A New Adventure: Cruise Ship Photographer!

Hi! I’m Jane, an alumni of the Walt Disney World International College Program who vlogs about the parks, films and anything else disney related. On June 18th i am going to be embarking upon a new journey as a Cruise Ship Photographer with P&O cruises!

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whores I know I haven't done a video in like a month I've just been so busy with uni work and uni placements and actual work and also I have just gotten a new job as a cruise ship photographer so last weekend I went down to Southampton for an interview with a company called the ship's photographer it was an hour long interview and we just spoke about you know it's kind of normal in to take questions but with a photography twist so about like customer service and upselling and your experience with in photography and working with people and stuff like that really and we also looked all over my portfolio and in the interview he offered me a job with them so today I have actually got my start date for it which is going to be June 18th I'm going to be joining the chef at Ventura which is part of the piano cruise fleet which is quite exciting it's sailing from Venice so I think I'm getting flown out to Venice for it to join and then I'm going to be sailing around the Mediterranean up until October and then doing the transatlantic journey over to the Caribbean for winter the contract is six months and you do work seven days out of the six months so it's going to be pretty difficult but I'm really excited because I'm going to get to see so many places that I've never been do what I love like every day I thought I'd use this video as well to kind of mmm give like not advice because I'm quite new to this but kind of speak through the process of what I'm going through to become a cruise ship photographer so this company the ship's photographer they recruit for P&O Cruises and they're also Kunar door coming onboard with them in July I believe and to do it you have to have experience with in photography you have to have some sort of degree or some sort of qualification and a year like within the industry so working as a photographer so it is quite it's not a really hard requirement so it's not really weird requirements because for me well for someone who wants to be a photographer it's quite simple yep I via the website you send off your CV and things like that and they'll get back to you by phone like the guy phoned me up and you know he introduced himself and all of that and then he asked me what an aperture was so I think that's kind of just to see if you know what you're talking about of course I did and then we just spoke about the requirements of the job the costs involved and he invited me down to a face-to-face interview luckily I do have a friend who lives in Southampton as I had to travel down there and it is quite a distance from me it's like I think it took me like five hours on the train well I did used to live there as well so I am used to that journey never thought I'd be doing that journey again but completely worth it so anyway um you have to have a few things to work as a cruise ship photographer so first thing you'll need is the visa it's called a cd1 visa I think it's called something like a cd1 visa and you have to go to the US Embassy for that luckily I am actually going to London next week so I did manage to book it in the same trip as me going to London so I don't have to pay extra to get the trains down and whatever you also have to have a medical and there's a list that will give you of the registered people or the registered doctors who can do this special medical I think it's cause it's Accord the visa is called the C 1 D visa got me paperwork here and the medical is called the Eng 1 certificates you also need a seaman's discharge book which is I don't know because I've not done that part yet um and you just need to fill out a few documents and forms and stuff or you also need an Australian visa but that's free and that's just a seaman's visa that's on the websites on the embassy or something that's quite easy to get but they're very helpful with guiding through it and if I've got any questions with all answer my questions and all that but yeah it's just waiting for it now and finishing my degree and not really found many blogs or vlogs on it and so I was thinking of probably vlogging my time on the ship or I won't be able to do it all the time because I'll be working quite a lot but I was thinking of vlogging a little bit giving a bit of information about it blogging as well as I've now changed my Disney ICP blog well it was for my days in the ICP I've changed it to kind of a general travel blog for where I go while on the ship and work if I go anywhere on holiday or just for traveling going around the world is that's what I want to do so yeah that's about it really just talking along with this now just finishing my uni degree and then I'll be off to Venice and off to sail around on a boat I believe I've never even been on a proper boat before I don't even know if we'll get seasick knowing my luck are probably well it sounds pretty good the pay is pretty good as well like you get a monthly salary and you also get all your food and accommodation and your medical and stuff all provided in with it so you don't have to pay extra for any of that you do share a cabin with a roommate it's not and I can't handle I think someone else there because it'll be someone from the photography department as well I think on the bigger ship I students around would be around 15 people in the photography department but we'll say it should be good I'm excited to get going I'll probably still be making some Disney videos and what other videos I decide to make up until I actually leave because I don't really want to let this channel go or let my blog go or anything like that even though I know I probably won't be able to keep up with them while I'm actually at sea or while I'm on the cruise ship living the cruise ship life I'm gonna I think I might make a cruise like a bucket list for it as well so obviously he's gonna be on it like the basic one Jack I can fly oh I bet you know like the officers and the captain or whatever they'll be looking down on the front of the ship and we'll just be like yeah like we've never seen that before we'll probably be timing it like every hour someone will come and do that so I'm gonna be cliche and probably do that I'm also gonna stand somewhere and just go I'm not a boat because I'm I'm just generic what am I doing with my life so anyway that's all I've really got to say today but if you do want to see any of my cruise ship videos please let me know and write a comment or anything like that as I really haven't found anything on it on the internet or the stuff that I have found has been very limited and I just love blogging I just I just love writing about myself and I just love talking to myself and anyway Popeye

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  1. I just passed my 2nd interview as a cruise ship Photographer also and I wanted to find out if you have anymore videos of you being on the ship and what is the work environment like, what is the actual job like, and what things should I need to know as well being as a cruise ship Photographer. Can you give me some input????

  2. I've got an interview coming up for this. Do you still do it or have you stopped? I'm seeing so many conflicting views and I don't know weather to go for it or not. A few people have said the wages aren't great but one person i spoke to said he never goes home on basic and always gets commission which doubles his pay. Would really appreciate your opinion 🙂

  3. hey Jane! thank you very much for your video! i was desperate to find some real first hand information about this sort of job – overall experience, salary, working hours, information about how much you actually get 'to see the world'. i'm thinking about applying for this job myself, but as you said i'm afraid of too hard conditions like working non stop and having almost no time to reflect on myself and calm down. and the salary seems to be worse than i thought, unfortunately. do you know about experiences with other companies – maybe there are some where you get better payed or/and have some more time to explore? also another question – was your job to take portraits of the ship guests or also to document their trips, document the places you went, document the trips that the guests where making when off-board? (or do cruise ship photographers actually ever do that?) thanks a lot for your answer 🙂

  4. Was this job any good? I've heard bad things about the company and that ship in particular? I've been invited to an interview but I don't know if its going to be worth it? Do you actually get to explore anywhere?

  5. Hi jane nice video, could you make a video with all about the interview ? how to dress up? what they gonna ask?  how  the portfolio has to be ? etc.
     I will appreciate your help Thanks 

  6. Hi Jane. I've got an interview with The ships photographer in a weeks time. What kind of portfolio and what type of images would you recommend i use? any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Mark

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