking about a story that I was told when I was a little girl and that's it when you're born somewhere in the world a mummy starts coming for you every step that you take or trip that you drive on or you know when you fly in a plane somewhere the mummy has to walk everywhere you go and the mummy walks real slow you know step by step so as long as you're traveling and staying active and on the go and exploring then the money's got a lot of work cut out for him he's got a walk and walk and walk but one day and you're sitting there and you've gotten stagnant and you don't go anymore you don't explore anymore and you're just sitting there all pitiful the mummys gonna walk up to you out of breath and he's gonna say and then that's the day that you die pretty morbid for you know a kid I guess but that's the story that I heard when I was little and you know I was thinking about it today I'm like whoa well my mummy boy he's gonna love going up and over all these mountains I've had to go up and over but whatever you do in life make sure that you're taking that mummy for a ride and making him work for every minute of it before he catches you we know that far down but still home to fall that will wake you up I wish I had noticed the paper was still in the cheese before I bit into it so I thought maybe I should go up there and then try to find a way around the snow but stepping over here a little bit further I can see I can probably get down there now oh my gosh all look what just came up over that little Ridge holy go to moly so back to my analysis I'm saying I should probably step down that way because if I fall at least I'm kind of on the loose rock that looks like it won't slide forever but there's the trail down there so you can see here where I don't want to step over the edge of this that's the cornice so that's gonna be unstable right on the edge and OH fall off before I get a good step in probably knowing me and in doing all this not get attacked by I probably shouldn't be demonstrating this while I'm walking but this is why I hate scree you can see how loose it is and then when I step here and all these rocks move all these rocks move which are attached to this big o clump of snow above me so a little bit stressful so I'd rather walk on snow than rock because on this mess ain't no stableness only it could be the mountain goat this is amazing oh I feel like this is one of those video games where the ground is it falls beneath your feet you got a step no balls okay all right all right so that's where I just came down that little cut right there doesn't look so bad does it okay so here's a junction where I'm about to go up hope pass and they don't waste any time just going straight on up the mountain I believe this is like 2,400 feet over 2.3 miles something like that one thing I've noticed that these higher elevations is at my little coffee packets puff up and potato chips and stuff like that they're under pressure a man today that I have no idea where he came from but he didn't have anything with him not a daypack not anything not even a bottle of water but he had a flass water which really wouldn't be the bad luxury item right now not really sure what not to touch here huh check that out little like dwellings from concrete this is probably what I'm not supposed to be touching well we decided to take this dirt road that parallels the trail but doesn't go quite as high because the weather it's not brilliant to be up on you know the highest point of a ridge when the weather is bad which I've said before so we took this route it's been okay but now getting some liquid sunshine so I have to rearrange all the things you don't wanna get wet I was debating whether or not I should try my new gloves out that are waterproof and then I was like little snacks are important for hypothermia and errands well warmth is too so and he needs to quit being so logical hmm it looks it looks pretty rough back there still pretty though but rough it's hoping some sunshine will poke out somewhere but no such luck so far all right as I'm getting closer and closer to the saddle the clouds are really starting to clear up still kind of threatening that way but look at much much better Colorado has been wonderful the thing out here is that thunderstorms you can just kind of really roll in any time a lot of the trail is above treeline in Colorado and I've learned that the best thing that you can do out here as the thru-hikers just try to get up and over those Peaks as fast as you can if I always avoided that in the afternoon I'd never get any miles hot and I'd never get to canvas now Edwards and way up there is a cairn and this summit of it and then somewhere we'll follow the trail over there to Gray's peak which is a 14 er and it's the highest point on the official CDT all right this is the set of doors this little bitty Ridge right here is the trail and here's Gray's peak where we're going but this is kind of intense here I'm glad it's not super windy or raining yet you know we do have some clouds and it's just insane cuz we came from down there but uh it's not a bad view not a bad view [Applause] just on this little Ridge here with a rock gonna peak there oh man it's actually starting to snow a little bit gotten some flurries Oh crossover there's hope over there in the distance yeah we got into a little low spot so better than the highest thing upon a fourteener nastiness is gone there's a little bit that way still but you think we can probably beat up and over this we've got less than a mile to the top right there but you know the bad clouds for the most part of going that way oh I guess yay first fourteener 1,200 feet per mile holding it like I'm not even trying to do that my muscles are just like yep we worked hard today we found out there is a fire closure ahead just a couple of miles here and the CD T C does have a suggested alternate but I don't know we're kind of thinking about doing a create your own alternate which might involve a two-mile bushwhack so you know Aaron's really good at the australe bushwhacking experiences so you know I don't know I think we might go for that but we'll see what happens all right so this is the valley that we are going to follow a creek push wagon down into that and then we finally connect with the dirt road somewhere down there this is to get around the fire closure but honestly it's probably at a good time because these clouds are rolling up I heard a little thunder earlier and again this is not somewhere up here that you want to be when the thunder and lightning decides to roll in y'all are wondering how we knew where to go to do this kind of create our own alternate basically we looked at gut hook sand you know you can see the topo map in there and we were able to see that this Creek ran down to a road and we were able to see that it wasn't too terribly steep it looks like we could probably just follow the creek and not get lost through some of this start at least like a little animal path that uh at least get an idea well no one descended but good idea of where they go I reckon this was an old road that's been eroded but hopefully this will meet back up with the dirt road Woods Creek Road that uh we're aiming to get to you according to Gus we are on the dirt road and I think it's you know it used to be a dirt road but at some point this connects with highway 40 so hopefully between here and there it will be a better dirt road I guess we'll see alright looks like we have found the dirt road and I just love it when a plan comes together all right so now we hit the highway there's our uphill – birthday pass to keep climbing this peach we are back on trail just in time for a thunderstorm and some rain up on a higher peak well at least originally we're not at the peak yet but let's Colorado for you I reckon we took a little break and it seemed to be getting a little better clearing up so we went ahead and made our way to the top of Mount flora all right so this is not good I don't think that's supposed to be happening to my hair from just standing here so we need to get down it makes me nervous because I feel like the higher we get the more the static and like yeah that is the middle of my trekking Pole with static there are no treaties like I will say once this is over well we have made it so far just got to the top of this 13,000 peak and gonna go really fast downhill he just kind of in a bind because we're in the area that's so exposed that I mean when we are a point for from the top of this peak you know when it kind of really started Thunder pretty bad if my hair started getting all staticky and so it's kind of like we could turn around and head back down where we came from but it's just as far to pretty much get up and over this and there might be closer trees on this side than there was on the other side Oh Oh with you it's morning time and I'm hoping that today is a little more normal only have one steep climb which I'm currently on and that's why I'm huffin and puffin we'll see how many miles I'm able to do today and weather storms kind of perfect then my house that I would like to make but I'm open I'm hoping today is gonna be a clear day all day just a mile to the top up that way I tell you what it's a whole lot better climbing this peak today not seeing thunderstorms rolling in just just wipe pretty clouds in the sky so it's a nice change and if the sunshine keeps up I might even get to sit at the top of the club and enjoy the break that I've earned Nikki seriously I can't even make this up I'm like a quarter-mile from the top and this rolls over looks like they're our blue skies but on the other side and I have I heard any thunder but it's just literally exposed for miles here and you can see some trees on those distant ridges but just what I'm saying like sometimes you get up here and in these situations and the best thing you can do is just keep trucking on the path and you know get get down get down thunderstorm is overhead and drawing your hair up to it yeah let's let's get over this peak that's probably be good made it up and over James Pete have lunch a little while ago and now you can see how beautiful the sky looks you just don't ever know out here and again it is sundering we just saw some Lightning coming back from that way and hearing some thunder from the last little like xposed gonna be loud through the treeline I'm just sitting here taking a break on this climb and heard a hacker came by and said I just wanted to let you know I saw this thing move ahead of me and I was like wow that's the biggest groundhog I've ever seen and then I realized it's a baby bear and so he said to him it just wasn't worth it and he didn't want to find mama so he turned around and came back but anyway sitting here taking a break and then I'm gonna push on and he was kind of like in case you want to turn back you know you'll just be advised that there are bears ahead and I was like well I'm kind of like in the CDT and I have to go that way so but good to know at least you know I can at least not be startled by the situation and maybe I'll play some music and sing out loud or something just you know I don't mind seeing bears and it's it's cool when you do but a mom and a cub is always an iffy thing you just don't know how she's gonna take your presence so I'll probably be jamming out to some t-swift or something like that something obnoxious so to scare bears away holy crap I'm sitting right on the trail Oh it's got a little goatee birdy that is not pretty heading up to peak all right so up there is Park View lookout I heard there's an emergency cabinet there about two miles from the top I'm gonna make sure I keep hanging out around some trees until this dark cloud blows over but probably won't be long and then those haven't get up there there will be another but all you can do is try here you know just trying to wait out the cloud and rail on your bridges missile hail looks like some ugliness still but there's a ray of hope and blue skies I really hope that doesn't go I mean should we go ahead and run up well I'm gonna tell you if that comes over here I'm gonna be running down further to cut better trees I really don't wanna have to climb in this hill again though from the room oh no but I think when this mass passes here we should probably make a run it's kind of clear ish definitely still some dark clouds in the sky nearby but decided to go ahead and make a run for it try to get at this mountain before something really bad rolls right over us so hopefully definitely we can do it we sat hiding out for probably two hours or so so we're definitely gonna have to not hide tonight now the good news is I think this is the last like big long big peak of time being exposed in this thing so that's a good thing hopefully the next 150 miles or we have left we can actually hack regardless of the thunder lightning because won't be up so high and so expose blue skies over there but look over there and it's getting pretty ugly over there get down the tree line with a quickness Oh God them this it's hard hey guys oh oh you didn't even hear me I'm sorry oh it's okay oh no I started a stampede I don't know how they didn't hear me talking before it's okay oh wow I've got about three-quarters of a mile to the top of this climb and this is the last at least noticeable climb in Colorado pretty pretty happy about that and you know we complained about the thunderstorms hitting us on the open peaks here and in New Mexico we complained about cow pond water and no shade and so Aaron said the other day I can't wait to see what we complain about when we're in Wyoming and you know I am really excited to see what Wyoming has to offer Beauty and the Wind River Range and all that but I really am excited to see what challenges it holds as well and like Aaron said what will complain about [Laughter] welcome to Wyoming the blowdown say welcome I've heard there are a ton of blow downs in this next couple miles section due to beetle kill and unfortunately so far the rumors haven't disappointed somebody called it Wyoming's slowest two-mile hurdle race and I think that's a great description okay you go and here is the defined line where it stops being Colorado scenery and starts being wet I'm vision this part of Wyoming would look like I thought it never rained in Wyoming but that was just Colorado there is no trail on so I just have to kind of keep walking just hope that the storm doesn't come holy cow hopefully that doesn't come any closer oh alright I decided to crouch down in this more or less kind of ditch cuz this lightning is coming kind of right overhead and then just behind me back there so I thought this was over in Colorado look at that Aaron and I had planned on doing the 24-hour challenge this stretch because it's pretty flat and the reason I went ahead and left is I have to make it to Lander by a certain day because my boyfriend Kyle and my brother Dakota are coming out to hike for a while with me and so I wanted to make sure that I could get there by the day that they're supposed to be in town well he still hasn't left town yet so it's just not gonna work out this stretch and I am kind of bummed but you know the saying goes the trail provides so I've actually been hiking around this group of five people and they're all 40 and above so for all y'all who are like oh I'm too old and I'm 50 we've got people in this group including myself from each like decades so we got 30s well you got 40s and then 50s and 60s and I mean I could have done the challenge alone but I don't I don't really want to it's kind of one of the nice things about the trail you're on the trail and you're living this lifestyle you can basically do whatever you want you know that's the freedom of through hiking is getting to do exactly what you want everyday and meanwhile work towards this bigger picture goal of completing a thru-hike for the Triple Crown oh boy all right now it's sleeting / snow eating / thunder and lightning very very frightening oh mama mia yeah WEEE idea okay let's try this again oh my gosh I'm so glad that is over hey Dakota mom's never gonna let me take you back packing again that de soon really was Hale when northbound CDC hackers come through Lander that's usually where they go ahead and grab bear spray because once you get out of the basin start heading into the winds and up towards Yellowstone it's just greatest country so start now we're gonna go ahead and practice you know Griz safety as far as trying to stick together as much as possible carrying this bear spray with me to go to the bathroom I'm will cuddle it at night and also food is gonna be a very important thing in the way we manage that so I think probably at least a mile before we decide to stop for camp we're gonna stop and cook dinner that way it's not like the Oh Romo of this wonderful food drawn the Bears into our camp area and then also we'll hang a bag you know a ways away from camp and just kind of gotten eyes and crossing the T's in Grizz country it's just not a place to play around everything was pretty frosted over and it's still pretty chilly this morning I think Falls kind of you know that's kind of a little unnerving the fact that it hasn't really quite warmed up yet it's after 10 a.m. it's just a little like it's okay just gonna have to race this note Canada again they both this one feels like it's about to rip in half my brothers Achilles started flaring up real bad he's got tendinitis in both of them we were hoping that by some miracle in town when we took his arrow that it would magically feel better but alas it did not Kyle will probably instead of hiking be like supporting and you know meeting us at towns or road crossings and such as that and well here I am on my first night of sleeping alone in Chris country honestly this isn't like the heart of Grizz country so it's really not that big of a deal statistically the odds are in my favor but just saying my bear spray is probably gonna be my cuddle buddy until Canada I have officially done it I have made myself sick of the mountain house backpacker meals like scrambled eggs and yes even the breakfast skillet and I'm sick of pop-tarts so this morning I'm having couscous I'm just gonna start eating dinners all those two and on the TA in New Zealand I just mooney breakfast is it just me or is that like a really green turd that is the cutest little print ever look how small it is and then these little bird prints so cool how these prints tell a story oh my god keep in mind this is immense 11 and that is a bear print whoo Oh oh boy all right well I guess he or she turned off and went up that way because uh they don't continue so guess that's kind of good now the prince told a story of a bear that came through and a scared human I was noticing the post-apocalyptic looking sunset and sunrise this morning and I thought you know this usually god bless a milk cow I just rounded this bush and this guy girl is standing there oh did I scare you as much as you scared me I reckon so I am a little nervous and I think that that's probably pretty obvious uh you know though I will say in the face of Grizz country and the fact that my biggest fear for this thru-hike was being alone Inger is country bit I think a lot of living life to the fullest is facing fears and as long as they don't kill you uh you know it makes you a stronger person I ended up meeting up with Erin we stayed here last night at Brooks Lake Campground and struggled to find the bear box that's down there next to the picnic table cuz we figured each campsite would have one but in the dark I can't really see that far but we finally finally found it and we are Yellowstone bound probably won't be there for a couple of days like as far as actually crossing the boundary so you see some kind of like dog print there but that footprint Emily put your for reference yeah so that bear print we think might be a baby which is like the worst thing that I think could happen is to run into a mom and her baby so maybe it's just a teenager one but we're really hoping this is a very neglectful mother yes you can see there the pad the little toes and then the big old fingernails and says he can take it I just said I just said the footprints not that big do you staying with that thing he's like moving it'd be wagging your tail Oh God I don't know if I like that he is drilling in the ground with that thing do you see him is he is he laying eggs I think I have an ingrown toenail and I think it's getting infected and it actually looks like my right toenail it's starting to do the same thing so I'm hoping I can hitch somewhere to go ahead and have that taken care of coming down this clown I see some surprise I'm gonna tell it there more press than the last Packer that came through here based on shoes I'm saying but I can't [Applause] I just saw a bear through the trees over there just it's alright cannot tell you what kind of dad always you got hollered out and that's not me okay and y'all can see that they moving through the trees okay it's the phone booth to the head your home all right I can like that one off the bucket list I think I'm gonna start walking back up towards where Aaron is just because I don't really want to sit around here and you know wait for the bear to decide it wants to come on this side of the creek but as I was approaching the water I was like you know these shrubs would be a really good hiding spot and a lot of the folks that I've talked to you have seen bears near water which makes sense they get thirsty too and so anyway I just kind of yelled out hey bear and then I saw something moving in the trees so so it might know that I'm around and just chose to mosey off but just in case I'll mosey off so there is the blood of the previous hiker that came through it was kind of alarming to walk up and see that though I'm honestly pretty relieved that I saw a grizzly bear it kind of happened perfectly like you know it was far enough away that I didn't feel in immediate danger and also close enough to where I could actually see what it was and identify you know yes this is in fact a great isn't know it's like it's been my biggest fear like seeing a grizzly bear alone and and I did it and I didn't crap my pants and I didn't fall over and have a heart attack and die so you know I'll consider it a success I mean there are still a lot of miles ahead in grizzly country you know all the way to Canada but I don't know now that it no it's done I'm a lot more relaxed about it it got to hurting so bad and I just barely touched the edge of it with tweezers and that nastiness came out I hope and it's gonna help relieve some pressure though I think I'm just gonna go ahead into a town and try to go to either an urgent care or ER I just feel like with how puffy they're getting and pus coming out I just I need to probably need to be on some antibiotics so that wouldn't be a bad thing to carry in the future getting pretty steamy this is so cool huh look it's like little volcanoes that's so cold just like hot tubs look at it bubble in it right there you see it mm-hmm I mean they know like to put these signs because this is too much like I want to walk over it I want to walk right there don't you starting a fire with Oh yay all that fern uh home and getting to see Old Faithful it was something I had wanted to do since I was a little girl and you know honestly the lone star geyser was a little bit more impressive at least in duration but you know both were really neat and it was kind of cool at Old Faithful just how into it the crowd guy you know there are so many people that gathered up there to watch it together and and then I don't know just kind of went on about their separate ways but just the excitement of before it started those a pretty neat experience then as we were leaving the park there was a little walkway and on the pathway there were other geysers and Springs and pools and it is by far my favorite National Park that I have backpacked in I don't know it was just incredible oh hey God mighty Jesus that's what that was it is raining again I'm about to brave the storm and today is my first day trying out these sweet Showa hey what for weather advisory yes even though it's technically still summer was issued for parts of Montana and Wyoming until 6 a.m. Tuesday morning got its first snowfall of the year yesterday they are seeing a record cool air mass they had record cool highs broken in parts of Idaho and Montana a nun seasonably cold storm system dropping several inches of snow in parts of Wyoming Montana and Idaho the first snow of the season and more is expected for areas above 6000 feet I have a podiatrist appointment in anaconda on Thursday so gonna go ahead and in there oh that feels great on the toenails calm and they said that they can go ahead and cut them out so excited hopefully I won't have to be laid up for more than a day or so I know that there are a couple closures ahead north of Lima somewhere so I think we're gonna meet perk in llama and probably construct our own alternate kind of deal he was talking about doing it through beaver head Deer Lodge national force that way we're not just like on a highway or something like that we get to enjoy some wilderness area that's one of my favorite things about this trail is that it's very much you know choose your own adventure like I've mentioned before it's kind of exciting feels very well adventurous well tell you the worst part of a shot right here is the fluid going in yeah how you doing okay your dream job my sister texted me and she's like how long are you taking off before you know you start back to let your toes heal up and I was like well I'm actually starting back hiking today because the snow in Canada is not going to wait for a wimp I think this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen eeny meeny miny moe which way does the CDT go this way that way I don't know just just gotta go back to Mexico start over or just flip the coin you know okay heads is left what's tails anyway so nice we go so you go right okay it's an exciting moment signs of civilization midnight snack seeing cool things in the Bob Marshall wilderness you live in a scary place what is that first bear print of the Bob Marshall it's a little mashed up and it's it's very small but I think these little mud pits are telling look at those claws do you think maybe that's a bear print backwards not sure what these are but rather see the prints instead of them I think it's so crazy to believe that after the stretch we'll only have about a hundred miles left like oh I just I don't know it's it is really bittersweet like I'm I think I would be more sad that this is about to come to an end if it wasn't so cold but now that it's cold and the Grizzlies are getting hungrier and hungrier I'm like okay yeah it's it's time to get to Canada now this looks fake it's The Truman Show yeah it looks like if we walk far enough we'll hit the backdrop they've been watching us and that's why every time we get close to Canada its storms on us it rains and snows there trying to keep us from hitting the backdrop this means the devil's beaten his wife with a frying pan at least that's what they say back home when it's raining and the Sun is out did you find the CDT yep perfect [Applause] hey you that's right this morning Aaron ended up leaving camp before me and perk and stayed on the official CDT and missed the turnoff for a lay alternate and I heard from him earlier and apparently he's up above 6800 feet and it is snowing there holy snow bully Park awesome reaction of first real snow it's just a dusting today we will be reaching East Glacier Village and it's like Grand Central Station for the North bounders who are about to finish or the ones who have finished officially entering Glacier National Park it has been pretty much snowing or raining non-stop since we've been in here in town which means it's probably all snow up at the higher elevations and the mountains and I know that they've gotten definitely more than a dusting I know that we could road walk from here from East Glacier and have a completely safe walk to finish and to have the through hike and for me and park the Triple Crown but I just you know I don't want to do that unless I have to but we can't know what it looks like until we get up there and just kind of go for it here so we'll see here we are in Glacier first not about to not hack the weather outside is frightful so delightful long as you love me so sure foolish shoes are definitely frozen Aaron your tents got something on it yeah you almost got it all well I'm relieved to see that was here recently that there are no Griz prints or any bear prints here so you weren't dancing around trying to get our feet on that that's kind of comforting because apparently this is a high frequented grizzly area well just as I was rounding this corner to leave the camping area and over there by where the yellow sign is it's like fair warning there was a brown bear walking down that path over there past the sign and it just like mosey it on down the trail but who that'll get your blood pumping early in the morning and how accurate is that that's sort of the bear I just saw disappeared down that trail and I have to be this way but apparently he or she came through right here you can see the tracks I'm not gonna go down there but this morning a lot more snow has fallen and is on the ground and it's actually covering the trail but you can still tell where it is so far we do have to go up and over a pass today but hoping it won't be too much deeper than it is right here at this elevation but we'll see Aaron says that this looks ridiculous and that it looks made-up this is where you don't want to go we did not beat the snow to Canada again hey creep in behind the trees I slept with my filter last night so it wouldn't freeze and as I feared might happen it froze while I was hiking today it's like noon and ice is forming in my water bottles so I mean I could have put it in a ziplock baggie and kept it in my coat probably should have but I didn't and now I'm just gonna try to be smart about where I collect water from so there was a lake outlet earlier and I decided not to drink that water um but there was a small stream earlier which I'm not crazy about but have to have something to drink so anyway luckily Giardia usually takes about two weeks to kick in and then I should be done by then so I'm just gonna just gonna go with that but for anybody hiking this late in the season one of these trails it would be smart to maybe do aqua Mira instead or protect your saw you're better like you know on your body erin has a friend following him looks like I don't know he snagged her what did you say I don't know what it is it looks like a tumor it's not a tumor it's a ball and chain we are here at a campsite and I am pretty because the snow is falling outside and has not stopped all day really I don't think it stopped for a second since last night while we were not hacking and we made it up and over the first pass it got a little scary because it just got whited out and if one of the guys got too far ahead or too far behind like I could barely see them honestly it would be pretty tempting to just stay here for the night we're all exhausted after going up and over that past but we know that right now we're between two passes so to medicine was a bailout point before we went over this first pass and there's a road that will be a bailout point once we get over the next pass but if we stay in the middle of the two passes and it just keeps dumping snow then I can't even imagine how bad the second pass is gonna be so this is one of those instances where it's easy to do what feels good in the moment like we're freezing and that was tough and exhausting and we would like to stop and be warm in our tents right now but the smartest thing for long term and probably safety wise we hope is to go ahead up and over the second pass judging from the first pass assume the second one will probably be close to the same and with the snow not stopping probably whiteout conditions again but again we just don't know how much snow it's gonna dump and we would rather go ahead and and tough through and get over the second pass today then be stuck in between and you know then then who knows what and my biggest concern is it getting dark with us still an e-2 waist-deep snow right on the edge of those rocks I can see a little outline of a figure think it's a go think peekaboo you wondering what these crazy people are doing those two second pass well really both of them were just downright dangerous and once we got to the other side in some places it was like hip-deep we were falling a lot because it's hard to see what's under the snow so it was just very miserable very cold very dangerous and and I'm glad that we just kept pushing through you know and kept kept realizing like we're in a bad situation and the best thing that you can do is to keep a clear mind and just try to get out of it the best that you can we basically just cut down the mountain over the switchbacks and just hope for the best thankfully right as it was getting dark we were able to be low enough in elevation where we could start seeing the trail and seeing like an indention down and can kind of follow that after that adventure yesterday we're gonna go to town today I wanted to bail out points and just kind of sleep on it and check out what the weather is gonna be doing next week or so and just kind of regroup and warm up because I think we're all pretty chilled to the bone and you know figure it out with full bellies and rested mines and and see what we want to do knowing that we could have road walk from East Glacier Village we were probably idiots for trying to take the trail anyway but you know I just really wanted to be able to finish our Waterton Park I just didn't want a road walk even though it's legal as far as what's considered you know a thru-hike according to the CDT see and all that but you know just not really what I wanted but here in lower elevations the snow is melting away so it's warm enough down here that it's melting I'd I'm not sure if that's really helping the passes at all but we'll see first thing this morning you know reading outside and yeah there's a lot of snow here in town at lower elevations so I know up in the mountains there's probably even more than they were predicting we were hoping maybe there would even be a window where things might warm up in a few days but there's like not even a window where it's gonna not precipitate for a few days this is we're on a through hack you have to calculate the risk you know I certainly have taken many risks on my through height but the CDT is a different trail you know it's kind of tough to not let pride get the best of me you know I mean it's still a completely legal finish to this through heck but it's just not the way that I wanted at the end of my Triple Crown to go I think in the end you just have to keep in mind you know what is the ultimate goal and for me the ultimate goal was getting to Canada and completing this thru-hike and you know what I've got my friends I have my health and about to have the Triple Crown we've only got eight miles to babbler we're stopping and then tomorrow we'll have nineteen to the border and that'll be it [Applause] did you do an errand just wanna have a wild experience it is currently 24 degrees and we're supposed to be cloudy today but it is nice and sunny hopefully it's gonna stay this way this man on a four-wheeler just pulled up and told us that everybody is watching us didn't you are you watching us too we are in the short rows we've got about two more miles until we hit the Canadian border and honestly contestant doesn't feel really real um I know it's been like a long long time coming that spin I mean six months for this trail but three years since I started the goal of a Triple Crown and I mean I kind of believe it just because my face is numb and I mean I feel like if you're in Canada your face probably feels numb right now in this time of year so but uh yeah I don't know it's just it's about to be done and tomorrow I don't have to get up and hike again and it's just kind of a crazy feeling that um I think can't be explained until you do something like this and I mean the exploring won't be done and they've been trying or anything like that but this particular goal is about to be successful as long as I don't get hit by car swinging down the corner but it's just yeah something that can't be explained and can only be experienced I think yay sad once I touch me I'll no longer not be a triple crown there's mud yeah no on three better all right one two three we are there you go all right this is Aaron's moment you don't know how to wear a crown I've never worn one of these things in my life can you believe we're here I think when I originally sent out on my first thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail that I thought maybe I would find all the answers for at least my life you know I would know what I was gonna do and know my exact plan and figure out you know just more answers and uh I don't think that the the Triple Crown has even gotten me all the answers and and that really would give anybody all the answers but I think it certainly has allowed me room to change and to learn and to grow as a person I learned to overcome fears to calculate risks to be humbled by nature and roll with the punches and to turn the negativity of naysayers into fuel to allow me really to believe in myself you find yourself in life going along the path that somebody else has created for you choose your adventure the only person that you need to believe in you to be successful in your life is yourself and while I'm absolutely thrilled to be a Triple Crown ER and the destination has driven me throughout the past three years I do have to admit that the ups and downs of the journey is what makes a destination so sweet you

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  1. I’ve now watched all three of your thru hike videos! Awesome experiences, and I must say you are one very strong willed, and courageous young woman! My hats off!

  2. Lol! “The snow in Canada is not going to wait for a wimp”.. to funny! Dixie is a Badass! Congratulations on your well earned a Triple Crown! That’s quit an accomplishment, I am sure you are proud!

  3. Mummy, it’s true I call them Zombies people that connect with you like an external representation of your inner self. What’s in your hart, a facet of you.

  4. Great video! What an adventure. Some sketchy situations, especially your hair showing how much static was there, made me nervous. Planning for PCT 2020 for many reasons. Your videos along with others are wonderful recources and great entertainment! Thanks again!

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