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Bonsai Sushi brings more to the table than just sushi on Carnival Vista. Join Greg Poplewko, Director of Product Development, as he shows us the new features added to Bonsai Sushi and see why this spot is a fan favorite at Carnival Cruise Line.

Bonsai Sushi has expanded its space to include an outdoor lanai seating area where you can enjoy sparkling ocean views. The comfy outdoor seating gives off a lounge-like vibe that is very casual where cruisers can still enjoy the same popular menu. Did we mention we’re adding hot items to the menu? You will surely want to drop by our onboard seafood-and-soy-sauce-spot and check it out!

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Carnival Vista: Bonsai Sushi | Onboard Dining | Carnival Cruise Line



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Banzai sushi on the carnival Vista now has an expanded outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the favorite bonsai menu everybody loves gonna be larger we're gonna add some hot items organize things we haven't had before so as popular as it is this is gonna be even bigger and even better than we have we've had it Ella nice eating area it's very casual very comfortable kind of seating almost like a lounge we can order all the same items off the menu eat out there day night it's gonna be a great location to enjoy food drink family friends I think our guests are gonna love fondue sushi and Carnival Vista the food is fantastic the quality is great and the value you can't be

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