Backpacking For Under $250?

The goal was to get Neal prepared for a backpacking trip with a budget of $250. We were very close, but Neal wanted a little comfort, so we came up a little over budget.

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this is Neil Neil wants to go backpacking and is willing to spend $250 Bradley and Travis have accepted the challenge [Applause] they first needed to determine what items Neal would need they began their research backpack sleeping bag food shoes bug net the list ruin it was not looking good it looked like they would be over budget they had a few tricks up their sleeves though both of them recently upgraded some of their gear to shave costs they were going to lend Neal their unused items time to shop socks check shoes check sleeping pad check food check they had some special discounts they were going to use to get crazy deals on really solid gear pillow check Travis upgraded his pack and sold his old one to Neal for $50 let's see how they did bug net $10 socks $23 water-purification free pillow $40 knife free spork $3 waterproof bags free sleeping pad $40 headlamp free backpack $50 sleeping bag free shoes $64 food $40 final cost $270 did they need to spend $23 on socks probably not did Neal need a $40 pillow definitely not necessary but he decided he was willing to go a little over budget for some added comfort time for the trip 46 miles in 3 and a half days video coming soon thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe

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