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What brought Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods to Canyon Doors? The only thing bizarre about Adventures On the Gorge’s lunch and overnight site on the Gauley River is that it’s bizarrely beautiful, although, one might call the food we serve there bizarrely good, as well. Chef Larry Poli, AOTG’s Director of Food and Beverage, explains how he and Chef Time White brought a little Smokey’s on the Gorge flair to to some traditional West Virginia fare. Warning: this is not our normal menu!



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i'm larry poli i'm director of food and beverage for adventures on the gorge we have done a two-day shoot with Andrew Zimmern and the Bizarre Foods crew Andrews shot a deer yesterday we did a scene at the hunting camp where we used the liver the kidneys and the heart from his deer we cooked those in the hunting camp we brought the deer back here today so we're doing a lunch after his rafting trip today we took the deer and we stuffed it with all the wonderful sweet root vegetables of the winter carrots turnips parsnips we have some sage in there some nice thick cut bacon and some aromatic herbs sage and rosemary and we've roasted it slowly over some hardwood that was all in the cavity so now when the deer comes out it's going to be nice and tender we basted it and glazed it all day with honey and a little bit of apple juice but the most unique preparation of this deer is that we kind of did it like a beer can chicken that everybody knows we submerged in the coals two cases of Budweiser with garlic and onions and we allowed that to just steep and baste the deer over the four-hour period that it took to roast and we have one of my old time recipes which is a braised deer heart that's been stuffed with venison venison sausage we've also simmered some liver and the tenderloins from the deer in that in that pot so we also have some homemade jellies and a fantastic blackberry and apple cobbler for everyone to enjoy when they get back from their squirrel hunting trip if they're lucky and they get a squirrel we will be doing some squirrel with squirrel gravy again a traditional favorite to be a fabulous day

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  1. @CMichelleB1000 yeah while I am a pretty big animal lover, "westvirginiagirl87" is right. Without proper hunting, the deer population would be enormous. They would slowly starve to death…. And watch food inc. that's the truly appalling way to get food. Responsible hunting puts you in contact with your food, and gives you a huge sense of respect for the animal. If more people had to get their hands dirty to eat, then people would value all life more.

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