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~ Watch our review of the dining and bars onboard the Carnival Dream from Carnival Cruise Line. We evaluate the culinary options and cuisine found at the main dining rooms, lobby bar, The Taste Bar, Coffee Bar, Salad Bar, Jackpot Casino Bar, RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, Pizza Pirate pizzeria, Swirls ice cream, Off the Grill, Tandoor, The Carnival Deli, Pasta Bella, Burrito Bar, Seaday Brunch, Seaday BBQ, and Chef’s Art Steakhouse. ~



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you're tuned in a popular crazy and our video review of the dining on board the Carnival Dream and Carnival Cruise Lines while maybe not the most gourmet the food on board Carnival pleasantly surprises in the main dining rooms fried foods are more common and high-end fare like crab cakes is sometimes available sauces are basic but meat dishes are still very tasty as are of course the succulent seafoods on lobster night carnivals wonderful thirsty frog house beers available in the lobby bar as their food samplers from across the fleet of the taste bar the coffee bar so seriously underappreciated desserts and only a couple dollars apiece like this towering and mouth-watering black forest cake or for a healthier option the salad bar is just next door great drinks are served at the casino bar but for carnival signature drinks you need to head over to the Red Frog rum bar or Blue Iguana tequila bar both poolside also on the pool deck is the 24-hour pizzeria with tasty pies made to order also available around the clock or soft serve ice creams and yogurts awesome lunch selections are seemingly endless like grill items in Indian food Plus hot and cold sandwiches at the carnival deli inside for Italian and convenient extra seating upstairs is pasta Bella but the burrito bar is our personal favorite like a complimentary chipotle Etsy in addition a seed a barbecue the main dining room brunch is excellent and the ship's best-kept secret for specialty dining the steakhouse on board is also delicious like this beef tartare on loose Bush classic carpaccio scrumptious crab cake savory lobster bisque hearty and tender cowboy steak and deserves thanks for watching please feel free to watch our other videos subscribe to our channel and visit popular

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