Cancun Vlog 🥵🌴

this is the longest vlog I’ve ever made and I’m kinda proud of it so enjoy a haha



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[Applause] I'm at the beach right now it's very pretty it's not too hot because there's a few clouds I really like screen a little bit a bird just like flew by oh my god fish and I fish anyways so this is okay so update on day three I am at a different Beach I just got done with my workout I'm just gonna tan a little bit and then this Beach is actually a lot cleaner there's actually waves so I'm just gonna play around in the ocean for a little bit and then Wow to be good morning it is day 4 and today I don't really know what I have planned I think I'm just gonna relax here we go to the pool yeah hi my hair is looking a little crazy but update on day 4 today was a pretty chill day like I expected here's the fit I have this black jumpsuit that's kind of like baggy you know and then I made it kind of Enoch it's not usually v-neck but I just made it like that because I decided to and then I have a pencil skirt over it so now I'm just getting ready for dinner and yeah came into view I've got a crush on sweetie pop a good morning um day five so today we have something very cool planned um in about 30 minutes we're gonna get on a boat and that boat is gonna take us to an island pretty near by from here like it's a really big island and there's gonna be a bunch of stuff like there's a lot there's a lot of restaurants shopping food and there's scuba diving I'm so excited so I'm gonna get ready and pack my clothes for the boat trip yeah [Applause] we're gonna swim with some sharks so pray for me just kidding starts don't hunt humans it's all a lie see your kid day6 we have nothing planned today was really busy it's kind of gonna be like Tuesday or we're just gonna chill so yeah I'm about to go to work just because I woke up pretty late kind of regret waking up pretty late but it's okay so yeah update on day six I went to the pool the entire day and now I'm going to a dinner again what's new I'm wearing this dress that I've never worn before because it's new I went with like oh my god I forgot mascara um I forgot mascara but I just put it off anyways I think today is the last fancy dinner here in Cancun because we're leaving Saturday noon tomorrow we don't have time for a fancy dinner because we're gonna be out exploring stuff I'll make sure to blog that and yeah with the tweet Turin okay hey so Wow I am done with day seven a ka the last day in Cancun it's been a very busy week and a very busy day I went so many places I saw so many things but I'm gonna pack my flight is tomorrow at 5 p.m. so I'll be back home by like 8:30 yeah I'm gonna take a shower because I went a lot of places but yeah I'm so excited to go back home it's been such a fun trip with a lot of cool memories but I get really homesick so being a week like a full week away from the house it's kind of sad but yeah Sunday I get to see my friends just like welcoming me back we're going to Six Flags so fun I don't know but this vlog is gonna be like 20 minutes long it's gonna be a long vlog but I'm excited to go back home I miss my bed I miss my friends yeah goodnight folks see you tomorrow morning my hotel room by ocean by mommy oh wait didn't have we we've lost it it did you came to Castle black got it back so we're back home I miss it so much I'm so happy to be back it is midnight so I'm gonna go to sleep but this is the end of this vlog it was a fun week and I'm so happy that it's over so peace

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