2014 Sea Ray 410 Sundancer Walkthrough For Sale at MarineMax Buford

The 410 Sundancer is the very essence of a Sea Ray Sport Yacht. It is available in sport spoiler, open hardtop and enclosed hardtop versions, and can sleep six in a forward stateroom and convertible sofas in the salon and mid-berth. Two heads add convenience. A second stateroom with twin berths is available in place of the dinette. Zeus pod drives are optional.

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hey everybody it's Tim from the marine max Buford store today I'm very very honored excited to show you really what started the whole Sundancer heritage back in the 1970s the real buzz about in the boating world would set the goal and still does today sets the benchmark for being the tops in Sea Ray Sundancer lighter today we are going to talk about the 410 dancer again this is a great ship great size will do about anything you want to do we're going to talk about luxury we're going to talk about comfort entertaining and sleepover capabilities in the boat or just some of the things that we're going to talk about we're going to start out about the true quality materials that searay has always put in their boats even going back to those 1970s which got everybody excited we've got real teak flooring on this from the swing deck all the way through your cockpit floor a lot of our competition uses simulated which we do not do that we stick to the quality is what made us number one you've got an extra large Sun pad back out here you can have a couple people lay out the Sun and it opens up underneath very easy – ox4 we've got all your covers you could put fenders in here your table for your cockpit stores in here so again this is very easy to open with the shocks on this put it back down we're going to walk up again very large cockpit it's very important to be able to take all your friends and show them what a great ship this is so with your u-shaped seating you can fit you know as much as eight to ten people in here and what's really unique about this boat if somebody wants to lay out in the Sun you just flip this and open up the seat backs and then you've got your full Sun pad back here that you can still talk to up to five six guests up here you've got your table and again plenty of room to walk around there's nothing in the way from boarding the boat going all the way up them to the front cockpit down to the cab and so again some of your cockpits are very cluttered this is laid out very well we're going to talk about the upper galley up here you have a very sizable grill you got plenty of room to put plenty of meats on here whatever you want to fix for your guests underneath hidden again you have a stainless steel fridge underneath again very easy to get to trash can receptacle ice bucket and then you've got your freshwater sink again stainless steel very very high-quality with your solid surface stone and you've got your TV you know for those uh fall football games that are coming up here pretty soon the guys can set up here and why we're in the cockpit I want to talk about this does have a full enclosure you do have heat and air conditioning you've got your heating air vents there your thermostat cupholders everywhere you even have heat and air vents up in the front helm for your captain and co-captain we've got our a marine hybrid touchscreen this is very nice something new out you've got your engine monitor controls tells if you're in sync main thruster and bow thruster your DTS throttles which we all know are very smooth stated are very very smooth for the power of your engines we've also got a hardtop on this model this model does come with just your open radar arch but what's nice if there's nasty weather or on those cool or fall days or even winter time you can enclose this again and have your heat going or in the summer very easy open up and give you the open-air feel and let the air come in you've also got very large side bets that open up you've also got very large front vents and why we're talking about the front windshield of being very large that's one of the unique things about our larger seer a vessels are Sundancer series you've got an extra large glass see-through window side and forward so you're always in full control of what's up the view ahead we're going to now talk about the salon walk down again very wide treads going down to the salon very luxurious very comfortable with your side rail so the first thing you're going to notice down here you've got a lot of beautiful colors of woods and stones and vinyls to give you that again very quality look that sea Ray's been known for very nice beautiful cherry cabinets they all open up very strong you have all your controls all your DVDs your main control panel is there start your engines and also here so those are your main control very easy to get at but yelling is close you never know they're there the sofa can see easily up to four people again I'm six one about 230 pounds very very comfortable this also makes into a double bed right forward is very again a very comfortable flat-screen TV so that's nice we've got one up in the cockpit one here we're going to show you two more you've got your real wood floors we're going to walk back to the galley again same quality in the cabinets lots of storage there's power plugs up there you've you've got a double burner range up top Electric a large sink stainless steel again solid stone services this isn't artificial it's real you've got your choosing art convection oven which we all know from our homes very nice and we also have a very large stand-up stainless-steel fridge and freezer walking back farther that we've got your guest head which has again a lot of teak tile floors solid stone again very high quality you're going to feel just like you're at home so again that's we use very very quality surfaces we also up top you know in the salon we want a lot of light down here so you've got extra large windows we've also got a big moonroof sunroof whatever you want to say to let light in so you don't feel like you're down in a dingy cabin we're going to walk back into the mid berth right now we've got this set up for dining or entertaining you could have dinner down here glass of wine very comfortable again I'm over six-foot I've got a lot of headroom very comfortable a lot of shoulder room this table I'm not going to show you today because of all the props we got on here but this folds up very easily and you've got your twin hatches the two cushions come together making a queen bed so again several different purposes for this which is very important in a cruiser we're going to walk up now to the main stateroom the master stateroom again quality quality doors very thick you know you you know at the end of a long day when you've been out in the Sun or out enjoying everything you want quietness so these doors I don't know if Warren you can see there but they're about 3/4 inch solid wood doors so keeps it very quiet walk into the main salon you have a lot of room to change your clothes and easy step to get up into the bed you've got a clothes Locker here very large again windows in your upper window to let the light in the cabin so you never feel like it's dark you've also got a very unique feature is a power bed it's up in the TV you know mode now so it's very easy to watch TV you hit a button and it all comes down to make a full-size queen bed Warren can you get up in here we've got a you've got an entertainment system with a DVD again another flat screen so that's our fourth flat screen TV in this boat and this is what's really surprising to have this large of a master head on award if you can get in there you've got a full sized shower a lot of teak solid stone again with a vac you flush head this is as large as many many bathrooms in a full-size home or something so again it's it's really unique how they fit all these features into this much room there's really a lot of stuff I'd like to talk about but it would take too long but the main thing I wanted to show you today is the quality the comfort this boat is powered by twin 404 cummings has a 255 gallon fuel tank so you've got long range a lot of room for entertaining quality materials unsurpassed by anybody in the boating world since we've been doing this since the 1970s again back at the first Sun dancers we continued that heritage and quality and put it along with some modern technologies such as your bow thrusters such as your Zeus control for docking so we've really taken a fantastic thing that started back 30 years ago to an unsurpassed level where we feel there's really no competition I'd love to have you come here and touch and feel the qualities and get its sight as as what we do every day come into work we'd love to show you this vessel here at the Buford Georgia and get you excited about what has made Sea Ray number one since the birth of the Sun dancer again thanks and come look at this 410 dancer we have many more in stock that we could show you also thanks

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  1. No engine room 😩. Just eye candy. For good boat videos see Big Boat Ben on YouTube. He knows how to present a vessel for a prospective buyer.

  2. I own a bayliner… I wish to have a searay but Brunswick owns both.  I pay 40K less for same size.  I'll take less money… searay is too much, too expensive.  Maxum is not a good interior configuration.

  3. Regal 42 SC has walk through glass to the foredeck area, which is a very important feature to have in term of safety and convenience.  Regal also has real private state room for guesses and bigger head with walking shower for guesses too.  IPS 400 drive is much more enjoyable to dock.

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